About Kauten family in Avakin life

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About Kauten family in Avakin life

Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side.
Thanks for clicking, in this page you will know more about the Kauten family and know more about Manu Kauten (Lady Kauten), "Kauten family avakin life Interview". 
"Avaclopedia Leader interview". Avakin life oldest family. 
Kauten's family is about one decade old, it's older than Avakin life game, they're the family of another game after that they shifted to Avakin life after knowing this virtual game. Stick to it for knowing more about the Kauten family. 

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About life avakin Manu Vallentine
 Manu's life is a bit busy due to work and college studies, plus I help my mom at home. I'm in the 4th semester of college. I am single in real life but married in avakin life.

 I want to know how it all started and how I joined the Kauten family!!
 We are 5 brothers, Me Lady Kauten (of course haha), my twin sister Debby Kauten, my older brother John Kauten, my younger brother Christopher Kauten and younger to Nathy Kauten. I have a nephew named Tales Kauten, he is the son of my twin sister and is already a fashion star

Lady Kauten
My Twin Sister

Christopher Kauten

Ronnie: How old is the Kauten family?
Manu: I have a nephew named Tales Kauten, he is the son of my twin sister and is already a fashion star
 The Kauten Family is over a decade old, created before Avakin even existed, was raised in the communities of the old Orkut (no longer existing social network, but at the very popular time). We use Buddy poke Avatars to represent us Lol.

 Ronnie: So you are from the real-life family?
 Manu: No, I only met Debby in real life, but it's been a while. We live far from each other.

Ronnie: Ok, so when did you join this family?
Manu: I joined in 2013

Ronnie: Avakin life game is just a 6-year-old game, so how can your family older than it?
Manu: Yes, the game didn't start back then, a Kauten family started around Orkut time. When we discovered the Avakin life game, we migrated there, but Debby and I are the only ones in the Orkut family, the other members we know in the game.  We lost contact with the first members;  Patriarch who was our father Erick Kauten died in a sad accident.  but we don't let the family break up, so we find new members and form a new Kauten family.
 The Family could have ended the death of our patriarch, but he was a very important person to me, so we didn't let the family end because of him.

Mr and Mrs. Kauten

Q: Do you share a name with someone else in the family?  
Manu: Yes, all family members have the same last name.

 Q: Who is the oldest family member you remember and what do you remember them?
 Manu: My sister Debby Kauten

 Q: Who was your best friend growing up?
 Manu: Debby again lol

Q: Who was the oldest relative you remember meeting as a child?
Manu: Maternal grandmother.

 Q: Have you ever taken long trips to visit a relative?  Who and where?  Who do you like to meet eagerly in real?
Manu: Yes, exactly one year, I travelled to Germany to visit my 16-year-old sister.

 Q: What funny story do you still remember about your family?
 Manu: impossible to say one, they are all very messy LOL.

Q: Which relatives did you live near?  Did you see each other often?
 Manu: Only with my parents.

Q: Have you had a fight with your family and why?
 Manu: Never.

 Q: What is the one thing you want people to remember about you?
  Manu: I just want you to remember me while I'm alive because some people have a bad habit of valuing them only after they lose her.

 Q: What is the scariest thing you have ever experienced?
 Manu: A few drinks, but not too biggie.  lol

Q: Did you have a nickname growing up?  If so, what was it and why?  
Manu: Yes, "Manu" as it is a diminutive of my real name which is "Emmanuelle"

Q:  Did you already have a nickname as an adult?  
Manu: Yes, "Manu"

Q: When and where were you born?  
Manu: I was born in Sergipe - Brazil 06/29/1996

Q: Do you follow a religion?  
Manu:  No, but most of my family follows Christianity.

Q: What are your first memories of your family?  
Manu: It was a goth family and a lot of fun.

Q: Were there tasks you hated to do as a child?  
Manu: Yes, I love drawing, including drawing to this day.

Q:  What kinds of books do you like to read?  
Manu: Romance, drama, and fantasy.

 Q: Do you remember a favourite song or song?  
 Manu: Yes, To love you more - Celine Dion

Q:  What were your favourite toys?  
Manu:  Dolls

Q:  What were your favourite games?  
Manu:  Super Mario

Q: Was there any fashion you liked the most?  
Manu:  As a teenager, I loved the gothic style.

Q: What did you think about going to school?  
Manu: Sad, I never had friends.

Q: What was your favourite subject at school and why?  
Manu: Art, because it inspires me.

Q:  Which subject was the hardest?   
Manu: Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Q:  Who was your favourite teacher and why?  
Manu: Professor Pedro, from History, his classes were always very fun and fruitful.

Q: What is your favourite school memory?  
Manu: Unfortunately, I have no good memories of the school.  :(

Q: What were your grades like?  
Manu: Not too good, not too bad.
Q:  Was there a meeting place where you enjoyed spending time?  
Manu:  The library.

Q:  Have you received any special awards for studies or activities at school?  
Manu: Yes, I won by doing the best essay.

Q: How many years of education have you completed?  
Manu: 11 years.

Q:  Describe what you looked like when you were a young adult.  
Manu:  A little depressing.

Q:  Do you have a technical degree or diploma?  
Manu: Yes, I completed some fashion courses.

Q: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?   
Manu: Flight attendant.

Q:  What was your first job?  
Manu: Receptionist.

 Q: How did you decide on your profession?  
Manu:  It's a childhood crush.

Q: What jobs have you done over the years? 
Manu:  I was already a receptionist, pedagogy assistant, and confectioner

Q: If you were in the army, what were your duties and when and where did you serve? 
 Manu: I don't have a clue lol

Q: How old were you when you started out at night?  
Manu:  18

Q: Do you remember your first date?  
Manu: Yes, it was the last year of high school.

Q: When and where did you meet your current partner?
Manu: In-game Avakin life

Q: How long did you know each other before getting married?  
Manu: We don't know more about each other before.

Q: How did you propose?  
Manu: I don't know, everything happened very spontaneously

Q: When and where did you get married?  
Manu: In July 2019 of that year at Lion Heart castle, it's simple but it's the happiest moment for me.

 Q: Have you been married more than once?  
Manu: Yes

 Q: How would you describe your spouse? 
 Manu: A lot of partnership and love

Q: What do you admire most about him or her? 
Manu: The concern he has with me

 Q: How long have you been married?  
Manu: It has been around 6 months

Q: How many kids do you have?  
Manu: One beautiful girl

Q: Why did you give these names?  
Manu: I found a beautiful name

Q: Have any of your children broken anything of yours?  
Manu: Never

💕 Merry Christmas to everyone from Kauten family💕
Thanks for clicking, if you like to know more about them then visit their page too. They uploaded funny memes about avakin in the Avaclopedia page on Facebook. If you know any more family or want to give a recommendation to me then comment down family page username. 

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