Avakin Life Quiz Questions by Ronnie

Hello Friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side. I’m going to share with you “Avakin Life Quiz Questions” these questions will help you in Avakin Quiz.

Q: 1: Which decade did the TV show ‘Pin wright’s Progress ‘first air?
A: 1960s
B: 1950s
C: 1940s

Q: 2:   When was the first recognized Paris Fashion week held?
A:  1990
B:  1973
C:  1904

Q: 3: In what year was the fashion house Versace established?
A: 1968
B: 1978
C: 1958

Q: 4: In which year was Shakespeare born?
A: 1564
B: 1587
C: 1546

Q: 5:   What the year was the fashion, Giorgio Armani established?
A: 1953
B: 1963
C: 1973

Q: 6: In what year was the fashion house Gucci established?
A: 1931
B: 1921
C: 1941

Q: 7: What year was the Iconic British brand Burberry founded?
A: 1856
B: 1866
C: 1876

Q: 8: How many states are there in the USA?
A: 52
B: 50
C: 54

Q: 9: Who was a dress with Peacock feathers on it at the 2004 Grammy Awards?
A: Brooke Elliott
B: Margaret Cho
C: Kate Levering

Q: 10: Which of these is the name of a women’s fashion designer?
A: Azzedine Alaia
B: Azzedine Louboutin
C: Azzedine Laurent

Q: 11: The gemstone ruby is typically what color?
A: Red
B: Green
C: Blue

Q: 12: Who wore a black dress and no underwear at the 2011 International Emmy Awards?
A: Rihanna
B: Katy Parry
C: Lady Gaga

Q: 13: What year was the fashion house Coco Chanel established?
A: 1929
B: 1909
C: 1919

Q: 14: Which actress wore a white dress with a beaded sunburst design by Tadashi Shoji at the 2012 Academy Awards?
A: Emma Stone
B: Bryce Dallas Howard
C: Octavia Spencer

Q: 15: In which decade is the movie ‘LA Confidential’ set?
A: 1950s
B: 1990s
C: 1970s

Q: 16: Name the movie – Woody Allen Dubs over the dialogue of a Japanese spy film.
A: Bananas
B: Take the Monkey and Run
C: What’s Up, Tiger Lily?

Q: 17: Which show did Glenn Close make her Broadway musical debut?
A: Evita
B: Barnum
C: Sunset Boulevard

Q: 18: In which year was Shakespeare born?
A: 1564
B: 1587
C: 1546

Q: 19: What is the currency used in Tanzania?
A: Shilling
B: Tala
C: Baht

Q: 20: What year was the fashion store Bergdorf Goodman founded?
A: 1879
B: 1899
C: 1889

Q: 21: In which year was volleyball invented?
A: 1901
B: 1887
C: 1895

Q: 22: What year were Polo fashions founded?
A: 1974
B: 1973
C: 1968

Q:23: What was the name of the 2005 movie where two cowboys fell in love?
A: Mountain of Dreams
B: Brokeback Mountain
C: Cowboy Love

Q: 24: Name the movie – Comedy musician weird Al Ihkovic takes over a small TV station with shows like Conan the Librarian and wheel of fish.
A: The Barefoot Executive
C: The Kentucky Fried Movie

Q: 25: In What year was the television Invented?
A: 1926
B: 1932
C: 1924

Q: 26: ‘Cuajada’ is The Spanish equivalent of which old fashioned dessert?
A: Junket
B: Suet Pudding
C: Jam Roily Poly

Q: 27: George Clooney is typically known for being a what?
A: Flower Arranger
B: Actor
C: Accountant

Q:28: What year was the Company Microsoft founded?
A: 1977
B: 1975
C: 1979

Q: 29: The fashion designer Jeff Banks married which singer?
A: Sandie Shaw
B: Lulu
C: Mary Hopkin

Q: 30: Who’s the movie – Patrick Swayze plays a spirit aren’t moving in the next life until he avenges his own death on earth.
A: Ghost
B: Ghost Town
C: Ghost Dad

Q: 31: Complete the name of this a movie that stars Jack, Black. ‘School of__’
A: Rock
B: Baking
C: Cleaning

Q: 32: Which 80s musical is about a young an orphan girl’s ventures in finding a family that will take her?
A: Annie
B: Harry
C: Danny

Q: 33: Who of these was a central figure in the American fashion public relations industry?
Eleanor Rigby
B: Eleanor Roosevelt
C: Eleanor Lambert

Q: 34: A gem theory puzzle involving choosing the right door is named after which game show host?
A: Monty Hall
B: Bob Barker
C: Drew Carey
Ans: A

Q: 35: Who looked glamorous at the 2013 Golden Globes in a long pink gown and a silver necklace?
A: Jessica Alba
B: Scarlett Johansson
C: Violet Davis

Q: 36: In what year did Rio de Janeiro ceases to be the capital of Brazil?
A: 1961
B: 1959
C: 1960

Q:37: In what year did Sir Fredrick Banting and J.J.R. Macleod discover insulin?
A: 1927
B: 1922
C: 1925

Q: 38: Who wrote the 1962 play ‘Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’?
A: Edward Albee
B: Samuel Beckett
C: Tennessee Williams

Q: 39: What is the currency used in Tanzania?
A: Baht
B: Shilling
C: Tala

Q: 40: Who played the male lead in the 1968 film ‘Funny Girl’?
A: Peter O’Toole
B: Alec Guinness
C: Omar Sharif

Q: 41: In what year was the television invented?
A: 1926
B: 1932
C: 1924

Q: 42:  Who was original to have written lyrics for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera’?
A: Alan Jay Lerner
B: Stephen Sondheim
C: Fred Ebb

Q: 43: When was the movie X-men released?
A: 2002
B: 2000
C: 2001

Q: 44: In ‘Les Misérables’, who is given a ‘yellow ticket of leave’?
A: Jean Valjean’
B: Marius
C: Javert

Q: 45: In which decade did Walt Disney introduces ‘Mickey Mouse’?
A: 1940s
B: 1920s
C: 1910s

Q: 46: Who once wore the same outfit for six months to deliberately anger paparazzi photographers?
A: Mila Kunis
B: Daniel Radcliffe
C: Brad Pitt

Q: 47: What is the name of the son that Tom Cruise’s character lost in Minority Report?
A: Sean
B: Robert
C: Connor

Q: 48: In Disney’s Hercules what is Hercules winged horse called?
A: Unicorn
B: Pegasus
C: Stallion

Q: 49: A person who studies fossils & prehistoric life, such as dinosaurs is known as a what?
A: Paleontologist
B: Fossilologist
C: Archeologist

Q: 50: What is the official residence and the workplace of the president of the United States?
A: The White House
B: The Ginger House
C: The Fairy House

Q: 51: What is the capital of England?
A: South Africa
B: London
C: China

Q: 52: In what year was the fashion house Versace established?
A: 1978
B: 1968
C: 1958
Ans: A
Q: 53: Who wrote the music & lyrics for the musical version of ‘The Bridges of Madison County’?
A: Andrew Lippa
B: David Yazbek
C: Jason Robert Brown
Ans: C

Q: 54: Who attended 2007 Academy Awards in a purple gown with silver trim?
A: Shakira
B: Beyoncé Knowles
C: Jennifer Lopez
Ans: C

Q: 55: Name the movie – A writer tries to fool his publishers into believing that he’s written the autobiography of the reclusive Howard Hughes.
A: The Hoax
B: F For Fake
C: Power
Ans: A

Q: 56: Les Misérables has won how many Tony Awards?
A: 6
B: 10
C:  8
Ans: C

Q: 57: Apatosaurus is also widely known by another name?
A: Brontosaurus
B: Stegosaurus
C: Velociraptor
Ans:  A

Q: 58: What is the name of Sweeney Todd’s daughter?
A: Lucy
B:  Jennifer
C:  Lizzie

Q: 59: Who said ‘Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new’?
A: Ralph Waldo Emerson
B: Henry David Thoreau
C: Jean-Paul Gaultier

Q: 60: What is the first name of the French fashion designer, Givenchy?
A:  Yourri
B: Hubert
C: Emanuel
Ans:  B

Q: 61: In what year was the Grammy award first awarded?
A: 1957
B: 1959
C: 1958
Ans: C

Q: 62: In what year was the television invented?
A:  1926
B:  1932
C:  1924
Ans:  A

Q: 63: Which fashion is the founder of an eponymous high-end shoe brand?
A:  Michael Kors
B: Kenzo Takada
C:  Manolo Blahnik
Ans: C

Q: 64: The fashion industry generates an average annual global revenue of what?
A: $10 Billion
B: $30 Billion
C: $20 Billion
Ans: C

Q: 65: Who wore an eye patch in the movie True Grit?
A: John Wayne
B: Gary Cooper
C:  Glen Campbell
Ans: A

Q: 66: E Soffito e Parenti’ is a song from which opera?
A: Giulio Cesare
B: Madama Butterfly
C: Manon
Ans: B

Q: 67: Who wore an angelic Chanel gown with winglike layers and heaps of sparkle at the 2008 BAFTAs?
A: Anne Hathaway
B: Marion Cotillard
C: Ellen Page

Q: 68: What is the correct name of the TV programmer based at a fashion magazine?
A: Creepy Peggy
B: Gruesome Jenny
C: Ugly Betty

Q: 69: Who played the role of McHale in the 1960s TV show ‘McHale's Navy’?
A: Lee Marvin
B: Jan- Michael Vincent
C: Ernest Borgnine

Q: 70: What is the name of the computer system voiced by Kevin Spacey in Moon?

Q: 71: Who created the role of Florence in the original Broadway production of ‘Chess’?
A: Elaine Paige
B: Barbara Dickson
C:  Judy Kuhn
Ans: A

Q: 72: Which actress hit the red carpet in 2012 in a regal white dress with blood red embroidery detailing?
A: Emma Stone
B: Mila Kunis
C: Emma Roberts

Q: 73:  Name the Movie – Orson Welles plays a wealthy troublemaker who creates a massive newspaper empire.
A:  Citizen Kane
B:   And Justice for All
C:   Gone with The Wind
Ans: A

Q: 74: In what year was the planet Neptune discovered?
A: 1866
B: 1856

Q: 75: Which actress looked picture perfect in an asymmetric gray/blue gown by Yves Saint Laurent at the 2009 Oscars?
A: Kate Winslet
B: Drew Barrymore
C: Emma Thompson
Ans: A

Q: 76: Who wore an ice blue dress by Edith's head with long white gloves, at the 1955 Oscars?
A: Grace Kelly
B: Audrey Hepburn
C: Katherine Hepburn

Q: 77:  Who acted as Joey in the 90s movie ’10 Things I Hate About You’?
A:  Andrew Keegan
B:  Mark Paul Gosselaar
C:  Joshua Jackson
Ans: A

Q: 78: What year does Marty McFly Travel to in Back to the Future Part III?
A: 1865
B: 1845
C: 1885
Q: 79: In which decade was DNA Discovered?
A: 1930s
B: 1950s
C: 1970s
Q: 80: What 90s NBA Player was known for having crazy hair?
A: Dennis Rodman
B: Kobe Bryant
C: Allen Iverson

Q: 81: Velma Kelly is one of the protagonists in which musical?
A: New York
B: Me & My Girl
C: Chicago

Q: 82: What is the musical ‘Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ based on?
A: A Play
B: A Novel
C: The Bible

Q: 83: Which pop star was famous for wearing a white glove with diamonds?
A: Kurt Cobain
B: Michael Jackson
C: Bono

Q: 84: The platform shoe was a staple of what the dance-themed fashion era?
A: Grunge
B: Punk
C: Disco

Q: 85: How many palm trees are there in the Avakin life’s Golden Sands Bay social space?
A: 8
B: 7
C: 9

Q: 86: Who won the European Cup in football in 1980?
A: Nottingham Forest
B: Valencia
C: Hamburg
 Ans: A

Q: 87: Which of these is Not a species of Spider?
A: Black Carpenter
B: Brazilian Wandering
C: Redback
Ans: A
Q: 88: In what year was the fashion house Prada established?
A: 1919
B: 1939
C: 1929
Ans: A

Q: 89: Which decade saw a return to fashion for three-piece suits for men?
A: 1970s
B: 1980s
C: 1960s
Ans: A

Q: 90: How did Tom Hanks end upon his deserted island in Castaway?
A: Jet Ski Crash
B: Plane Crash
C: Fishing Boat Accident
Ans: B

Q: 91: Name the Movie – Damon Stars in this true-life story about the birth of the Central Intelligence Agency.
A: Spy Game
B: Paranoia
C: The Good Shepherd
Ans: C

Q: 92:  What were caboodles used for in the 90s?
A: To hold makeup/ hair products/ nail polish
B: A Toolbox
C: To hold up your hair
Ans: A

Q: 93: The role of ‘Effie’ in ‘Dreamgirls’ was originally written for which Broadway actress?
A: Pearl Bailey
B: Nell Carter
C: De De Bridgewater
Ans: C

Q: 94: Which Broadway musical earned Brian Stoke Mitchell his first Tony Award nomination?
A: Mail
B: Kiss of the Spiderwoman
C: Jelly’s Last Jam
Ans: A

Q: 95: Who sang the 2000s song Candy Shop with 50 Cent?
A: Faith Evans
B: Lil Mama
C: Olivia
 Ans: C

Q: 96: Actor Casey Affleck won Best Actor at the 89th Academy Awards for his role in which film?
A: Moonlight
B: La La Land
C: Manchester by the Sea
Ans: C

Q: 97: Which of these married Sarah Jessica Parker?
A: Casey Affleck
B: Matthew Broderick
C: Zach Braff
Ans: B

Q: 98: Complete the name of the song from Grease. ‘You’re the one that I__’
A: Know
B: Care
C: Want
Ans: C

Q: 99: President Barack Obama was born in 1961 on which US Pacific Island?
A: Iceland
B: Fiji
C: Hawaii
Ans: C

Q: 100: Who gets his genes crossed with a fly in the 1986 movie The fly?
A: Jeff Goldblum
B: Jeff Paxton
C: Bill Paxton
Ans: A

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