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Today I am Interviewing Diah moon, she's an Avakin life fashion designer celebrity. Avakin life team launches a new update outfit of her pretty designs. Diahmoon lives in Indonesia and her real name is Tara Hayuing Diah, editing is her hobby and by practicing allot she became master in it. 
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Diahmoon is one of the Renowned Celebrities in Avakin life because of her amazing dress designs. She lives in Indonesia and she addicted to drawing different outfit and she's fully motivated towards her goals. You will know more about Diahmoon by reading her Interview.

Ron: What things make you different from others?

Diah: Actually, at first glance, I do not feel many things that are different from myself, but there are a few things possible in terms of color selection that prefer a blend of contrast colors that are rarely found in Ava fashion galleries. And modified that have their own characteristics from my design

Ron:  What inspired you to allot about fashion designing?

Diah: I am a fan of the pageant, something that smells of fantasy and a little like anime there I see a unique fashion that is quite inspiring for me.

Ron: What changes you want to make in Avakin fashion if you're LKWD? 

Diah: Maybe I will add outer items like jackets and coats so we can wear them separately from the shirt.

Ron: Do you think the Avakin team does unfair with males by launching a good outfit for females more?

Diah: Sometimes I feel yes considering sometimes renewal of women's fashion more than men's fashion.  sometimes women release 5 outfits and men only 3 outfits and so on. But I understand that in my opinion to make men's clothing a little difficult compared to women's clothing

Ron: What software do you use for edits and for how long you've been using it?

Diah: I use the Autodesk sketchbook app

Ron: How many of your designs Avakin uses in their new releases till now?

Diah: There are 17 designs

Ron: What fashionable stuff you wannabe make for males if you got a chance?

Diah: Maybe ethnic headpiece and foxtail

Diahmoon Males Hairstyle Collection

Ron: What kind of clothes do you wear in Real and in Game?

Diah: At Real, I wear casual clothes like t-shirts.
 In Avakin my style is always changing sometimes wearing casual clothes sometimes also wearing fantasy clothes

Ron: How much extent do you agree about Avakin life and real life are little same?

Diah: Umm, Real life is not as beautiful as in Avakin. 😅

Ron: What kind of Magazines do you read about fashion?

Diah: Actually, I have never read a fashion magazine.
Diahmoon Female Hairstyle Collection

Curly Hairs

Long and Short colourful hairs

Colorful Short Hairs

Long Hairstyle 

Long hairs

Ron: What changes do you see in fashion trends as compared to the last decade?

Diah: I don't know much about fashion development. I live in a small village and I am indeed lacking in updates about Fashion

Miss International Crown

The Mikimoto Gown
Inspired by: Miss Universe Crown

Diahmoon "Red and White Collection
(These are her new release which recently launched in Avakin life by Avakinteam) 
She always thinking that she's not good at making males clothing but she doesn't know males like it. Everyone loves her and her followers are growing so faster, check it out if you like.

For Girls

For Boys

As Diah from Indonesia but she always loves Japanese Cosplay clothing, Actually, she loved to draw more about girl stuff!! As she's girl probably that is the reason for that. 

Cinderella Clothing (Bluish Barbie Dresses)

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