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Hi there, Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Today I am going to share with you "How to know someone moreby knowing these things about your girl then you easily make her happy and you can read her mind what she likes and what wrongly you did and how you can make her happy again.

1. What color do you like more?
 Many girls like Dark Bluish and Black color or Dark color, But if she tells you to guess her favorite color then think what color she usually wears. Some girl wears Dark color and any wear light color. 
Dark Colors: Blue, Black, Rose color
Light Colors: Light red, yellow, pink

2. Which Season Do you like more?
Remember one thing everyone likes those seasons which makes them more enjoyable or happy, some like winters more, but some aren't, some like spring, summer, fall. But, most girls like the Spring season, less number of people like Winter, those who not live in hilly areas like Winter just because they Traveling somewhere for enjoying in the winter season. 


3. Do you like Parties?
I don't know exactly what work your girl does, but by asking that thing probably she'll say I like to dance, I like to start a conversation, I like to play any games, I love to take selfies in part or I like food".

4. What's your Ideal Workspace Is...
You'll know about her, how actually she is.
A. Wherever the Work Takes Me
B. An Art Studio
C. An Office
D. Anywhere I can get Wi-Fi
E. My Own Storefront

5. When Do You Get the Most Done?
A. Early Morning
B. Late at Night
C. Between Other Tasks
D. Whenever Inspiration Hits

6. What you buy when you go to the beverage?
A. Wine
B. Coffee
C. Water
D. Cigarettes 
E. Beer

7. Where you like to go on your First Date?
A. Dinner and a show
B. Cooking Dinner at Home
C. Picnic and Bike Ride in the Park
D. Drinks and Dancing at the club
E. Music Festival
F. Hot Air Balloon Ride

8. Which Words Best Describe You?
A. Classic and Refined
B. Reliable and Easy Going
C. Glittering and Charming
D. Dignified and Mysterious
E. Modern and Stylish
E. Carefree and Creative

9. What is a quote that inspires you?

A. Go Hard or Go Home
B. Collect Memories, Not Things
C. No Road is Long once you are in smart Company
D. Life Begins at the top of Your temperature
E. Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself

10. What's Your Favorite Kind of Vacation?
It is pretty much interesting question after knowing it you may ask her more about the past experience of the place she likes more. It may be:
A. Beach
B. Cultural
C. Active
D. Exotic
E. Amusement Park
F. Road Trip

11. Tell me which food you like more?
Now these days, most of the girls like fast food. Time change and generations are changing, I well know you like that too. Try to know the food she likes more it may be:
A. Burger
B. Pad Thai
C. Lobster Roll
D. Sushi
E. Tacos
F. Juice
12. My Favourite Place to require A Daily Walk Is...

A. To the Local Park 
B. Through my house tidying up
C. To my native coffeehouse to fulfil up with an honest friend
D. To the library to find a new book to read
13. Which Color Looks Best on me?

A. Black
B. Blue
C. Yellow
D. White
E. Red
14. What Is Your Spirit Animal?A. Horse
B. Tiger
C. Peacock
D. Corgi
E. Wolf

15. What are your typical mornings like?
A. Hitting the gym and then off to work
B. Blasting music, whereas I shower and obtain prepared
C. I typically do not rise before noon
D. Responsive emails before I even get into work
E. Rolling out of bed and running to figure
F. Taking my time to create breakfast and head out on time


16. It's your last meal on earth, What do you crave?
A. Sugar glazed donut for my sweet tooth
B. Avocado, avocado, avocado. On anything really
C. Paella
D. Cheese, glorious cheese
E. Feeling the healthier

17. Pick your evening drink
A. Craft beer
B. Glass of wine
C. Whiskey
D. Martini
E. Mojito

18. How would you describe your personal wardrobe style?
A. Tons of color in my closet!
B. The designs vary, but everything is neat, labeled, and organized
C. Flowy, fun, and flowery!
D. Neutral - blacks, whites, greys
E. Sometimes casual but sometimes preppy
F. An even a mix of neutrals and color

19. That member of your friend cluster are you?
A. The Leader
B. The Good Friend
C. The Funny One
D. The Smart One
E. The Creative One

20. How do you want to impact the world?
A. By bringing justice to all
B. By leaving my mark on it
C. By inventing something new
D. By creating an empire
E. By doing good

21. What's Your Favorite TV Show?
A. Suits
B. Mad Men
C. House
D. Game of Thrones
E. Master Chef
F. Shark Tank
22. Wherever does one need to be in twenty years?
A. Running a company
B. Running a country
C. Making the world a better place
D. Starring in movies
E. Inventing the next breakthrough
23. What motivates you?

A. Inner peace
B. Success
C. My family
D. Power
E. Competition

24. Which is your favorite holiday?
A. Christmas
B. Easter
C. 4th of July
D. Thanksgiving
E. Valentine's Day
25. What do you value most?

A. Spontaneity
B. Wellness
C. Intelligence
D. Fun
E. Loyalty
26. Which activity do you like more?

A. Exploring art galleries
B. Adventuring outdoors
C. Family time with kids
D. Hanging out at the local pub
E. Trying the newest local restaurant
27. Pick a game which you like more?

A. Settlers of the caftan
B. Chess
C. Poker
D. Darts
E. Billiards
28. Pick a hobby which you like more to do?

A. Photography
B. Hiking
C. Shopping
D. Fishing
E. Painting
29. Pick a car which you like more?

A. Volkswagen bug
B. Dodge Charger
C. Volkswagen golf
D. Jeep Wrangler
E. Mercedes

30: Who's your favorite singer?
Ask her favorite singer and then ask her the best song which she likes more. You can make her purpose by singing that song or you can dance with her in that song for making some special moment with her. 
Best Singer:-
A. Selena Gomez
B: Zayn Malik
C: Demi Lovato 
D: Katty Perry 

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