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Avakin life stormborns family Interview

Hello friends, Thanks for clicking. 

Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) I am, Today I am sharing with you one Philippian Avakin life family who's Stormborn family. "Avakin life House of Stormborns" International Avakin life family to join. 

Facebook Page: House of Stormborns 

Ron: How old your family is?

We're about 2 years, The family started around Aug. 2017. The purpose is to build friendship/good camaraderie and to show off skills and talents. We have admins and leader to organize all the activities and events.

Ron: How many members in your family and How's you guys life going in the avakin?
The House of Stormborns family started at 11 people but now we're about 6 people left in our family some reasons why others left the group, it is because they are busy in their real life. For now, we treat each other like a real family in avakin life, a family who respects and understands each other in spite of individual differences and attitudes. A family who defends and fights for each other and faces trials together in times of life knock us down but it can never knock us out. 

Ron: What you guys do for fun? 
Playing online games, editing videos/pictures,  sharing life experiences.

Ron: Who's the most talkative member in your Family? 
Keuk is the most talkative one. 

Ron: If you're LKWD what changes you made in avakin life? 
If we have a chance to be an LKWD, l would like to increase the maximum capacity of our apartment so that we can enjoy more, add more interactions like holding hands while walking, add more interaction in every place in avakin and also add beautiful ornaments. 

Ron: Tell us "Rules for Joining your family"
Stormborn have strict membership application.
we don't just let anyone enter the pack of built a process of membership. we have an initial interview and the last is fan sign or video call. We are planning to make it an international Family. We're about to invite foreigners. 

Thanks for visiting here, if you like to join with them then check their Facebook page and contact them. 

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