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Hello friends, Today I am Interviewing Lyncessruby from the Bisdak Dynasty family. I just ask her questions to know about her lifestyle. By reading these things you will know her more. Avakin life Ruby Interview. 

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  Ron: Would you want to date someone exactly like you?
A: No, few similarities are fine but exactly like I am too much. Similar values and a sense of humor would be perfect. But identical anxieties, weaknesses, if what I need support about he needs support about the exact same things was identical it would be a disaster.

 Ron: What’s fashion is for you?
A: My own concept of fashion is an art form, a glimpse into someone’s personality. It is an individual’s statement of self-expression. It also has the power to make us feel something; it can be an outlet for self-expression and empowerment, it can inspire ourselves and others. It can be used to convey not only the conceptions we have of ourselves but also the image we want to portray.

 Ron:  How you spend your time in Avakin Life?
A: I spend my time in Avakin life by hanging out with my avakin life friends, collecting gems, playing Egypt the game, buying something in the shop and dressing up my avakin avatar.

 Ron:  If you’re part of Lockwood then what you change in Avakin first?
A: If I'm part of Lockwood, I would like to make the prices affordable to the avakin life players so that they can enjoy by purchasing any items and use it to place it in their apartment or dress up their avatar.

 Ron: What’s the most fascinating random fact you know about avakin?
A: The most fascinating random fact I know about avakin is to enhance interpersonal skills by initiating a conversation and making friends so the avakin life players.

 For me, love is a set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.

  Ron:  Do you trust your head or your hurt more and why?
A: I trust my heart more than my head. My heart is more than my body's most important organ—it's also the essence of your spiritual and emotional being. I should trust my heart because the mind is the content of who I am while my heart is my essence. My true heart is not subject to chaos or limited by pain, fear, and neuroses, but is joyful, creative and loving. Some believe that the heart can be too uncertain and even misguided, but that is the head talking! It is actually a source of great richness, and this wealth is one that cannot be squandered or lost. It is the core, the essence of your being, a reservoir of joy, powerful love and infinite compassion that lies within you.

 Ron: Which book have you read it again and again?
A: Pharmacology book is the book I've read repeatedly.

 Ron: What profession do you have the most respect for and why?
A: The profession I have the most respect for is the doctor because they spend long years studying thick books and undergo struggles in understanding things on how to save people's lives.

 Ron: What song lyrics speak to you the most?
A: I'm beautiful in my way
"Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way"

 Ron: Which one of the five senses do you deem most important?
A: Touch is the most important among the five senses. It is truly amazing how much information we receive about the world through our sense of touch, and although we still don’t know all the ins and outs of how the skin perceives touch, what we do know is interesting.

 Ron: Have you ever broken a law? If you have not what law you want to break?
A: No, I haven't broken any law and I have no plan to break a law. I do things within the rules.

 Ron: Do you have any weakness and what’s that?
A: Yes, I have a weakness and my weakness is the feeling of being outcast by the people I love.

 Ron: Do you easily accept compliments? OR do you hate compliments?
A: I easily accept compliments.

 Ron: What’s the one thing that makes you unique?
A: The one thing that makes me unique is being a down to earth and compassionate person. I can wear someone's shoes to understand them deeply and accept them wholeheartedly. I don't overpower people by boasting what I have.

 Ron: What would you tell to motivate someone about their career?
A: I would motivate someone about their career by telling them "a quitter never wins and the winner never quits.
 Ron: What compliment which people always give to you?
A: Down to earth is the compliment that people always seem to give me.

 Ron: What is the kindest thing another person ever did to make you happy?
A: The kindest thing another person ever has done to make me happy is sacrificing themselves for me.

  Ron: What is your favorite memory about it?
A: My favorite memory about it is I understand the pathways and effects of drugs into the body and vice versa.

 Ron: Do you have any regret what’s your biggest one?
A: Yes, my biggest regret is by not grabbing the opportunity.

 Ron: Do you have any Avakin life family?
A. Yes, and I am proud to be part of the Bisdak Dynasty Family.

 Ron: How many members in your family and what you guys do for fun?
A: There are 21 members in our family. We always have a get-together and chitchats with or without an event.

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