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Hello Friends, Avakin Bloggers (RB) here, today I'm gonna share some Interesting  “Important Question not to ask from Girls” questions that help you to build a relationship with your girlfriend. These spectacular questions will help you to make your relation go smoothly. 

Respect yourself, if you don't respect yourself then no one will respect you.
 I would like to share with you some questions which can harm your relationship. Actually, broke up with a person whom you make in deep love you feel so bad. Always try to think positively in all situations, make her free if she’s not interested in you anymore.

By god grace, I had everything in my life, one thing that I ain't know about harming people who are in love with me. Well, I learn so many things in my life and I am still learning till the end of life. I learned some things in my Avakin life and in real life to shift your love to someone another to forget your last lover. “Love cuts love” I know it’s pretty much hard to forget things and the time that a couple spends together, but if any one of them is not interested in it anymore then it's better to end up.

       1. What’s your age?” 
       May I know what your age you look younger than me and you can ask from her that you’re 18 above or you’re below 18+.

        2. How much do you weigh?
         You look heavy to pick you up, May I know how much heavier you’re. Some girls do overreact to tell their weight so better not mention it during the conversation. 

         3. What you did with your Ex-BF?
         I think you don't ask this question if you trying to know about her past then you surely hurt to know about it so, better not to talk more about it. 

        4. Why you so annoying me sometimes?
         I see whenever we’re talking about this topic, you’re usually making me annoying. It depends upon the situation that you guys do together some situation is odd in talks, but not all talks are unusual. 

        5. Do you think I am handsome?
         Why you love me, do you think am I look more handsome than your Ex-boyfriend? Better to ask about yourself only, don't try to make her remember about her past lover. 

       6.  Why you are thinking that I’m bad for you?
      Sometimes girls just by saying you “my bad boy” doesn’t mean you overreact by hearing that just because you’re bad only for her.

       7.  Are you in your period?
      By asking that you need to ask “I smell like that you’re in a period, is it so?”

        8. Are you Interested to know what my ex did recently?
     Well, if any BF or GF wants to know how your life going, so you don’t need to ask that.

       9. Want to pay for dinner?
      Don’t ask her to pay the Dinner Bill, as your man of her then it’s your responsibility to pay Dinner bill or if she likes to pay then she’ll pay herself.

       10. Can I read your messages?
     Don’t ask her for reading her messages, it's really not looking good if you ask her phone to read her message. If your girl is busy with her phone and she’s sitting with you then you may ask the question “May I know who makes my girl that much happier”.
      11. How many guys have you slept with?  
     I think this question isn’t relevant to ask if you’re like to know these things. You can ask if you are eager to know her past “How many times you fall in a deep relationship”.
        12. I am sure that you love your friend more?
     Don’t give her choice in choosing anyone till you feel that her a friend is talking shit about you and they’re not feeling good to be anyone’s relation.

       13. Do you like to do an affair after marriage?
     Don’t ask this question, it shows how much-minded person, you’re who thinks like that about anyone.

      14. Is your sister hot as you’re?
     Don’t ask this question just cause your GF(Girlfriend) will think your eyes on her sister or sibling too, so she’ll not make you introduce anyone.

       15. Are you really going to grab all this cousin?
     If she’s little extra fatter so she’ll really feel so bad if you're saying that, actually by talking about the physical body of girls make them more hurt.

         16. How much time do you take to make-up?
     Actually, if you just say it without saying anything good about how beautiful she looking then it hurt to hear. Always try to make praise, I think being a simple look is nice too.

         17. Do you like the born child or you want to do an abortion?
     Well, you don’t need to ask these questions; it shows what kind of person you’re and it shows what you actually interested in.

       18. How much do you earn?
       Don’t ask about the Income of any girl it really looks little awkward

       19. Do you like to chill?
      Well, chilling doesn’t always sound bad, it has lots of means so don’t worry if you ask that or not. But don’t try to ask her Do you like to chill with me.

       20. Why you don’t like to lose weight?
     Don’t tell her to lose weight, actually, if she does not want to decrease her weight, then it is not good to say anyone to decrease their weight.

       21. How did you screw-up your last relationship?
     Well, it’s not good to know much more in a brief, but if you're looking to do marriage in the future, it’s fine to know everything about the sexual life of your girl. I did late to ask, but hope you don’t do that.

       22. Why you do not reply to my message as fast as I do?
     Well, sometimes people are busy with their own life, it’s fine if someone did not reply to your message for some days only if she always does like that then don’t be mad for her cause she’s not into you.

       23. Can you calm down in front of me?
     Don’t tell her to be calm if she’s in a bad mood if she’s so angered and you telling her to calm down when her anger is put on you. Always trying to hold your girl's hands or hugs her if she anger and then says “Calm down babe”.

       24. Do you like to be conquered in all situations?
      Well, don’t ask her this question because girls are usually like to win in all situations, a smile on the lover's face is good for you too.

       25. Why do you like to wear that skirt?
      Well, it is a girl's choice whatever they like to wear if they feel more comfortable wearing a skirt or shorts, then it’s her choice so don’t try to tell her what to wear. You can give her a compliment about the outfit that she wears.

       26. I don’t like to drink hope you stopped it for me?
    Well, don’t say anything which makes her leave you, but you can say that to take drink occasion only or at parties.

       27. If you could have dinner with any famous person, do you like to order some expensive things?
    Well, if you want to know what your girl ordered just cause showing fame in front of any famous person makes her a little odd. Actually, people ordered usually as they like or they order what others ordered.

       28. I am going to get some food; do you need a salad?
     Try not to make her feel jealous by saying like that, even she’s in the diet. She really feels bad by asking her that.

     29. If you can change any three things about yourself what would it be?   Would you start with that nose?
     Many girls are thinking about changing the nose, but the girls are looking better as they’re already just by trying to become something she doesn't have to make others feel bad only.

        30. Why your acquaintance still with you?
     Whenever you’re with your girl and her friends are in there too, so try to cooperate with things, if you not can handle things easily then the situation and places did not take time to change.

 Thanks for visiting here, I hope these things will help you with knowing more about talks.

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