Avakin life Quiz Questions with their answers

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Avakin life Quiz Questions with their answers

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Hello friends, Avakin_Bloggers (Ronnie) this side. Today I’m going to share with you some Important “Avakinlife Quiz Questions with their answers” these questions helping you in the Avakin game quiz.

Q: 1. The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey Is it set where?
A. In space    
B. In the Desert                
C. In Space

Ans:  In space

Q: 2. Which fruit is a nickname for New York City?
A. Pear
B. Apple        
C. Watermelon

Ans: Apple

Q: 3. What kind of orange is used to flavor Earl Gray tea?
A. Navel orange          
B. Bergamot orange         
C. Valencia orange

Ans: Bergamot orange

Q: 4. Alfred Hitchcock directed this movie about a vacationing businessman who tries to foil the plained of the assassination of a foreign statesman?
A. Family Plot           
B. The man who knew too much            
C. North by northwest

Ans: The man who knew too much

Q: 5. Which of these movies was made in the 1960s?
A. Mary Poppins        
B. Witness              
C. Deliverance

Ans: Mary Poppins

Q: 6. Which year does Marty McFly travels back to the future part 2?
A. 2035       
B. 2025        
C. 2015

Ans: 2015

Q: 7. Which American fashion designer died in April 2013?
A. Tory Burch            
B. Lilly Pulitzer     
C. Kate Spade

Ans: Lilly Pulitzer

Q: 8. Which fashion designer created a line?
A. Christian Dior               
B. Giorgio Armani       
C. Coco Chanel

Ans: Christian Dior

Q: 9. In carousel who is Julie’s best friend?
A. Hannah         
B. Nettie         
C. Carrie

Ans: Nettie

Q: 10. Who paired her best flecked chiffon Grecian gown with a simple metallic belt at the 1975 Oscar?
A. Weruschka von Leinsdorf        
B. Lauren Hutton      
C. Karen Kopins

Ans: Lauren Hutton

Q: 11. Which musical has the line I'm from past the stars and beyond the moon?
A. Little shop of horrors      
B. rocky horrors       
C. high school musical

Ans: Little shop of horrors

Q: 12. In what country is the Yatzy river found?
A. Vietnam     
B. china     
C. Thailand

Ans: China

Q: 13. The Contact movie is based on a book by which noted writer?
A. Carl Sagan         
B. Arthur Clarks      
C. Stephen Hawking

Ans: Carl Sagan

Q: 14. Which actress wore a long dark strapless gown at the 2010 academy award?
A. Nina Dobrev      
B. Kristen Stewart     
C. Dakota fanning

Ans: Kristen Stewart

Q: 15. What’s the only Oscar that Citizen Kane won in the year 1941?
A. Best supporting actress     
B. Best actor    
C. Best writing

Ans: Best writing

Q: 16. In which decade was singer and actress Cher born?
A. 1940     
B. 1970    
C. 1910

Ans: 1940

Q: 17. In a little night music who claim to be living the glamorous life?
A. Anne egerman         
B. Countless Charlotte Malcolm      
C. Desiree Armgeldt

Ans: Anne egerman

Q: 18. How many meters is the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro?
A. 4507m         
B. 5895m        
C. 3922m

Ans: 5895m

Q: 19. How many eyes does a bee have?
A. 6        
B. 5        
C. 2

Ans: 5

Q: 20. Which Broadway musical earned brain stock Mitchell his first Tony Award nomination?
A. Jelly's last jam      
B. Kiss of the spider women        
C. Mail

Ans: Mail

Q: 21.  In which decade was the use of vast quantities of hair, spray to increase the volumes of one's hair the in thing?
A. 1950    
B. 1980   
C. 1990

Ans: 1980

Thanks for Visiting here, I hope these Avakin Quiz Questions will help you.

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