Mayhem Sorority girls squad in Avakin life

Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Today I am Interviewing "Avakin life Mayhem Sorority girls squad family Interview"  "About the Girl Squad family in Avakin life" Avakin girls family Interview. By reading this Interview you will know well about Avakin Mayhem Sorority Family and rules to join the girl's squad family next time. 

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RB: What's the normal age of the member in your squad?
MS- The girls are all 18 and over. But teens can join too. The level does not matter to join us, dresses and many dances are only need to join us. 

RB: How many members in your family?

MS- There are 9 of us, but looking to have 16. 

RB: what your group does for entertainment?
MS- We do music videos, edits, parties, events, and we hang out every single day. 

RB: Who's the most talkative member in your Family?
MS: - I think Bee Mayhem, which is the leader would be the most talking she tries to keep us all not shy.

 RB: If you're LKWD what changes you make in Avakin life?

MS: - If we were LKWD we want to make sure that the Avakin community as drama-free And able to hold more people and social spots and apartments. 

RB: How can others join in your family?

MS: We want girls to join who are loyal and dedicated. We also won girls who are active and are willing to have fun

RB: What challenges do you face to be a Co-leader?

MS:  I was worried I wasn’t going to be a co-leader the proper way. I didn’t want the sisters to think I was bossy and in control. I also try my hardest to be active as I can, and that’s a very hard challenge to face.
I was nervous I wasn’t able to form it correctly. I didn’t think I would get as many girls as I did. A lot come and go, so I’m thankful for the ones who stuck around.

RB: How you guys going to celebrate Christmas?

MS: We are going to celebrate Christmas by having a Christmas Party and we also made a Christmas video. We don’t have any theme songs or quotes but our sisterhood colors are gold and red. I think the definition of Mayhem is what defines us.

Squad Goals are something that every girl and her group aspire to, just like our squad. Having a squad is having someone to be with you through the ups and downs, and even though stagnant times and just so-so days. Every day must feel like squad day. 

Here’s to the nights that turned into morning, and the friend who turned into family.
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Thanks for visiting here, If you like to join the Mayhem Sorority girls squad family then check their Instagram page and contact them for joining them. If you know any other family or have any family then comment down your Instagram username. I will try to reach you as soon as possible. 

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  1. Can i join in your family
    My username is Mrs Akash

  2. Can i join in your family
    My username is Mrs Akash

    1. Hi there, this is the official page @mayhem_sorority on IG.. Contact them for joining..