Avakin life family of Bisdak Dynasty Interview

Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (RB) this side.  Today I am Interviewing the “ Avakin life family of Bisdak Dynasty Interview” By reading these things you have to know about the Avakin Bisdak Dynasty family and how can you join the Bidak Dynasty Avakin family. 

RB: How old your family is?BD👯‍♀: Bisdak Dynasty was founded on September 11, 2019, Schizophrenia, Ava Maria and Ava Thea. We’re quite new so we will be half a year old. RB: how many members in your family and How's you guys life going in the Avakin?BD👯‍♀: There are 21 of us and still growing. Our life in Avakin is okay, we can provide our needs. Also, we really can’t avoid issues with other players but you know, that’s when you know who will always have your back. RB: What you guys do for fun?BD👯‍♀: Since our family started from zero, us admins can’t always host events like other leaders or admins do. But what made me love being an admin of the Bisdak Dynasty is the understanding and loving members. They really don’t care about giveaways and gifts. A simple get together is enough for them and also just us being united and intact as always.

The Bisdak Dynasty Interview is test of Freedom; it's the only thing that the free man makes for himself and by himself

RB: Who's the most talkative member in your Family?BD👯‍♀: Talkative is the perfect adjective for Bisdak•Amore. She always keeps our GC(group chat) active and always has something to say. We love keeping her in the family cause without her, everything will be completely boring.

RB: If you're LKWD what changes you made in Avakin life?

BD👯‍♀: We all know that not everybody can afford some of the items in the shop since not everyone has the money to purchase coins or even do offers from the fiber wall. Working in cafés or diners aren’t still enough. I think if I’d be part of the LKWD team, I’d be changing the prices of the items from the shop.

RB: What's your challenge to being a leader?
BD👯‍♀: The most challenging phase of being a leader for me is maybe keeping the group intact. As a leader, we always want what's best for our group. At first, I really thought it was easy but it wasn’t. And sometimes anxiety kicks in and you’ll start questioning yourself if you’re being a good leader. Luckily I have very understanding members so thanks for y’all for making my job easy ❤️

RB: Who's the most cutest female and handsome member of your family?
BD👯‍♀: I believe everyone in our family is good looking. Everyone is just equal, there's no competition between us. We appreciate everyone even those who are not part of our family. Cause I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way ❤️

RB: what changes that you see in Avakin from the beginning?
👯‍♀: I’ve been playing this game for 3 years already and I can say that the game has been better, except for the prices tho. I don’t remember that much of how the money/coins works before but I know the items don’t cost you that much. Also, there were no animation sets before so I think the animation sets are a good chance.

🛡• Must be a Bisaya Filipinos 🔖🛡• Must be active online 🔖🛡• Must have a good personality just like the Admins 💰🛡• Should have respect towards others 🔖🛡• Must not be a troublemaker (but if someone starts to get on your nerve report to the Admins immediately) 🛡• Must not be boastful 🛡• You are not allowed to use the family's name to scare other players 🛡• Must always keep an open mind 🔖🛡• Must be having some emotional and caring others 🖋📑🛡• Must not join other families/groups apart from Bisdak 🔖🛡• Do not join the family when your only reason is to receive GIFTS. 🎁🛡• Understand everyone in the family, crab mentality isn't allowed because we are not in a competition 🔖🛡• Once you join the family and leave, you are not allowed to join again. 🖋📑

We all enjoy every moment in our Family and we Glad if you like to join us. You must need to follow all regimentation which is written above. 

Thanks for visiting here, if you like to join the Bisdak Dynasty family then contact them. If you having any Avakin life family then contact me on my Instagram account for sharing details about them. 

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  1. Pls I'm nastyrhino•• on avakin I really want to join the family