Top 100 Avakin Quiz Questions by Ronnie

Hello Friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side. Today I am going to share with you “Top 100 Avakin Quiz Questions by Ronich”  these questions help you in Avakin life Quiz and you easily can get Avakin Quiz Master Badge.

Q:  1: What is the capital of Italy?
A.  Stockholm   
B. Dublin     
C. Rome
Ans: C

Q: 2: In avakin life, you can only access the north pole the social spot at which time of year?
A.  Halloween   
B. Christmas   
C. Summer
Ans: B

Q: 3: Which fashion-themed movie's tagline was 3% body fat 1% brain activity?
A.  Pret-A-Porter   
B. Zoolander  
C. Gia
Ans: B

Q: 4: What actor starred as the main character, Henry Hill, in the hit movie Goodfellas?
A.  Robert de Niro    
B. Ray Liotta  
C. Joe Pesci
Ans: B

Q: 5: The best-known song from 'me and my girl' is?
A.  The Lambton walks   
B. The Lambeth walk  
C. The Kensington walks
Ans: B

6. In the 1980's love and rockets surprisingly reached number three on the US charts in 1989 with which Lou Reed inspired single?
A.  No new tale to tell   
B. ball of confusion   
C. so alive
Ans: C

7. What was the first avakin life apartment release?
A.  Thames view apartment  
B. Bay view studio  
C. Dallas farmhouse
Ans: B

8. What was the name of the talking cat in Sabrina the teenage witch?
A.  Salem   
B. Hilda   
C. Zelda 
Ans: A

9.  Which country is fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld from?
A: Germany    
B:  Spain      
C:  France
Ans: A

10. Who plays us representative Francis Underwood in the tv show house of cards?
A.  Kevin McNichol  
B. Kevin Spacey  
C. Kevin Bacon
Ans:  B

11. Name the movie- Matt Damon stars in this true-life a story about the birth of the central intelligence agency.
A.  The good shepherd  
B.  Paranoia   
C. spy game
Ans: A. 

12.  Which actress accompanied by her father. wore a lilac Prada gown and shawl at 1995 academy awards?
A: Uma Thurman     
B: Daryl Hannah   
C: Lucy leu
Ans: A

13. Who was the first American to eat in space aboard Friendship 7?

A.  John Glenn   
B. Alan Shepard  
C. Thomas p. Stafford 
Ans: A

14. Name the movie - Woody Allen dubs over the dialogue of a Japanese spy film.
A.  Banas     
B. take the money and run    
C. what's up tiger lily?
Ans:  C

15. What speed does the time machine have to reach in order to time jump in back to the future?
A.  66mph   
B. 88mph   
C. 77mph 
Ans: B

16. Who was the young boy who lived as a street child in 'Les Misérables’?
A. Robert           
B. Gavin       
C. Gavroche 
Ans: C

17. Which actress played Debbie Gilinsky in Addams family values? 
A.  Joan Cusack  
B. Christina Rici  
C. Anjelica Huston
Ans: A

18. In which film was earth destroyed to pave the way for an intergalactic bypass?
A.  Galaxy Quest      
B. Men in black      
C. Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy 
Ans: C

19. How many plates of food are there in total in the avakin life's union park social space?
A:  9        
B: 5      
C: 6
Ans: A

20. Who originally played 'Evita' on the London stage?
A.  Elaine Paige        
B. Elaine paston     
C. Eileen patron
 Ans: A 

21. Which bob Fosse musical was not included in the show 'fosse’?
A.  Pippin     
B. Little me     
C. Sweet charity
Ans: A

22. The peanuts movie was released in which year? 
A.  2012    
B. 2015    
C. 2014 
Ans: B

23. What is the currency used in Brazil?
A: Diamonds      
B: Gold     
C: Real
Ans: C

24. Name the movie - a space pilot destroys a massive military base using a mystic power known as the force.
A: Star Wars     
B: Outland     
C: The last Starfighter
Ans: A

25. what New York yanks manager joined the baseball hall of fame in 1966?
A: bosky Harris    
B:  Casey Stengel   
C: Yogi Berra
Ans: B

26. Kanye West is well known for writing and producing which kind of music?
A: Classical music   
B: Rap music    
C: Rock music
Ans: B

27. Of these. Which did not star 'In the lost boys’?
A: Kiefer Sutherland  
B: Elisabeth Shue   
C: Dianne west
Ans: B

28. Which pop star launched a fashion line with her stylist mother called ' house of Dereon' in 2005?
A: Beyoncé   
B: Lily Allen   
C: Kesha 
Ans: A

29. Who started a 2007 fashion trend with her new inverted bob pixie hairstyle?
A: Rihanna     
B: Gwen Stefani   
C: Angelina Jolie 
Ans: A

30. Which of these fashion styles came first?
A: Flower power    
B: Power dressing   
C: platform shoes
Ans: A

31. With whom did Richard Rodgers first collaborate on a musical production?
A: Martin Charmin   
B: Lorenz hart    
C: Oscar Hammerstein II
Ans: C

32. How many carpets can be found in avakin life's Moroccan desert oasis social spot?
A: 12    
B: 10      
C: 14
Ans: C

33. Which actress wore a bridal style high-fashion stunning white gown at the 2005 golden globes?
A: Gwyneth Paltrow   
B: Uma Thurman    
C: Alicia Silverstone 
Ans: B

34. In what year was the television invented?
A: 1926    
B: 1924    
C: 1932 
Ans: A

35. What fashion house has Karl Lagerfeld as their chief designer?
A: Christian Dior   
B: Channel  
C: Armani
Ans: B

36. Apatosaurus is also widely known by what another name?
A: Stegosaurus     
B: Brontosaurs   
C: Velociraptor
Ans: B

37. what is the common name for calcium carbonate?
A: Chalk      
B: Sand     
C: Hydrogen 
Ans: A

38. What is the name of the fashion designer for the supers in the movie 'The Incredibles'?
A: Helen par    
B:  holly hunter     
C: Edna Mode   
Ans: C

39. How many meters is the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro?
A: 4507m      
B:  5895m       
C: 3922m  
Ans: B

40. In which country was fashion designer Rifat Uzbek born?
A: Turkey       
B: Hungary        
C: Spain
Ans: A 

41. What kind of glass was invented in 1969?
A: Bioactive    
B: Micro active    
C: Radioactive 
Ans: A

42. The gemstone ruby is typically what color?
A. Blue    
B. Green    
C. Red    
Ans: C

43. Chadwick baseman stars as the title character in which phenomenally successful Marvel superhero movie?
A. True grit    
B. Black Panther    
C. Justice league
Ans: B

44. Pokémon ' one of the best sellers on the game boy. Was released when in us?
A: 1994      
B. 1998      
C. 1996
Ans: C

45. Fashion rich list which of these designers is worth the highest?
A. Muccio Prada     
B. Giorgio Armani    
C. Ralph Lauren
Ans: B

46. The movie apocalypse now is based on what book
A. Catch-22     
B. Heart of darkness      
C. Slaughterhouse-five
Ans: B

47. What was the last stage role ethel merman created?
A. Reno Sweeny in 'anything goes'     
B. Annie Oakley in 'Annie get your gun       
C: Rose in 'gypsy'
Ans: C

48. What year does the movie blade runner take place?
B. 2010    
C. 2015 
Ans: A

49. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. in which year was he born?
B. 1929      
C. 1930  
Ans: C

50. Where had 'Sweeney Todd' been exiled?
A. America     
B. Australia   
C. Africa   
Ans: B

51. Which Disney child talent grew up to fight alien robots?
A. Fergie   
B. Shia LeBeouf   
C: Christina Aguilera
Ans: B

52. In what year was 'Pong' the first ever video game released?
B. 1975      
C. 1972  
Ans: C

53. What is the currency used in 'Malaysia'?
A: Cordoba      
B. Dollar              
C. Ringgit  
Ans: C

54. What brand of gum does McMurphy give to the chief that leads him to speak in one flew over the Cuckoo's Nest?
A: Fruit stripe    
B: Apple Juice                    
C. Juicy fruit
Ans: C

55. Where were the 1988 winter Olympics held?
A: Calgary       
B. Trondheim       
C. Helsinki
Ans: A

56. What is a nickname of Penelope Cruz?
A: Cruise control     
B. Penne pasta      
C. Spanish enchantress
Ans: C

57. Which Sondheim musical show did Hal prince not direct?
A. Passion    
B. Follers   
C. Sweeney Todd 
Ans: B

58. What evil role did Dennis Hopper play in the water world?
A. The minister     
B. The priest        
C. The Deacon  
Ans: C

59. How many meters is the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro?
A. 3922m       
B. 5895m      
C. 4507m
Ans: B

60. In which country is the Eyjafjallajökull volcano whose eruption in 2010 affected air flights?
A. Sweden     
B. Norway   
C. Iceland  
Ans: C


61. Dick van dike starred as a chimney sweep in which 60s musical?
A: Cats       
B: Mary Poppins     
C: Starlight express
Ans: B

62. What planet is known as the red planet?
A: Mars          
B:  Jupiter     
C: Saturn 
Ans: A

63. Who played in Bilbo Baggins the 2013 movie 'the hobbit'. The Desolation of Smaug?
A: Martin fireman     
B: Ian McKellen     
C: Richard Armitage
Ans: A

 64: Dooley Wilson who played Sam in Casablanca couldn't play the piano. What instrument did he play in real life?
A: Base guitar      
B: Saxophone            
C: Drums
Ans: C

65. Who wore a plugging white satin gown with matching wrap at the 2004 academy awards?
A: Angelina Jolie     
B: Cameron Diaz      
C: Jessica alba
Ans: A

66. Who transformed boots into a major fashion accessory in the 1940s?
A: Rachel Bishop     
B: Emma Bridgewater      
C: Bonnie Cashin
Ans: C

67. Smokey Joe's cafe premiered in which city before going to Broadway?
A. Los Angeles          
B: London                   
C. Chicago
Ans: C

68. Which actress accompanied by her father. wore a lilac Prada gown and shawl at the 1995 academy awards?
A: Uma Thurman      
B: Daryl Hannah     
C: Lucy liu
Ans: A

69. Where is the musical 'Billy Elliott' set?
A. Liverpool    
B: Glasgow     
C: County Durham
Ans: C

70. What if the name of the star that is close to the earth and keeps it warm?
A: Alpha centaury       
B: The moon        
C: The sun 
Ans: C

71. Jennifer Lawrence stars in which Marvel, superhero series about mutants?
A: Justice league   
B: Z stars     
C: X- men
Ans: C

72. How many lion fountains are there in the avakinlife's liberty plaza social space?
A: 9
B: 7
C: 8
Ans: B

73. How many main characters are there in the musical 'A chorus line' that features the Broadway audition?
A: 29
B: 25    
C:  19
Ans: C

74. What fashion photographer for vogue won three Oscars, including one for costume design for the film Gigi
A: Enrico Morricone    
B: Edith's head    
C: Cecil Beaton  
Ans: C

75. Name the movie - Albert brooks try to show happens what the afterlife is like.
A: Modern romance       
B: Real life      
C: Defending your life
Ans: C

76. Melrose games became the first athlete to pole vault over what height?
A: 16feet          
B: 17feet            
C: 18feet
Ans: A

77. What is the main ingredient used in guacamole?
A: Meat      
B: Avocado          
C: Pasta
Ans: B

78. The song "You're The One That I Want' comes from which musical?
A: West side story     
B: Grease     
C: Mamma Mia
Ans: B 

79. What's the name Paul McCartney’s fashion designer daughter?
A: Daphne     
B: John        
C: Stelia
Ans: C

80. Which fashion online startup went bust in 2000 after spending $188 million in 6 months?
A: Mr. porter     
B:  ASOS      
Ans: C

81: In ‘My Fair Lady’, what is the name of Henry Higgins’ Housekeeper?
A: Mrs. Pearce
B: Mrs. Karpathy
C:  Mrs. Pickering
Ans: A

Q: 82:  Gary Oldman Starred as commissioner Gordon in which series of Batman Movies?
A: The Dark Knight Trilogy
B: Year Zero
C: The Killing Joke
Ans: A

Q: 83: When people deliberately spend time lounging in the sun, what are they trying to make their skin do?
A: Tan
B: Sweat
C: Lighten
Ans: A

Q: 84: All the characters in ‘Starlight Express’ are what mode of transport?
A: Trains
B: Buses
C: Cars
Ans: A

Q: 85: Which 80’s rock band sang Welcome to the Jungle?
A: Wham!
B: The Smiths
C: Gun N’ Roses
Ans: C

Q: 86: Who did the New York Yankees trade give up to get Charle Smith from the St. Louis Cardinals in 1966?
A: Whitey Ford
B: Roger Maris
C: Mickey Mantle
Ans: B

Q: 87: In the 1980s, which band sand ‘Burning Down the House’ in 1983?
A: Talking Heads
B: U2
C: Quarter flash
Ans: A

Q: 88: What star of TV’s Firefly did the voice and motion capture for the robot Sonny in I. Robot?
A: Nathan Fill ion
B: Adam Baldwin
C: Alan Tudyk
Ans: C

Q: 89: Who wore the ‘Safety Pin Dress’ to the premiere of Four Weddings and a funeral?
A: Cindy Crawford
B: Kristen Scott Thomas
C: Elizabeth Hurley  
 Ans: C

Q: 90: The film ‘Titanic’ won 11 Oscars, after being nominated for how many?
A: 14
B: 16
C: 12
Ans: A

Q: 91: Which British monarch Started the fashion for royal corgis with Dookie?
A: Edward VII
B: George V
C: George VI
Ans: C

Q: 92: Curvaton was endorsed by which of these celebrities?
A: Wes Bentley
B: Queen Latifah
C: Alan Gumming
Ans: B

Q: 93: Name the movie – An IRS agent realizes the life of worth living after hearing a narrator in his head narrating his own life.
A: Author! Author!
B: Orange County
C: Stranger Than Fiction
Ans: C

Q: 94: Teresa Giudice appeared on which ‘Real Housewives’ series?
A: Orange County
B: New Jersey
C: New York
Ans: B

Q: 95: Talk show host Jerry Springer was once the Mayor of what city?
A: Cincinnati
B: Atlanta
C: Dallas
Ans: A

Q: 96: What guardian angel comes to George Bailey’s rescue in it’s a wonderful life?
A: Nicholas
B: Clarence
C: Simon
Ans: B

Q: 97: What is the full name of the band member from steps who is nicknamed H?
A: Ian Watkins
B: Ian Wonker
C: Ian Walker
Ans: A

Q: 98: What was the name of the popular 90s game that was played with discs?
A: Pokémon Cards
B: Pogs
C: Mall Madness
Ans: B

Q: 99: Released in the 1980s, how long was Michael Jackson’s full music video for Thriller?
A: 13 Minutes
B: 1 Minutes
C: 9 Minutes
Ans: A

Q: 100: According to the American Kennel Club, what is the most popular dog breed found in the USA?
A: Pitbull
B: The Labrador Retriever
C: Border Collie
Ans: B

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