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Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side. Today I am going to share with you "How to do Badass talking in the Relationship" by knowing the level of Badass you learn how to talk with your bad babe.

 Beginner Level Badass 
For Beginner levels in Avkin life game, If you're newly started this game and you want to know more about anything in this game then try to text someone privately they'll teach you or skip whatever the shit that you ask from them. 
I am playing this game for 3 years and I well know that most of the players are using some strange name that can easily change gender in the Avakin Life game

For the newbie, try to text a girl in Pvt. but don't try to harras anyone. Try to ask questions that you do not know anything about this game and you're curious to know more about it. Probably any girl guide you if anyone says anything which you ask then try to say "Sorry hun, I can't understand can you show me" some people show you too or you can ask anything that you like to know from any couple in Avakin life Public places. 

If you're new in this game then you can ask to pose that we could do kiss in this game, I well know mostly recommend you to do "Crossed legs Pose" and that pose is available for everyone in Avakin life game

Intermediate Level Badass
  Most of the newbies are that much curious to know more than they told to everyone who wants to go to their apartment in Avakin. I think it's not that bad by doing something in the Avakin game. Actually, it's just a game and if we don't do fun in this virtual game then where we could learn these things in the real world. We can hugs, kiss, Dance, pose on in the Avakin Life game. 

By Increasing your level in Avakin game then you'll see it's not hard to make friends or not hard to date someone. I see many Badass girls and Badass boys in Avakin life. I was Bad too in there but after the Relationship in the game make me change and make me good again and bad for my bae only. Try to search for a girlfriend in Avakin life who understands you and who cares you, but try to make this thing in the game only otherwise you'll be hurt later. 

     Advanced Level Badass
    You can do anything in this game when your relationship going good in Avakin then you could ask about her personal life, but if she doesn't want to share with you then it's fine too but you don't tell her too about yourself too. If she doesn't want to share personal life with you then you don't do it too. I meet many nasty people in Avakin life game who's married in-game but even ready for doing shit in the game. I don't do that much bad but just by the company of badasses makes me bad in front of everyone. 

    You can make many girlfriends at one time in this game but make sure they're not a friend. I don't make girlfriends easily but someone stole heart without my permission.

    How to Kiss in Avakin life

    If you make a sound until I tell you to do then I’m going to pause and I can wait until you can be quiet again, like a good little boy

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