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Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side.  Today I’m going to share with you “Avakin Crystalline Quiz Interview by Ronnie” By reading these things you have to know about Crystalline Quiz's knowledge secret and how she thinks about Quiz.

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RB:  How Inspiration related to motivation? 

When people want to do something deeply, inspiration comes. Consequently, it motivates you to do something you want.

RB: May I know where you from?

 Sure, I’m from Turkey.

RB: What inspired you to become a Quizmaster?
 Some people say that everyone they see has quiz masters, so they wanted to become quiz masters. I wanted to become a quiz master because I was always playing it when I started to game and it is really fun. So I tried to win and get it.

RB: How do you gain knowledge?
 I love reading.I’m reading on the internet or books.

RB: How can I increase my knowledge base?
You can increase it in any way. It depends on how do you learn.

RB: How had the Quizmaster impacted your life in Avakin?
Actually, it impacted in a negative way. Everyone that I talk or see wants me to help them in the quiz but I’m not that good in it or I don’t use any app.

RB: How can you remember things long?
 If you keep seeing it regularly it comes in your mind. I believe that I won the quiz like that cause I played quiz a lot. I lost only 1k to win the badge.

RB: What kind of Question do you like to add in Avakin life?
There could be questions with music. For example, guessing the name of the song.

RB: How you develop your self-confidence? 
 This question is really important to me. I was always a shy person in the past. But I’ve changed cause that wasn’t me. I became myself now and I believe in myself. You shouldn’t be afraid to do the things that you can, also you can do them in front of the people.

 RB: What is the best part of your job in Real?
 I’m 20 years old and I’m studying psychology at university. I’m not working but I can tell you the best part of my future job is helping people.

RB: What is your purpose in life?
 Like I answered in another question, I love helping people and I want to help them to find themselves like I’ve found myself. I want to become a good clinical psychologist and, maybe an author one day.

RB: What makes you more excited about the future of Avakin Life?
I think Avakin Life has a lot of things to develop. So I’m sure this game will be better in the future.

RB: Who’s your favorite Quizmaster?
This answer will be funny. My favorite Quizmaster is myself. Because I don’t know many people in Avakin. Also, I’m new on Instagram. 

RB: How many people you helped in quiz for getting quiz master badge?
Like I’ve said, I’m not that good in Quiz but I tried to help many people.

RB: What is involved in your daily tasks as Quizmaster at Avakin Life?
 Well, to be honest, I want to become a Fashion star so I’m joining contests every day. This is the most important thing in Avakin Life for me now. I hope I can become the first.
RB: What do you prefer a Real Book or E-Book?
I prefer real books because I love the smell of paper. It really makes me want to read the book. Also, I like to see the cover of books. Real books are more effective because of it.

RB: What is the most stressful part of helping others?
I want to help them and I know I’m not good at Quiz but they really want me to help so I tell them that I don’t trust my answers so I’m not being stressful. It’s their choice.

RB: Who is the most knowledgeable male member of staff at LKWD?
 LKWD Adam, he really cares, I always see him.

RB: Who is the most knowledgeable female member of staff at LKWD?
LKWD Jessie

RB: Who is your favourite fashion designer?
I don’t have one. Like I don’t have favourite Quizmaster

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope these answer helping you to how to get Quiz Badge in Avakin life.  

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