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 Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side.  Today I’m going to share with you “Avakin Ascalixm Quiz Interview by Ronnie” By reading these things you have to know about Ascalixm’s Quiz knowledge secret & how she thinks about Quiz.

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Q: 1 How Inspiration related to motivation?
Ans:I feel like the key to being motivated is to have a “motive”. Without having a good reason for motivation will be hard to come by. Inspiration connects you to a state of being more excited, productive, purposeful in reaching your goals that you are motivated to reach.

Q: 2:  May I know, where you from?
 Ans: Yes sure, I’m from South Africa

Q: 3: What inspired you to become a Quizmaster?
Ans: I realized that it was possible to earn many Ava-coins from that machine. And since Tap-joy is non-existent for me, and working at social spots only gets you 500 coins (max) a day, Quiz night seemed like the perfect place to earn a decent amount of coins.

 Q: 4:  How do you gain knowledge?
 Ans: Trial and error, really. The only way to learn is to practice. But it’s impossible to master it without losing a lot of money as well.

 Q: 5:  How can I increase my knowledge base?
 Ans: There’s a certain amount of questions, just practice every day and u will eventually memorize them all. If you can find a Quiz Master who would be willing to help u learn, that would make a big difference.

 Q: 6: How had the Quizmaster impacted your life in Avakin?
Ans: Mastering that quiz has changed my little Avakin life so much. Coins are now so easy to come by and helping people have positively impacted my IG page a lot too. News travels fast.

 Q: 7:  How can you remember things long?
 Ans: I have strange techniques to memorize questions and answers, like making puns or connecting them to other things that I find easier to remember. But the best way is to play as often as I can.

 Q: 8: What kind of Questions would you like to be added to Avakin's life?
 Ans: It would be nice if they could add some modern questions, about what’s happening in the world today. Because most of the questions are about super old movies or musicals, or things that happened before most of us were even born.

 Q: 9:  How do you develop your self-confidence?
 Ans: I try to meet my own expectations and reach the goals I set for myself first, before trying to impress anyone. Being satisfied with your own abilities will automatically give you all the confidence you need.

 Q: 10: What is the best part of your job?
 Ans: Probably the fact that I am getting paid, lol.

 Q: 11: What is your purpose in life?
 Ans: I think it’s safe to say we all just want happiness, whatever it may involve.

 Q: 12:  What makes you more excited about for the future of Avakin Life?
 Ans:Well, it is becoming much more interactive. I can’t wait to see how unique we will be able to make our Avakins in the future.

 Q: 13: Who’s your favorite Quizmaster?
 Ans: @jadjayzee, I admire his idea of doing Quiz Badge giveaways, it was quite creative.

Q: 14: How many people have you helped in the quiz with getting Quizmaster badges?
Ans: I can’t even keep track. Hundreds for sure.

 Q: 15: What is involved in your daily tasks as Quizmaster at Avakin Life?
 Ans: Mostly I'll just play for myself, but now and again when I have time, I help people who does not have the quiz badge yet?

 Q: 16:  What do you prefer a Real Book or E-Book?
 Ans:Definitely real books. There is something magical about them.

 Q: 17: What is the most stressful part of helping others?
 Ans: Probably when the game glitches or lags, the screen would sometimes freeze or so. And of course, when the person I am helping has a poor internet connection.

 Q: 18: Who is the most knowledgeable a male member of staff at LKWD?
 Ans:LKWD Adam of course. And I don’t think anyone likes to miss the chance to meet him at least once.

Q: 19:  Who is the most knowledgeable female member of staff at LKWD?
 Ans: Well my favorite is LKWD Wolf Lee, I love watching her videos.

Q: 20: Who is your favorite fashion designer?
 Ans: If you’re referring to Avakin Labels I would have to say LKWD couture.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you like it. If you're good in quiz & you helped others too for getting that Quiz badge then please comment down your Instagram profile so, I'll try to reach to you. 

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