Avakin life Quiz questions with answers

Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side. Today I'm going to share with you "Avakin life Quiz questions with answers"  these questions will help you in getting that quiz badge.  

1. The movie Goodfellas is based on a book called the wise the guy has written by which crime writer?

A. Nicholas Pileggi     
B. Mickey Spillane      
C. Mario Puzo
Ans. Nicholas Pileggi

2. The bachelors no. 1 hits Diane was actually composed in which decade?

A. 1920    
B. 1910   
C. 1940  

3. In what year was Christian Dior nominated for a Bafta for best British costume for the arabesque?

A. 1965     
B. 1963   
C. 1967 
Ans. 1967

4. Who originated the role of the phantom in the Broadway production of the phantoms of the opera?

A. Colm Wilkinson     
B. Anthony Warlow        
C. Antonio Banderas
Ans. Colm Wilkinson     

5. In which city is the first act of Sunday in the park with George set?

A. New York       
B. Paris        
C. London
Ans. Paris

6. During 2000 what was the first song ever to sell 3 million digital copies in u.s. in 2008?

A. Crank that    
B. Low      
C. Love is all
Ans. Crank that

7. Who created the role of the king of Siam in the original Broadway production of the king and me?

A. Alfred Drake    
B. Robert Preston    
C. Richard Harris  
Ans. Alfred Drake

8. When did cross first become a fashionable footwear phenomenon?

A. 1874     
B. 2003     
C. 1951 
Ans. 2003

9. What science fiction writer wrote in the 3 laws of robotics? 

A. Issac Asimov  
B. Charles Darwin    
C. Stephen Hawking
Ans. Issac Asimov 

10. Who won the most NBA championships in the 90s?

A. The Houston Rockets    
B. The L.A. Lakers    
C. The Chicago Bulls
Ans. The Chicago Bulls

11. Which of the celebrities has dated Katie's parry?

A. Dane Bowers   
B. Matt Cardle      
C. Ben Goldsmith 
Ans. Dane Bowers

12. Lisa Vander pump is a cast member of which real housewife’s reality series? 

A. Orange Country   
B. New York    
C. Beverly Hills
Ans. Beverly Hills

13. Who became the leader of the Soviet Union in 1985?
A. Konstantin chemenko   
B. Andrei Gromyko      
C. Mikhail Gorbachevian
Ans. Mikhail Gorbachevian 

14. What is the sun?
A. Star     
B. Fish     
C. Planet
Ans. Star

15. What if the most widely spoken language in Brazil?
A. Spanish     
B. Hungarian     
C. Portuguese
Ans. Portuguese

16. Complete the name of this fashion brand. "Hugo"?

A. Mann  
B. Boss    
C. Baker
Ans. Boss
17. Complete the name of the teen movie that stars Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews' the princess?

A. Makeup    
B. Diaries  
C. Clothes 
Ans. Diaries

18. Iraqi singer Haitham Yousef hails from which city?
A. Baghdad   
B. Basra      
C. Mosul
Ans: Baghdad

19. Scott Allen won what male championship in 1966?

A. Figure skating    
B. Downhill skiing    
C. Snowboarding
Ans. Figure skating

20. In terms of electricity, what does AC stand for?

A. Air conditioning    
B. Actual chemicals     
C. Alternating current
Ans. Alternating current

21. Name the movie- tom hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton play NASA astronauts on a disastrous space mission? 

A. Alien     
B. Apollo 13    
C. Space Cowboys 
Ans. Apollo 13

22. What if the name of the main female character in the musical beauty and the beast? 

A. Mary   
B. Carrie    
C. Belle
Ans. Belle

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