Top 51 Questions to Swing mood of Girls

Today I'm going to share with you "Top 51 Questions to Swing mood of Girls "These questions helping you to make your girl feel happy when she feels sad. Try to make her feel better with your company if you can't make her happy then she can't stay more with you. I see many relationships broken just for searching for more happiness and for some Misunderstanding or Trust in relations.

It’s Important in every relationship to discuss everything between each other if you can't solve the issue between each other than you always think that you stuck in this relationship and if your partner hears something bad from you then he/she really feels bad, obviously.

 I am providing you some intimate questions to ask from your girlfriend these questions make your partner feel happy when they're in a bad mood. Always try to be open-minded with your girl so she doesn't feel bad while saying anything to you.
Actually, it’s pretty much important that you have to know what questions to ask your girlfriend will show you how your girl will react. Many relationships do lack such a thing because they don’t know what intimate questions to ask your girlfriend.

I'll make you always happy whenever you've with my company. You've reached into my soul and make me happy whenever I'm sad.

Q: 1: Do you feel being hugged by me when you sleep?

Q: 2: Which time you feel hotter while sleeping alone?
Q: 3:  Do you like to try me inside the car?
Q: 4: Do you like to hug me in the shower?
Q: 5: What best kissing scene you have ever want to?
Q: 6: What epic kiss did you ever see and willing to try with me?
Q: 7: Do you like being kissed on the neck?
Q: 8:  Do you feel jealous when I praise your friends?
Q: 9:  Do you wish being kissed on lips?
Q: 10: What causes you to feel relaxed once you’re in an exceedingly dangerous mood?

I don't know what people search in any true love, but don't know when you stole my heart. Really difficult to forget the time that I spend with you.

Q: 11:  Have you ever felt so attractive that your maximum wished a guy at that second?
Q: 12: What you do if you wake up at midnight?
Q: 13: What you like to do when I sleep beside you?
Q: 14:  How you feel if I holding your waist and a kiss on your forehead?
Q: 15: How you feel if I holding your hand in public?
Q: 16:  How do you feel if we sit together the whole night?
Q: 17:  Do you wish beardless or hair on cheeks?
Q: 18:   How do you feel if I pull you against walls and nearer to your lips?
Q: 19:  What type of man do you possess for an incredible relation?
Q: 20:  Let us go out for dinner tonight?

The person who's closer to us extremely provides a lot of pain of losing them. However, the time that I pay with you is unforgettable for me.

 Q:21: Do you consider yourself an animal person? What’s your favorite animal?

Girls love to talk about animals, Get her all warm and fuzzy with these kinds of an adorable good question to ask. Girls who have a pet are really feeling good while talking about their pet.
Q:22: Would you say that you’ve ‘found yourself’ yet?
A great question to ask that will help you get a little insight into her thoughts on herself.

Q:23: What T.V series can you re-watch over and over without getting sick of?
You’ll never know if you obsess over the same shows if you don’t ask her! Who knows, you may both have more in common than you thought before.

Q:24: What is your favorite memory from growing up?
She'll tell you about her favorite part of life so try to hear it properly and ask her question so she'll think that you try to know more about it. 

Q:25: What inspires more grand feelings than discussing your best memories?
You can see her expression when she told you about her favorite memory, I well know her sound is really so exciting while sharing stories like that. 

I love her just cause she loves me more and  I feel happy whenever she falls asleep while holding my hands and speaking my name while closing eyes..Pride  

 Q:26: When you feel so embarrassing moment in public?

Actually, you’ve gone over the best memories of her life so try to hold your smileshe'll feel uncomfortable to tell you more about it, you both start discussing your embarrassing moments from your youth.

Q:27: What is your favorite genre of music?

You can her closer only if you know the music that she tells her favorite one if you know that music two-three lines then it really good for you. I know when you stuck in some line of that music, that she'll lead you to the next para.

Q:28: Would you consider yourself a happy person? Why or why not?

When you get to know someone it's pretty more crucial to discover that they feel happy or not. Get a feel of how critical their lives. This may bring you closer together or it may give you the push you need to stay away from someone that you may not feel is good for you.

Q:29:  Whose that one person that you like to start a conversation with, either alive or dead?
This is an interesting question to discuss. You can bend over to which legends you would like to have dinner with. 

Q:30: Do you believe people can live happily ever after?
Everyone has different ideas of what happily ever after really means to them. This is your chance to get to know what it means to her. After she tells you then you can discuss your thoughts on it, too.

Whenever you come back nearer to my face I rather like to tug your face and a kiss on your lips and cheeks and on your forehead for showing my love for you forever.

 Q:31. Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing?
Nothing inspires more giggles and blushing than this question! It might spark a little intimacy, too, depending on how naught the act she was caught in is.

Q:32. What’s your favorite thing to dress up for Halloween?
A bit odd question which means a lot of fun when you talk with your girl! Try to wear the costumes that she loves to plan to wear for the next Halloween that comes around. One thing for sure, most women love makeup and costumes and will jump at the chance the talk about them with you.

Q:33. What are some qualities that attract you to a man?
A perfect way to get her idea of a perfect man out of her. That way you can see if she sees potential in you as more than just a friend. If that’s what you’re looking for that is. If not, it’s still a great question to ask if you want to get to know her better.

Q:34. What is your biggest first world problem?
Everyone has some kind that one silly problem they get upset over. Like their phone charger being too short or their laptop always randomly shutting off. Not only is this an awesome question to ask, but it’s also a great way for you two to come closer together over a little change of perspective.

Q:35. If you could change one thing about yourself physically, what would you change?
Although at first, she may feel a little blue discussing what she thinks her biggest flaw is, but don’t worry! That is exactly what it’s meant to do, but only for a second! Right away after she answers is when you should jump in and reassure her that she is perfect and there’s nothing she needs to change about herself. It is a smooth mood and she will come out with stronger confidence! All thanks to you.

Q:36. What’s the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?
It’s always fun to talk about what you’d do if you were stinking’ rich.

Q:37. What three words would you use to describe me?
Okay, now that you’ve spent forty-five questions talking about her here is a question that will help turn the spotlight on you for a second.

Q:38. Do you have any guilty pleasures? What are they?
She may be a little hesitant to let you in on her secrets, but with a little motivation from you she will inevitably open up about it. Maybe you both hold the same ideas of a guilty pleasure and it will lead the ultimate bonding experience!

Q:39.  Do you have any wildest fantasy, if you have which one it's?
It's a little double meaning question for talking with a naughty girl and better left asking if you have intentions of being more than just friends with her. If you were looking for a cute and the good question that’s also flirty, this is the question for you.

Q:40. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
When you're getting to know someone extremely it's important to discover whether they are more of an extrovert or an introvert. It'll let you know if two are of you are actually compatible or not. Even as friends. Sometimes opposites can be friends or lovers, but often times it takes the same type of personalities to get along the best.

Q:41. Do you get jealous?
It's the little question to ask her if you like her as more than a friend. It'll give you an idea of what type of girlfriend she's. It’s also nice to ask if you wanna drop hints that you like her. Why would you ask such a question?

Q: 42: What never fails to make you cry?
This question gives room for a little vulnerability. Which is a great thing to bring out when you are building a stronger bond with someone? It lets her know you also care about what brings her down just as much as you care about what cheers her up.
Q: 43: What is your favorite healthy food? What is your favorite junk food?
 By asking these things you have to know how to deal with her bad mood by taking this food to home next time. 

Q: 44: What always makes you nervous?
Again, you’re opening up a doorway into letting her be a little vulnerable with you. This is an awesome way to connect with someone on a less shallow level.

Q: 45: Do you have any irrational fear? What is it?
By knowing that the thing that she more afraid with, but don't make more laugh on her. Try to make things easy for her so she could laugh on her own. 

Try these 6 things to make her Happy 
 46: Try to buy a teddy bear and make love later for her which makes her feel good.

47: Sometimes girls feel sad just for some small reason "You're busy in your work" if you take your girl for a date once in a week than she'll not feel that bad. But if she'll even feel that bad then better to make her free from relation. 

48: Always give her a chance to speak, it doesn't mean that you're talking continuously for trying to make happy. More begging just for happiness is really not sound good and she'll be trying that again if you do like that. 

49: Try to understand her and make things available to her happiness. 

50: In case, your girl more anger than better to leave her alone till she did not find that happiness again. 

51:  Try to make her laugh by doing the thing that she likes more, weather it's a song, joke, poem, and romantic action. 

 Thanks for visiting here, Don't feel bad about me while reading it. I am just trying to help some people who need to talk dirty in the Avakin Life game. Well, always try to be open-minded while reading something nothing bad in this world. First of all check inside of you to make the decision about someones. 

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