Avakin Akasha Quiz Interview by Ronnie

Ävakin Akasha

Hello friends, Avakin Bloggers (Ronnie) this side.  Today I’m going to share with you “Avakin Akasha Quiz Interview by Ronnie” By reading these things you have to know about Akasha Quiz's knowledge secret and how she thinks about Quiz.

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Q: 1 How Inspiration related to motivation?
Ans: If you feel that you are capable of doing something, it will be easier to be motivated. You won't get stuck about your goal if you really motivated.

Q: 2: May I know where you from?
Ans: I’m from Turkey 

Q: 3: What inspired you to become a Quizmaster?
Ans: I saw a girl who won 500k and I admired her. Then I started this quiz.

Q: 4:  How do you gain knowledge?
Ans: I'm creating fake accounts and I’m working until I run off coins.

Q: 5: How can I increase my knowledge base?
Ans: You can make friends who are good at the quiz and you can speak with them about quiz questions. Also, you can create fake accounts and you can study for the quiz.

Q: 6: How had Quiz master impacted your life in Avakin?
Ans: Actually, sometimes I feel I have to take off my Quiz Master badge because when I wear it other players always want me to help them. It looks like a good thing for the first impression but actually, it’s not. I think now people who are good at quiz can understand me well.

Q: 7: How can you remember things long?
Ans: I’m practicing. 
Q: 8: What kind of Question do you like to add in Avakin life?
Ans: They can add more questions about cultures or films. I think the biggest problem with the quiz is language. Because some players don’t understand English.

Q: 9: How you develop your self-confidence?
Ans: I think I don’t have that much self-confidence. Actually, I have an introvert personality. It’s not a good thing, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. 

Q: 10: What is the best part of your job in Real?
Ans: I’m a University student. I think the best part is to make friends from other countries.

Q: 11: What is your purpose in life?
Ans: My department at university is International Relations. And I don’t want to die before traveling the world.

Q: 12: What makes you more excited about for the future of Avakin Life?
Ans: Maybe in the future, they can add family relationships like we can get marry and get pregnant. That would be fun.

Q: 13: Who’s your favorite Quizmaster?
Ans: My boyfriend. Boogeyman2 

Q: 14: How many people you helped in quiz for getting quiz master badge?
Ans: More than 20. But some of them don't even bother to say thank you.

Q: 15: What is involved in your daily tasks as Quiz master at Avakin Life?
Ans: I’m not doing quiz daily but I’m doing quiz when I need coins. 

Q: 16:  What do you prefer a Real Book or E-Book?
Ans: I prefer real books. Especially old ones.

Q: 17: What is the most stressful part of helping other?
Ans: When I’m helping someone, they want me to help them perfectly. But you know I'm a human being after all. I can make mistakes and some people don’t even spend 25 coins to win. I feel under pressure when I’m helping. I’m trying to say all the questions correctly. 

Q: 18: Who is the most knowledgeable male member of staff at LKWD?
Ans:I didn't meet any of them but maybe in the future.

Q: 19: Who is the most knowledgeable female member of staff at LKWD?
Ans: I don’t know yet. Maybe in the future.

Q: 20: Who is your favorite fashion designer?
Ans: Karl Lagerfeld. I think he is a legend. 

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