Frannies2 Interview about Avakin life vs Real life

Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side.  Today I’m going to share with you “ Avakin Frannies2  Avakin life vs Real-life” By reading these things you have to know about Frannies2 voice concert
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Frannies2 Voice Concert Interview 

RB: When you started Voice in Avakin life and what inspired you the most?
A: I started The Voice in Avakin this month and I always wanted to participate on the Voice but I don't sing that well (lol) So I thought that other persons wanted to sing too than I had that idea to do on the game

RB: How many participants can take participate in it?
A: Well, 4 took part in it. People have to send me a video or post on social media with the hashtag #AvakinTheVoice and tag me @frannie_s2 a video at the game with a mic and recording singing with their own voice, making an edit

RB:  Who was the winner of the last concert?
A: Kinha Knowles

RB: What cliché saying do you hate hearing the most?
A: Give me a set or a gift

RB: What’s the most fascinating random fact you know about Avakin?
A: I don't understand that question

RB: Do you trust your head or your hurt more?
A: Head

RB: Would you want to date someone exactly like you?
A: I'm married & he's exactly like I wanted. 

RB: What profession do you have the most respect for?
A: Firefighter, because they try everything to save others' life.

RB: What song lyrics speak to you the most?
A: Can't Take My Eyes Off You

RB: Which one of the five senses do you deem most important?
A: Eyes

RB: Have you ever broken a law? If you haven.t what as one law you’d love to break?
A: No

RB: Why do you think has had the largest influence on the person you are today?
A: My religion influences me more than I am today.

RB: Do you easily accept compliments? or do you hate compliments?
A: Yes I accept compliments and sometimes I apply it when I like. 

RB: What’s the one thing that makes you unique from other people?
A: My sympathy and honesty make me unique from others. 

RB: What would you tell the graduates to motivate them about their careers?
A: I'm not graduated so...

RB: What the one compliment that the people always seem to give you?
A: That I'm very nice

RB: What is the kindest thing another person ever done to make you happy?
A: Well I loved when people draw or make edits to me

RB: Which book have you read it again and again?
A: The Book of Mormon and the Bible. I read hundreds of book but I never read twice other books minus these two

RB: What is your favorite memory about it?
A: When I lived in Europe for 1 year and a half

RB: Do you have any regret what’s your biggest one?
A: Hmm... Not really.

RB: How’s your Avakin life going?
A. Amazing. I love this game. It really is my second life. Cause I play and work playing on it. Recording videos, songs, and series about my books and stories using the game to tell them. So it is awesome to me! ^^

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