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24k Family Interview in Avakin life

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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Today I am sharing with you about "The 24k Family in Avakin life" Avakin 24K family is the Richest family in Avakin life. This family started with Royalty and Divinely. In this blog, you will know the rules for joining this family and some other things for knowing more about the 24K family.

Follow 24K family on Instagram: official24k_ava  
Follow the Leader on Instagram: ava.divinely24k  and Royalty24k.ava

RB: When you started the 24K Family?

24K: We started our family in August 2019, it's started by Royalty and Divinely.

RB: How many members in your family and How your life going in the Avakin?

24K: We have about 20 members at this moment. We are capping at 24 members as larger numbers tend to have more drama. Our family is a drama-free family. We have zero-tolerance for drama. We will be even more selective in filling the last few remaining spots in our exclusive family.

RB: What your family do for joy?

24K: We are an international family so weekends are more flexible to meet everyone's time zone. We love to hang out and chill have fun enjoy the game and each other's company.
RB: What challenges do you guys face while starting this Avakin family? 
24K: The challenges we faced while starting the 24k Empire are the same as with any new families. We are learning along the way as we grow. It is important for us to maintain balance and not grow too fast, in order to provide a drama-free environment for our members. This is why we are capping at 24 members. Bigger isn’t always better. As with any large numbers, there tends to be more drama. We choose quality over quantity. Our family has zero-tolerance for drama or big egos 

RB: What changes do you seeing in Avakin since you joined Avakin's life?
24K: Higher prices, quiet servers, nobody talks in public chat anymore. Love the new paired poses and dances. The new profile allows for much customization.

RB: Who's the most chatty member in your Family?

24K: @Royalty is the most talkative member of our family. 

RB: If you're LKWD what modifications you made in Avakin life?

24K: Lower prices, create more jobs (I would totally hire an Interior Designer to decorate my homes), increase XP for collecting gems, resell items we don't want/ need.

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👑 Rules for Joining 24K 👑

3 Gold Wings and Gold Dragon
Can not belong to another family as we do not want drama with other families 
✅ No dating within the fam and member’s ex to avoid drama ✅ Must add 24k font to end of the name ✅ All giveaways must promote 24k Fam 
✅ If inactive for a period of time must notify leaders in advance. 
The trial period (most important) makes sure we all a good fit. Our family has no room for big egos or drama. Many had all the requirements but could not pass the trial period.  

✅ We don't have any age requirements to join our family, it's 13+ because of the game but the majority of our members are 21+. Our founder @Heavenly is 16, she's darling of our eyes.

24k  Royal Family

Thanks for visiting here, If you like to join the  24k family then check their Instagram and contact their official page after reading their rules to join them, which is mentioned above. If you know any family or have any family then comment down your Instagram username. I will try to reach to you as soon as possible. 

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