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Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side.  Today I’m going to share with you “Avakin Lightning fashion Interview” By reading these things you have to know about the Lightning fashion style and what she thinks about fashion.

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Ron:  Which country would you say has your favorite fashion?
 Light: I'd have to say Japan, Kawaii fashion is the cutest!

Ron: Where does your fashion inspiration come from the most?
 Light: Movies mostly, or books, it all depends on what I feel like wearing that day, but I do have a few Batman-inspired looks that I like to wear (cat woman, poison ivy)

Ron: What inspired you to become a fashion guru?
Light: Everyone has a fashion guru hidden inside waiting to come out, we just need the inspiration sometimes to decide what our style is and where we can go with it

Ron: If you could choose any genre of fashion from the past to make a comeback, what would it be and why?
 Light: I'd like to see some delirious squid items  be available in the store again, as for real fashion.. it'd have to be the 70s! Bring back the tie-dye!

Ron: Mine would be the Front Row Oversized Sunglasses but what fashion accessory could you do not live without and why?
Light: I'd have to say wings, it doesn't matter which pair, although lately, I'm obsessed with the peacock ones!

Ron: How had fashion impacted your life the most? 
Light: I dye my hair a lot to express how the current months have been so fashion is just a less damaging way of expressing how you feel inside (or at least it is for me)  we're all unique in our own way without own style and it's fascinating to see us all come together

Ron: How do you spread your personal trend while inspiring others?
 Light: I get some people asking for help with their outfits sometimes, mostly the newer members asking which outfit looks good and what I'd change, it's always nice helping out the newer players find their style and giving a little bit of your own to influence them

Ron: What are you most excited about for the future of Avakin Life?
 Light: I'm always looking forward to the new releases, especially with Halloween coming up!

Ron: What are the possibilities of adding custom jewelry?
 Light: I was talking about this with a friend recently, custom jewelry would be amazing! Maybe some new crowns featuring different Birthstones, or Disney related pendants!

Ron: Can you add more trend-setting outfits from different decades of fashion?
Light: I'd love a good pair of jeans with a bike chain attached!

Ron: What is the best part of your job?
Light: There are times where I dress. Um... Not so "normal" and the reactions are priceless!

Ron: What challenges do you face being the fashion guru?
 Light: Copycats, I like to stand out, but there have been a few occasions where someone copies the outfit I'm wearing on the same server, which is fine. Just let me leave the room first xD

Ron: Which colors will we see in Avakin Life this fall?
Light: I'm hoping we see some forest green hair, or maybe more mauve colors, I'd like a tree decorated with leaves that fall to the ground

Ron: What’s your favorite style?
Light: Gothic, Anything weird and wonderful!

Ron: What does fashion mean to you?
 Light: Fashion for me is a form of expression, if you're having a bad day, maybe throw on a goofy cardboard hat or walk around like a unicorn, the possibilities are endless

Ron: What Is it involved in your daily tasks as Fashion Guru at Avakin Life?
Light: For me. I always try to match the outfit with the wings I'm currently wearing,  If I was wearing a black dress any would match but say if I was to wear a blue swimsuit. I'd throw on some blue wings too

Ron: Which color should I use on my eyebrows if my hair is Pink?
 Light: I'd say any color would look amazing with pink! I'd probably go for a dark pink to match a bright pink hair

Ron: What is the most stressful part of your job?
 Light: I wouldn't say it was too stressful, I just like things to match. Which can be a little difficult with a large closet, I wish things could be sorted into categories! That'd make it much easier

Ron: Who is the most stylish male member of staff at LKWD?
 Light: They're all pretty stylish, I can't rule one out in particular as they all have unique styles ^_^

Ron: What is the biggest fashion dilemma you have faced in real life?
 Light: Finding the perfect outfit for the current weather! It can easily go from sunny to pouring down with rain super quick here and it makes it difficult finding the right outfit ha-ha!

Ron: Who is your favorite fashion designer?
 Light: Titania Inglis, simple but dark

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