Gods and goddesses Avakin life family Interview

Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side. Today I am Interviewing "God and goddesses Avakin life family Interview"  "About the G and G family in Avakin life" Avakin goddesses family Interview. By reading this Interview you will know well about gods and goddesses Family and rules to join them.

Facebook Page: God and goddesses 

Instagram :  Divagoddessava

Ron: How you build this God and Goddesses Avakin family?

It was like this,  I found the person that I love in Avakin Life Game, so there was time that I don't know, it just burst in my mind to build again a family because passed months I have my old owned build family but it was broken and maybe it's because I don't know to handle what must be a family stand in avakin. So August 23, 2019, I proclaim that the GODS and GODDESS Avakin Family will be officially open and build in. And then there it came, it works, not perfect, not too tough, but I can handle it, with the help of other admins that I got to. :)

Ron: How many members in your family and How you guys life going in the avakin?

In the past few months, we have a maximum of not less than 20 members, but unfortunately, there were some family members who were not happy with us, or maybe out of place!?? So approximately we have 18 members for now :)

Ron: What your family does for fun?

Well, we do, pictorials for family gatherings, meetings with the admins in some places in the avakin or in the apartments of one's choice. Then funny moments happened during that scenario, or maybe in the trading session, yes we talk a lot of fun. Like making jokes corny, horny, and more. And additionally, we also take some funny pose for happiness. We also talk stuff in our group chat about the Avakins releases and updates that are also the hindrance of having memes :)

Ron: What's the funniest moment for you in avakin life?

Oh, Lala HAHAHA, my funniest moment in Avakin Life? I should say, its when I meet avakin players who were talking with the same language as a BISAYA one like me. Talking some trash or shits that other people in the ava world do not know what we're talking about, but no offence its the reality within us though. And also when we do troll especially in the coffee shop spot.

Ron: Who's the most talkative member in your Family?

Well, well, well, the most talkative in our family is Berns Goddess, you can try to talk with her just search Berns Lee HAHAHHA. She is the most talkative of all. But for me, I thank her for having that natural kind of attitude and characterization because she brings joy/happiness in our family. She brings liveliness,. I even treat her as my real sister tho even if we are not :) so Berns if you read this, you must be proud of me HAHAHHA :).

Ron: If you're LKWD what changes you make in avakin life?

If I were the LKWD, the changes that I would make in avakin life are :

✅ I would make Tapjoy be easier.
✅ I would make Avacoins be gifted from players to players.
✅ I would make the items in the shop cheaper than what it cost for now.
✅ I would set all items into worthy interactives especially for the furniture.
✅ I would like to make interactive pets, not just to be feed or sent home in their rug, but the pet that we can play with, or interact with so.
✅ I would make more items for men to choose in their items of clothing to be equal to the women's clothing.
✅ I would set the mystery box items more useful, and more on gems and items not receiving 1 gem but 1k gems, not receiving 500 Avacoins but 5k Avacoins and mystery box must only cost 10 Avacoins though.
So yeah I think that's all that I would do :) IF I COULD be an LKWD.

Rules for Joining us...
✅ You must be level 10 up.
✅ You must give a contribution to the Family.
✅ You must not be underage in real.
✅ You must be active in-game, however, you can tell us if you are not going to play because of your busy life.
✅ You must help each member in times of need.
✅ You must not be a traitor.
✅ You must be HONEST and LOYAL to the Family.
✅  You must behave and not be caught fighting or having issues with another Family.
✅ You must be friendly
✅ You must send your full name in reality.
✅ You must send your personal Identity photo.
✅ You must send your birthday.
RESPONSIBLE to manage the balance between real-life and virtual worlds.
That's it :)

About G and G Models

About the G and G Avakins Next Top Model 2019, they were so great. I appreciate the effort that they gave in our event. Actually, this is not the 1st event that we have into the 1st is the G and Best Photo Editor then next is the ANTM2019 so yeah a roller coaster ride for the unexpected happenings.
The event started Nov. 8 ended Nov. 15  and so awesome that they were friendly yet very competitive tho :)

Congrats to the Top 9 Lovely ModelsA Job Well Done from the Very Beginning of the Journey in our Future SeriesEntitled: My Bestfriend is a Devil BUT my very Bestfriend is an Angel part 1

1st Model: Ravena(The Angelic)

2nd Model: Enchantress (The Demonic)

3rd Model: Hara (The Demonic)

4th Model: Camila (The Angelic) 

5th Model: Zafira (The Angelic) 

6th Model: Bri ( The Demonic) 

7th Model: Yash (The Angelic) 

8th Model: Gail (The Demonic) 

9th Model: Azaleal (The Angelic) 

Thanks for visiting here, If you like to join the Gods and goddesses Avakin family then check their Facebook page and contact them next year. If you know any other family or have any family then comment down your Instagram username. I will try to reach you as soon as possible. 

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