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Today I am Interviewing "Avakin life Pride Interview about fashion "He is Iron Pride in Avakin's life. 

Check Pride Interview for knowing more about his style and what Pride think about fashion, he is the Russian Avakin Model.

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Ron: What's fashion for you?

 Pride: ♠ Fashion itself is a certain style that we like, we give ourselves a certain look. Therefore, fashion makes us beautiful, vibrant. But, without makeup face shows the actual reality who you're.

Mr. and Mrs. Pride

Ron: What you do for getting a Fashion badge?

 Pride: ♠ I'm not chasing a new badge, for me, fashion was just a place where you could get at least some kind of award. Thus, we increased our rating, a new level of fashion, regardless of the fact that we did not take pride of place. Honestly, I created a certain image and style for my character. But alas, in the game they win with exactly the same styles, and therefore you have to do something similar, and much cooler than those people. And there remains to believe in luck.

Ron: Do you follow any fashion model & who's that?

 Pride: ♠ If in terms of my fashion, how I dress, then yes I follow. If in the plan who is more often in 1st place, it is difficult to say. Fashion has changed and it’s a pity that it is random, as for me.

Ron: What's your favorite fashion style?

Pride: ♠ My favorite fashion style is official. Competition - whose style is better? I like where you can use crowns, various chains, wings and of course beautiful, colorful costumes.

Ron: What is the most stressful part of your Fashion?

Pride: ♠ My most stressful part of fashion is perhaps when people send naked people to the contest haha. Of course, I understand that you can earn money and increase the level on the left accounts, but just when I vote, I lose interest in this, because you yourself understand what will be there.

It is perhaps even annoying that randomly began to choose people off-topic about the competition. The best styles have become less likely to get into the top 100 or 10. Simply if people want to win, then you need to follow the rules of the competition, it will be more fun, and from the fact that this is not so, then the desire to participate disappears in the mod itself.

My girlfriend and I played a wedding, many times got together and converged. We just count each other. She's my life in Avakin life.

Ron: What's the biggest fashion dilemma you have faced in real life?
Pride: ♠ As for real fashion, I can say one thing that some people lose it, that is, it does not take care of itself. I won’t speak for everyone, but I like to be the most stylish, beautiful person since I treat fashion like sports, hip-hip and formal when there are special events.

Ron: How you Celebrate any festival in Avakin life?
Pride: ♠ I celebrate it in a circle of relatives and friends, both in real life and in a game with a girl. Avakin Life will not disturb our real one, we can post some new pictures from the game on Instagram.

Ron: Do you like the latest updates in Avakin life?

Pride: ♠ Yes, of course, As for the new costumes, I think I like everything from the latest novelties. I wear them all with joy, picking up a specific background in the main profile, pets, various accessories for the Christmas costume itself. This is how our style should be created.

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