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Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side.  Today I’m going to share with you “Avakin Melanie Moon Interview ” By reading this interview you will know more about Meleaniemoon style and how she thinks about Avakin lifestyle.

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Q1. When you started a YouTube channel for Avakin life and what inspired you the most?
MM: I was level 12 in Avakin when I started my YouTube channel. I was actually inspired by Simmers to start a YouTube channel for Avakin. They inspired me to be dedicated to what I have in mind and just do it. Within the community, I think that I discovered Celestia first before joining the game and starting a YouTube channel.

Q2. What’s fashion is for you?
MM: I love Vintage fashion and the whole Vegas showgirl aesthetic when it comes to picking what to wear in-game. I personally enjoy Dolly Bop and LKWD Couture.

Q3.  How you spend your time in Avakin Life?
MM: Believe it or not, I actually spend a lot of my time trolling as Loki in-game and trolling as a gingerbread man when I'm not filming or lurking.

Q4.  If you’re part of Lockwood then what you change in Avakin first?
MM: That's a good one. I'd personally change or add more things to the Fashion Contest. It's based on popularity right now than it is style.

Q5.  What’s the most fascinating random fact you know about avakin?
MM: Twelve Avakins per account. You can literally make any fictional the character that you want for edits then you can delete it at any time.

Q6.  Do you trust your head or your hurt more and why?
MM: I trust my heart more because of work on what I feel like doing rather than what my brain is telling me what to do. Strange as it may seem but I tend to work more quickly that way.

Q7.  Would you want do date someone exactly like you?
MM: Oh no! There is no one like me.

Q8.  What profession do you have the most respect for and why?
MM: Nurse Practitioners.

Q9.  What song lyrics speak to you the most?
If I'm a monster then it's true
There's only one thing that's left for me to do
But before I fade to white
I'll do all I can to make things right
That's from Monster by Caissie Levy

Q10.  Which one of the five senses do you deem most important?
MM: Touch because people can go blind or deaf so relying on your touch is very important.

 Q11.  Have you ever broken a law? If you haven.t what as one law you’d love to break?
MM: Maybe... Well, I'm not a problem child so I can't really say if I have or have not broken the law.

Q12. Do you have any weakness and what’s that?
MM: Yes. I well know that my weaknesses are my greatest assets.

Q13. Do you easily accept compliments? OR do you hate compliments?
MM: I love compliments and I do hate it when you tend to give compliments in a joyful manner and they just respond so monotonously. Like hey, are you okay? They're probably not even okay. Oops! I'm rambling. Haha! But yeah, compliments are the T.

Q14. What’s the one thing that makes you unique?
MM: My ability to entertain people around me and getting stuck writing poetry. That's two things but bear with me.

Q15. What would you tell to motivate someone about their career?
MM: The key to success is failing a billion times while others are climbing. They might be climbing the ladder but your failures make your success a life long commitment.

Q16. What the one compliment that the people always seem to give you?
MM: Funny story about this one. I've gotten the compliment "I like your accent" a bunch of times but it hadn't clicked with me until I noticed my Welsh accent fading into a hybrid accent.

Q17. What is the kindest thing another person ever has done to make you happy?
MM: I've gotten helpful tips with editing which is such a great thing to read and to watch. I'm still waiting on people to do that exact same thing in my real life but hey, you can't sit and wait for people to change, right? Anyways, I've never really focused on the negatives that much.

Q18. Which book have you read it again and again?
MM: Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown

Q.19   What is your favorite memory about it?
MM: It's comedic timing and how funny it is that we tend to seek perfection when we don't have to be perfect all the time.

Q20.  Do you have any regret what’s your biggest one?
MM: Ooh, don't get me started on regrets. I have tons of them outside of playing Avakin Life but I don't regret speaking out about those regrets.

Q21. Do you have any Avakin life family?
MM: Yes, the Asian Sisterakas Family.

Q: 22: How many members in your family and what you guys do for fun?
MM: Right now, we have been busy with other things outside of Avakin but we do plan on being together in-game sometime. We also have a Facebook page and a Facebook group, as well as a group, chat on Facebook.

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