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About Avakin life Rebels family

Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side. Today I am Interviewing "About Avakin life Rebels family "  "Rebels family in Avakin life" By reading this Interview you will know well about Rebels Family and rules to join them.

Facebook Page: Rebels

Ron: How old your family is?

Our Family has been around the avakin world for almost 3 years now. 
We have 16 members as of now but we are doing open recruitment until January for those who are interested :) 

Ron: How many members in your family and How you guys life going in the avakin?

Our family is doing great! 
Each member was very participative with our last videos and events and each of us was having fun at the same time!
What we do for fun is we do video calls all night while playing avakin life and we also love participating in events and games in the avakin world.

Ron: Who's the most talkative member in your Family?
The most talkative member of our Family is Chinueen Avakin because almost every member of our family is very close to her. She's like a mother to everyone and she is the current President of our family.

Ron: If you're LWKD what changes you make in avakin life?
Changes that we would like to happen is to expand the capacity of all social spots and apartments in Avakin Life because having a complete family in one place is very important.

Ron: How to join Rebels!

We are very strict regarding the new members that we choose. They have to undergo an initial interview with our President then proceed with the final interview about the rules and policies of our family with me :)

Ron: What's the funniest moment for you in your family?

I think the funniest moments are whenever we play truth or dare either in avakin life or from our group chat in messenger. Whenever we play this game that's when our family is usually the most active.

Members of Rebels Family

Merry Christmas

Anne || Rebels

Ayla || Rebels

Ayscola || Rebels

Chinueen || Rebels

Effiefay || Rebels

Gwen || Rebels

Katrina || Rebels

Kylefury || Rebels

Mclawrenz || Rebels

Nixiefay || Rebels

Psyche || Rebels

Rage || Rebels

Sapphire || Rebels

Thanks for visiting here, If you like to join the Rebels gang Avakin family then check their Facebook page and contact them.

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