Avakin Harryornold Quiz Interview by Ronnie

Hello friends, Avakin Bloggers (Ronnie) this side.  Today I’m going to share with you “Avakin Harryornold Quiz Interview by Ronnie” By reading these things you have to know about Harryornold Quiz knowledge secret & how he thinks about Quiz.

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Q: 1 How Inspiration related to motivation?
Ans: While talking about the quiz. I was motivated to learn quiz because I needed coins to help my friends and to strangers who always met me in café or bar asking for dresses and gifts for their marriage, birthday, or party. 
Then I started learning quiz. But it was very very tough for me to learn that time (Before 1-year quiz was really very hard, one wrong answer and game over). my motivation started to decay rapidly. Then I met a quiz master in the quiz bar ( I think she was the first quiz master ever). Her position and her method to remember questions inspired me…. I thought if she can then why I cant ?? So, Inspiration is the thing which didn't let my motivation level to go down. 
Q: 2: May I know where you from?
Ans: Varanasi ( City of temples ) ,Uttar Pradesh, India

Q: 3: What inspired you to become a Quizmaster?
Ans:  The thought of helping people inspired me. They work in café whole day to earn 500 per day .. they run in Egypt for 200 coins for hours. There was only a way to earn coins at a faster rate so that I can help them and bring a smile at their face.
After learning the Quiz, I helped a lot of people by sending them gifts in an emergency. 
 I am so happy that I'm able to help people. 

Q: 4:  How do you gain knowledge?
Ans: When the first time started quiz I observed the questions and areas from where it is being asked. Hollywood Movies, Tv Series, Shows, Fashion Industry, Actors Life, Avakin Game related Questions, General Knowledge - Easiest Part (Capital, Currency, Etc.) 
I watch movies so I was really familiar with the movie’s questions an actor’s question.
I have suffered only in one thing which was about the dresses which dress a particular actress wore in particular function. I memorized it by watching footage of that particular event on youtube.

Q: 5:  How can I increase my knowledge base?
Ans:  For a quiz in Avakin life quiz watch movies observe social spots carefully (island, desert oasis )
Back to the future  - It has 9 questions in the quiz
Terminator – 5 questions
Top gun, Beauty & the Beast, Maleficent, Peter pan, etc

Q: 6: How had Quiz master impacted your life in Avakin?
Ans:I can buy whatever I want. I can gift anyone whatever they wish to have. I feel like the luckiest person on earth when I am logged In this game… these days quiz badge is In craze. So I am helping in it ,, I helped approx 600-700 people in badges since October.

Q: 7:  How can you remember thing long?
Ans: Practice makes a man perfect. First and the last thing for becoming a quiz master is to do practice a lot. Now, whenever I take the quiz I only read options not questions . you can also be the quiz master. It took a very long time for me to become a quiz master.

Q: 8: What kind of Question do you like to add in Avakin life?
Ans:when I was failing in quiz. I always said to myself. why they are not adding any question related to Bollywood, why not about India., why not more questions related to general knowledge. I wish them to add more general knowledge questions.

Q: 9:  How you develop your self-confidence?
Ans: achievements and people’s support gives us confidence.
Sometime before things were not the same.. but now I know there are real friends, real supporters, my family on Avakin  who are there always with me whenever I need they and they proved that their care and love is real for me every time in need.

Q: 10: What is the best part of your job in Real?
Ans:  while talking about the real-life job, the best thing is == salary  :D


Q: 11: What is your purpose in life?
Ans: In Avakin life, I wish to help people. Before sometime, I was so crazy that I started a movement  #badgesforeveryone.  I did a giveaway in which every participant got the badge. Actually, that was very hectic.

Q: 12: What makes you more excited about for the future of Avakin Life?
Ans I want Avakin life to be more popular than PUBG. So that we can make our gaming community more strong. If I bring this thought in my mind I feel very excited and full of energy while creating new content for my channel.  For this, We are trying hard to spread this game by our youtube channel.

Q: 13: Who’s your favorite Quizmaster?
Ans:  Zeniiearora, because she is multitalented,  I can earn 500 coins in 3 minutes, but she can earn 30,000  in just 2 minutes by fashion contest. I got my fashion badge because she helped me in it.

Q: 14: How many people you helped in quiz for getting quiz master badge?
Ans: since October I am helping for badges. so many times I passed the whole day while helping people for badges. That’s why most of the Indian players know me as quizmaster, now foreign players also started knowing me, so help never goes in waste. I was not counting it before now I started to count it. it is approx 600 to 700.

Q: 15: What is involved in your daily tasks as Quiz master at Avakin Life?
Ans:  Coming online reading everyone's message if anyone needs help urgent then Inviting Him/Her, after helping everyone's I play quiz for coins to give them in Giveaways. These days I play Quiz for Giveaways only.  

Q: 16:  What do you prefer a Real Book or E-Book?
Ans:  E-Book because I every time use my mobile.

Q: 17: What is the most stressful part of helping other?
Ans:  Telling them how to use life lines, not to cancel the quiz in the between the stages, and not be Disconnected. I hate helping  guys whose net Di
Q: 18: Who is the most knowledgeable male member of staff at LKWD?
Ans:  I never met them personally, but I follow them in  LKWD ADAM.

Q: 19: Who is the most knowledgeable female member of staff at LKWD?

Q: 20: Who is your favorite fashion designer?
Ans: Coco channel , because she was born poor, then also she gained such achievements, it is really motivational and appreciable. I got to know so many things about her from the quiz.

Thanks for sharing your Interest, these both guys are Besties & I really feel happy By seeing the love between them by staying together like this without any bad intentions.
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