Avakin Legends Management Community Interview

Hello friends, today I am Interviewing Avakin Legend community for knowing more about them. Avakin Legends Management host Avakin events, contests, and mini-games. Make sure to join our group page to Participate in this community.

Facebook Page : Avakin Legends Management

Q: How old your community is?Avakin Legends Management has been in the community for 2 years. We started as a model agency in 2017 and eventually, we started hosting events, games, and contests. 

Q: How many members in your fellowship and How's you guys life going in the avakin?ALM consists of 3 founders namely, Effiefay, Erin and Ghrayz. We also have Gigi and Nicole as moderators. Everyone has been busy the past year, but if we have time we host contests on our group page and share the what's the latest in Avakin. Q: What you guys do for fun?We host exciting and challenging games and contests. Visit our page to stay tuned for upcoming contests and giveaways.

Q: If you're lkwd what changes you made in avakin life?If given the opportunity, I would like to increase the capacity of players in an apartment. It will be better to have more people be invited to our apartments. Also, I dream of driving in a car around Avakin spots. It will be cool to have that feature in Avakin. Q: Rules for Joining your family?Avakin Legends Management is open for collaborations of events, games or contests. Simply contact Effie Fay, Ava Erin or message us on our like page.

Q: How you looking to celebrate Christmas?
We'll be celebrating Christmas by giving gifts and giveaways. So better, stay tuned! We'll also try to get other members and old friends for a get-together party. 

Q: What's the fashion for you?Fashion is showing off your personality with a style. You are what you wear.
Avakin life LWKD Gifts

LKWD Unicorn

LKWD Kathy RainLKWD Cassiel 

LKWD Bunny
LKWD Doctor

LKWD Mermaid

LKWD Summer

LKWD Tempo

LKWD Hartley

LKWD Santa

LKWD Sherlockwood

LKWD Werewolf

Avakin life ELVES

LKWD: Ginger the Elf

LKWD: Ivy the Elf

LKWD: Noel the Elf

LKWD: Ice the Elf

LKWD: Hollie the Elf

LKWD: Glitter the Elf

LKWD: Robin the Elf

Thanks for visiting here, I hope you like it. If you wanna join them then text them on their main page and if you have any family then just comment down your Instagram username. I will try to reach to you As soon as possible.

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