Top 100 Quiz Questions of Avakin life

 Hello Friends, Avakin Bloggers (Ronnie) this side. I’m going to share with you “Top 100 Quiz Questions of Avakin life” these questions will help you in Avakin Quiz.

Q1. Which 2002 musical won the best picture, Oscar?
A)     The pianist
B)     Gangs of New York
C)     Chicago
Ans: C

Q2. Bret Michaels, who won “the celebrity apprentice 3”. Was a member of what 1980’s hairband?
A)     Van Halen
B)     Poison 
C)     Iron maiden
Ans: B

Q3. What is the currency used in Ghana?
A)     Lempira
B)     Cedi
C)     Leri
Ans:  B

Q4. Which actress wore a bridal style, high-fashion, stunning white gown at the 2005 golden globes?
A)     Alicia silver stone
B)     Gwyneth Paltrow
C)     Uma Thurman
  Ans: C  

Q5. Which of the popular artist has played at the venue in Avakin life? 
A)     Dead Mau five
B)     Chambers
C)     Scooter
 Ans: B

Q6. What is the number song of 1991?
          A)     Puff daddy can’t nobody hold me down
          B)      Cher believes
          C)     Next too close 
Ans: B

Q7.    What the year was the fashion house Coco Chanel established?
        A)      1929
        B)      1909
        C)      1919
Ans: B

Q8. Which of these songs did not feature in the soundtrack of the movie Marry Poppins?  
       A)     Stay Awake
       B)     No way to stop it
       C)     The life I lead
Ans: B

Q9. What band did author Anthony Burgess originally go to play drags on the screen in a clockwork orange?
      A)     The Beatles
      B)     The grateful dead
      C)     The rolling stones
Ans: C

Q10.  In what year was the fashion house Giorgio Armani established?
      A)     1953
      B)     1963    
      C)     1973
Ans: C

Q11. Which Sondheim a musical show did Hal prince not direct?
    A)     Passion
    B)     Sweeney Todd
    C)     Follies
Ans: A

Q12. In which decade was platform shoes popular?
    A)     1980’s
    B)     1960’s
    C)     1970’s
Ans: C

Q13. Who won the first of her Wimbledon singles title in 1966?
    A)     Billie jean king  
    B)     Leslie Allen
    C)     Roberta Baumgardner
Ans: A

Q14. Name the movie - John Cleese place a tough boss charged with running a British zoo?  
    A)     Fierce Creatures
    B)     Dave
    C)     Splitting hairs
Ans: A

Q15. Wagner composed which of these musical operas?
     A)     Parsifal
     B)     Eugene onegin
     C)     Boris god unov
Ans: A

Q16. What was Channing Tatum before he became an actor?
      A)     Director
      B)     Singer
      C)     Model
Ans: C

Q17. Feline means relating to what sort of animal?
      A)     Dog
      B)     Gorilla
      C)     Cat
Ans: C

Q18. In the 1980s from which UTOO album are the songs “with or without you”.  In God's country”.” I still haven’t found what I am looking for” and “ exist “from?
       A)     The unforgettable fire
       B)     War
       C)     The Joshua trees
Ans: C

Q19. Who asks the wizard for a brain in the Wizard of Oz?   
      A)     The cowardly lion
      B)     The Scarecrow
      C)     The tin men
Ans: B

Q20. What is the main ingredient used in guacamole?
      A)     Pasta
      B)     Meat
      C)     Avocado
Ans: C

Q21.  What is the name of the main female character in the musical “Beauty and the Beast “?
      A)     Belle
      B)     Mary
      C)     Carrie
Ans: A

Q22. Ambergris is a valuable ingredient in perfume, but where does it come from?
      A)     The orchid flower
      B)     Wolf scent glands  
      C)     The digestive system sperm whales
Ans: C

Q23. What is the currency used in Malaysia?
     A)     Ringgit
     B)     Cordoba
     C)     Rufiyaa
Ans: A

Q24. In which decade was chloroform used as an anesthetic for the first time?
      A)     1860’s
      B)     1820’s
      C)     1840’s
Ans: C

Q25. What year was polo fashion founded?   
      A)     1968
      B)     1973       
      C)     1974
Ans: A

Q26. What city did the director actually use as the backdrop for the original Robocop?
     A)     Detroit
     B)     Dallas
     C)     Philadelphia
Ans: B

Q27. A what is the current land speed record?
     A)     2002mph
     B)     763mph
     C)     556mph
Ans: B

Q28. The Elvis Presley hit “surrender” was based on an Italian song from which decade?
     A)     1890’s
     B)     1910’s 
     C)     1940’s
Ans: B

Q29. Who wrote the music for Disney’s  Aida?
      A)     Phil Collins
      B)     Sting
      C)     Alton John
Ans: C

Q30. Who did the Packers beat in the 1997 super bowl?
      A)     The Jets
      B)     The Patriots
      C)     The riders
Ans: B

Q31. Which actress wore a high fashion minimalist white tom ford gown and a matching cape to the Oscar’s in 2012?
      A)     Blythe Danner
      B)     Gwyneth Paltrow     
      C)     Scarlet Johansson
Ans: B

Q32. Who won the most NBA championships in the ’90s?
       A)     The Houston Rockets
       B)     The Chicago Bulls
       C)     The L.A. Lakers
Ans: B

Q33. Who was then appointed as a creative director for the women’s collections at the Louis Vuitton in 2013? 
      A)     Edouard Schneider   
      B)     Nicholas ghesquier
      C)     Marc Jacobs
Ans: B

Q34. Who wore a Versace red cloak- cape outfit accompanied by someone dressed like the pop at the 2012 Grammy’s?
     A)     Nicki Minaj
     B)     Rihanna
     C)     Lady Gaga
Ans: A

Q35. What was the first Disney animated movie to be adapted for the Broadway stage?
      A)     Aladdin
      B)     The little mermaid
      C)     Beauty and the beast
Ans: C

Q36. In the 1980s, who sang “forever young”?
      A)     Eddie Rabbit
      B)     Rod Stewart
      C)     Gary U.S. Bonds
Ans: B

Q37. Which Rodgers and Hammerstein's show did Howard Keel not perform in on Broadway?
      A)     Oklahoma  
      B)     The sound of music
      C)     Carousel
Ans: B

Q38. Ganymede is a moon of which planet?
      A)     Mercury
      B)     Jupiter
      C)     Earth
Ans: B

Q39. What is the capital of Ireland? 
      A)     Dhaka
      B)     Dili
      C)     Dublin
Ans: C

Q40. Julie Andrews stars as a woman who becomes a governess to the children of a naval officer’s widower in which 60’s musical?
      A)     The sound of mountain
      B)     The sound of nuns
      C)     The sound of music 
Ans: C

Q: 41 In what year was the fashion house Versace established?
      A)      1968
      B)      1978
      C)      1958
Ans: B

Q: 42 Which show takes place at the Kit Kat Klub?   
      A)      Follies
      B)      Smokey Joe’s Caff
      C)      Cabaret
Ans: A

Q: 43: What was Oscar Hammerstein II’s final lyric?
      A)      Edelweiss
      B)      Climb Every Mountain
      C)      The lonely Goatherd
Ans: A

Q: 44: In what year was Christian Dior nominated for a Bafta for Best Costume for the Arabesque?
      A)      1963
      B)      1967
      C)      1965
Ans: B

Q:45: In which decade was oil discovered in the North Sea?   
      A)      1960s
      B)      1940s
      C)      1950s
Ans: A

Q: 46: Which character does Gillian Jacobs play in the TV show “Community”?
     A)      Britta Perry
     B)      Pierce Hawthorne
     C)      Shirley Bennett
Ans: A

Q: 47: How many Islands are in Fiji?
     A)      332
     B)      341    
     C)      328
Ans: A

Q: 48: Which of these fashion trends came first?
     A)     Platform shoes
     B)      Big Shoulder pads
     C)      Hot pants
Ans: C

Q: 49: Who paired her pastel-flecked chiffon Grecian gown with a simple metallic belt at the 1975 Oscars?
      A)      Karen Kopin's
      B)      Lauren Hutton
      C)      Weruschka von Lehndorff
Ans: B

Q: 50: In 1965 Yves Saint Laurent designed a collection as an homage to which famous artist?
      A)      Vincent van Gogh
      B)      Piet Mondrian
      C)      Jackson Pollock
Ans: B

Q: 51: The movie ‘Goodfellas’ is based on a book called wise written by which crime writer?
      A)      Mickey Spillane
      B)      Mario Puzo
      C)      Nicholas Pileggi
Ans: C

Q: 52: What was the number one song of 1999?
      A)      Cher Believe
      B)      Next too close
      C)      Puff Daddy cant Nobody hold me down
Ans: A

Q: 53: When was the first Ikon collection released in Avakin life?
      A)     December 2013
      B)     June 2015
      C)     November 2016
Ans: B

Q: 54: Giorgio Armani, the Italian fashion house, was endorsed by which of these Celebrities?
      A)      Andy Dick
      B)      Drew Barrymore  
      C)      David Beckham
Ans: C

Q: 55: How is Donna Karen’s fashion label better known as?
      A)      Fossil. Inc.
      B)      DKNY
      C)      Guess
Ans: B

Q: 56: Who was the fellow actor that’s the roommate of Mel Gibson’s in college?
      A)      Warren Beatty
      B)      Geoffrey Rush
      C)      Ed Harris
Ans: B

Q: 57: Who attended the 2009 Academy Awards in a purple strapless dress with a split at the thigh?
      A)      Mary J. Blige
      B)      Alicia Keys
      C)      Ashanti
Ans: B

Q: 58: Who had hit in 1986 with the song “Who's Johnny”?
     A)      Janet Debarge
     B)      LaToya Debarge
     C)      ElDebarge
Ans: C

Q: 59: What is the name of the Canadian actress and a singer that plays Elsa in the 2018 Broadway musical “Frozen”?
      A)      Caissie Levy
      B)      Patti Murin
      C)      Ann Sanders
Ans: A

Q: 60: What’s the capital of Mexico?
      A)      Luanda
      B)      Mexico City
      C)      Rabat
Ans: B

Q: 61: What shoes did Elvis Presley famously tell people not to step on?
      A)      Flippers
      B)      Blue Suede Shoes
      C)      Flip Flops
Ans: B

Q:62: In what year was the iconic British brand Burberry founded?
      A)      1856
      B)      1876
      C)      1866
Ans: A

Q63. Ben Sherman is a clothing brand. In which year was it founded?
       A)      1963
       B)      1969
       C)      1966
Ans: 1963

Q:64. Who appeared on a red carpet in 2006 wearing a strapless gown with layers of tulle and tartan?
      A)      Kim Cattrall
      B)      Sarah Jessica Parker
      C)      Cynthia Nixon
Ans: B

Q:65. When was the first London Fashion Week?
      A)      1984
      B)      1990
      C)      1975
Ans: A

Q:66. In what year was ‘Pong’, the first-ever video game released?   
      A)      1972
      B)      1977
      C)      1975
Ans: A

Q: 67: Ethan Hawke plays which character in Before sunrise?
      A)      Hanno
      B)      Celine
      C)      Jesse
Ans: C

Q: 68: How many candles are there in total in the Avakin life’s Kumala Restaurant social space?
      A)      22
      B)      20
      C)      18
Ans: A

Q: 69: What is the name of the famous chef who in 1933 was the first woman to earn 3 Michelin stars?
      A)      Marguerite Bise
      B)      Eugenie Brazier
      C)      Anne-Sophie Pic
Ans: B

Q: 70: Who wrote the music for Disney’s ‘Aida’?
       A)      Phil Collins
       B)      Sting
       C)      Elton John
Ans: C

Q: 71: In what year was Pocahontas released?
       A)      1941
       B)      1973
       C)      1995
Ans: C

Q: 72: How many bones does an adult human body have?
       A)      206
       B)      208
       C)      202
Ans: A

Q: 73: The celebrity who designed a perfume called Glow is _
       A)      Kate Moss
       B)      Jennifer Lopez   
       C)      Gina Gershon
Ans: B

Q: 74: What appeared on the stage during Miss Saigon?
       A)      Helicopter
       B)      Glider
       C)      Plane
Ans: A

Q: 75: Ol’ Mam River’ comes from which musical?
        A)      Showboat
        B)      Snowshoes
        C)      Show hat
Ans: A

Q: 76: Which role did Angela Lansbury not play on Broadway?
        A)      Mame
        B)      Mrs. Lovett
        C)      Mama Rose
Ans: B

Q: 77: Anheuser-Busch, the American brewery company, was endorsed by which of these celebrities?
        A)      Lance Armstrong
        B)      Rhea Durham
        C)      Mike Comrie
Ans: A

Q: 78: What is Chanel fashion house founder Coco Chanel’s real first name?
        A)      Gabrielle
        B)      Sofia
        C)      Lauren
Ans: A

Q: 79: Which item of clothing is great at keeping you dry in wet weather?
        A)      Shoes
        B)      Socks
        C)      Anorak
Ans: C

Q: 80: Who asks the wizard for a brain in the Wizard of Oz?
        A)      The Tin Man
        B)      The Cowardly Lion
        C)      The Scarecrow
Ans: C

Q: 81: In what year was the planet Neptune discovered?
        A)      1856
        B)      1846
        C)      1866
Ans: B

Q: 82: Which of these is an American fashion designer born in 1963?
        A)      Marc Anthony
        B)      Marc Jacobs
        C)      Marc Gasol
Ans: B

Q: 83: How many carriages are there in the Avakin Express social space?
       A)      3
       B)      1
       C)      2
Ans: C

Q: 84: Who played the male lead in the 1968 film ‘Funny Girl’?
        A)      Peter O’Toole
        B)      Alec Guinness
        C)      Omar Sharif
Ans: C

Q: 85: Who co-starred with Ethel Merman in the 1936 movie the musical, ‘Anything Goes’?
       A)      Gene Kelly
       B)      Fred Astaire
       C)      Bing Crosby
Ans: C

Q: 86: What is the currency used in the Gambia?
       A)      Gourde
       B)      Dalasi
       C)      Shekel
Ans: B

Q: 87: What famous actor did an uncredited voice-over for Elvis Presley in Forrest Gump?
       A)      Kurt Russell
       B)      Bruce Campbell
       C)      Harvey Keitel
Ans: A

Q: 88: How many meters is the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro?
       A)      4507m
       B)      5895m
       C)      3922m
Ans: B

Q: 89: What is the currency used in Mozambique?
       A)      Birr
       B)      Pula
      C)      Metical
Ans: C

Q: 90: In what year was Pocahontas released?
       A)      1973
       B)      1941
       C)      1995
Ans: C

Q: 91: The Broadway musical ‘Cats’ was first shown in which year?
       A)      1988
       B)      1992
       C)      1982
Ans: C

Q: 92: Where was the energy drink with the slogan ‘It give you wings’ first produced?
        A)      United States
        B)      United Kingdom
        C)      Austria
Ans: C

Q: 93: The will smith movie I, Robert expanded on a short story of the same name by what authors?    
        A)      Isaac Asimov
        B)      Robert A. Heinlein
        C)      Arthur C. Clarke
Ans: A

Q: 94: In the 1970s who blew out his flip-flops when he stepped on a pep talk?
        A)      Stephen Bishop
        B)      James Taylor
        C)      Jimmy Buffet
Ans: C

Q: 95: Animal which eats both plants and other animals are known as what?
        A)      Carnivores
        B)      Herbivores
        C)      Omnivores
Ans: C

Q: 96: Which punk rocked the band wrote the music and lyrics for the Broadway musical ‘American Idiot’?
         A)      The Friday night Boys
         B)      Kids in Glass Houses
         C)      Green Day
Ans: C

Q: 97:  In 1986 Tom Cruise starred in which romantic military action drama film as Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell?
        A)     The Last Samurai
        B)     Mission Impossible
        C)      Top Gun
Ans: C

Q: 98: Which item of food is Not orange?
         A)      Pumpkins
         B)      Carrots
         C)   Spinach
Ans: C

Q: 99: Which of these colors is also the name of a fruit?
      A)      Orange
      B)      Purple
      C)      Pink
Ans: A

 Q: 100.  1969 western True Grit is based on a book by what author?
       A)     Zane Grey
       B)     Charles Portis
       C)     Clay Moore
Ans: B

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