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Avakin Moonlight fashion Interview || Avakin Models

Today I'm Interviewing "Avakin Moonlight fashion Interview" by reading these things you will know about her fashion styles and what she thinks about fashion

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Ron: Which country would you say has your favorite fashion?
Moon: USA and Italy of course

Ron:  Where does your fashion inspiration come from the most?
Moon: Most of my fashion inspiration comes from Instagram and Pinterest

Ron: What inspired you to become a fashion guru?
Moon: Well, when I first the Avakin community I saw many wonderful clothes created by many different editors, so it's that what inspired me to draw my own clothes!

Ron: If you could choose any genre of fashion from the past to make a comeback, what it would be and why?
Moon:  Nothing really because I like seeing new fashion every day!

Ron: Mine would be the Front Row Oversized Sunglasses but what fashion accessory could you not live without and why?

 Moon: My favorite accessory in all the time is the Bijouterie Stellar Amethyst Ring (available some few months ago) because it's my favorite

Ron: How had fashion impacted your life the most?
Moon: Fashion impacted me most on my style on how I dress myself

Ron: How do you spread your personal trend while inspiring others?
Moon: Well, I spread my personal trend through my edits and sometimes I receive a message from other people saying that I'm an inspiration to them 

Ron: What are the possibilities of adding custom jewelry?
MoonI really love putting some Creativity jewelry on my edits Bcoz it gave my edits more Creativity

Ron: Can you add more trend-setting outfits from different decades of fashion?
 Moon: Yes, probably

Ron: What is the best part of your job?
Moon: The best part is when you finish your edit and be proud of it and of course all of the people that been Supporting me since day one

Ron: What challenges do you face being the fashion guru?
Moon: Drawing hairs and clothes

Ron: Which colors will we see in Avakin Life this fall?
Moon: Orange, red, yellow and brown

Ron: Whats your favorite style?
Moon: I really have many, but my main favorites are street style and elegant style

Ron: What does fashion mean to you?
 Moon: For me, fashion means being creative and show your personality

Ron: What is involved in your daily tasks as Fashion Guru at Avakin Life?
 Moon: I really don't know; I usually try to wear those things which make me cute and make me different from the Rest of crowds.

 Ron: Which color should I use on my eyebrows if my hair is Pink?
Moon: I suggest you use dark brown because it's perfect for all of the hair colors 

Ron: What is the most stressful part of your job?
 Moon: The most stressful thing is when all of your artwork resets all (It happens to me sometimes on my app called Procreate Pocket on IOS) 

Ron: Who is the most stylish male member of staff at LKWD?
 Moon: @lkwdadam for sure

Ron: What is the biggest fashion dilemma you have faced in real life?
Moon: To not have all the clothes you want 

Ron: Who is your favorite fashion designer?
 Moon: @miakeylasanders is my favorite fashion designer because she makes her own clothes very realistic on the base of Avakin

Ron: What are you most excited about for the future of Avakin Life?
Moon: Earrings and eyelashes, I really wanted them for so long on Avakin

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