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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side.  Today I’m Interviewing Avakin life most knowledgeable player "Avakin Jad Jayzee".

By reading this Interview you will know more Ideas about Avakin Jad Quiz's knowledge secret.
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RB: How Inspiration-related to motivation?
 Jad: Well for me, these two depend so much on each other. the desire to do something starts with an inspiration and the motivation is what pushing you for going for it.

RB:: May I know where you from?
 Jad: Yes sure, I am from Sri Lanka

RB: What inspired you to become a Quizmaster?
Jad: Of course, quiz earning. I saw a lot of people earning tons of coins just by sitting there tapping on answers. that inspired me to become one like them so I started learning right away.

RB:  How do you gain knowledge?
 Jad: Quiz is all about remembering answers. at first, I wasted a lot of coins on learning the right answers but it's like an investment only. We don't need to gain any knowledge of it. the more u plays the more u will know it.

RB:  How can I increase my knowledge base?
 Ans: Well I'll advise finding a quiz master who can help u and ask him to say answers on chat when he plays. u just observe the questions and remember the answers he says. in a few days, u will know half of them. that's the best way and another thing u can do is find all the questions and answers from the internet and learn them. there are some sites posting them.

RB: How had Quiz master impacted your life in Avakin?
Jad: Quiz is like a lifesaver and a turning point on my Avakin. it gave me more than enough coins and gave me a lot of recognition. Moreover, I started to use it to help others with giveaways that's how my Instagram started growing too. so basically quiz is taking a big part of my Avakin life.

RB:  How can you remember things long?
 Jad: Honestly, I have a very bad memory that I easily forget things. it was so challenging at first. if I didn't play for a week, sure I would be forgotten many of the answers so, I just keep playing to keep me updated.

RB: What kind of Question do you like to add in Avakin life?
 Jad: I'll really recommend adding more general knowledge questions. so at least we will gain a piece of knowledge of real-life by learning them. but there are only a few of them and most of the others are fashion and Hollywood questions from the 1980s,1990s which are totally useless on learning.

RB:  How you develop your self-confidence?
 Jad: I trust in my decision making and I truly believe that whatever I do will be stand out and satisfied to myself so . I don't fear trying new things or taking risks. if I feel less confident my friends will encourage me.

RB: What is the best part of your job in Real?
Jad: Well, I'm the boss to my business that's why I'm having so much time to play games so yeah I love it 

RB: What is your purpose in life?
Jad: Living the life I always dreamed of.

 RB: What makes you more excited about for the future of Avakin Life?
 Jad: I'm so excited about new features and updates that are yet to come. Lockwood working hard on bringing new things into the game so yeah I can't wait for them.

 RB: Who’s your favorite Quiz master?
 Jad: @ascalixm.ava she's a good friend and also a quiz millionaire

RB:  How many people you helped in quiz for getting quiz master badge?
Jad: I have done 10 quiz giveaways so far and helped over 100 people by giveaways. and out of giveaways, I helped a lot of friends as well.

RB:  What is involved in your daily tasks as Quizmaster at Avakin Life?
 Jad: It's not daily work I'll just play for myself whenever I'm free but on giveaway announcement days I'll be busy helping winners almost all day at quiz night club.

RB: What do you prefer a Real Book or E-Book?
Jad: I'm a fan of Kindle E-books. I never read real books.

RB: What is the most stressful part of helping others?
 Jad: The most stressful and irritating part is the person who I'm helping losing the internet connection and poofing while quizzing. then I  need to start over from again. so, I always say get a fast internet connection before coming for getting quiz help.

RB: Who is the most knowledgeable male member of staff at LKWD?
Jad: LKWD Adam because he leads the whole Avakin community in a good way

RB: Who is the most knowledgeable female member of staff at LKWD?
Jad: LKWD Wolfe because I love her videos for Avakin and she's encouraging all other players.

RB: Who is your favorite fashion designer?
Jad: My favorite fashionista is @meowxcake. she is very enthusiastic in fashion and I like her style.

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