Ronich Love Story of Avakin Life game

Today I’m going to share with you "Ronich Love Story of Avakin life game" this story is about me and my love ex.

 The Avakin life game is really so amazing, you can make a girlfriend in this game and you can connect her with your real-life world too. You can do flirting, change gender anytime, and doing lots of things in this game, this game is full of emotion and flirting too. It’s easy to do flirt in the game, I tried to do flirt with my girl, but when I start lovingwith her as she did too so I can’t live without her in Avakin life.

꧁°•ᴍʀ ʀᴏɴɪᴄʜ•°꧂ and ꧁°•ᴍʀs ʀᴏɴɪᴄʜ•°꧂

Part - 1 
When we meet the first time

I always try to make fewer friends, I’m usually ready for talking with others, but I don’t make more friends. I added people sometimes, but by seeing them not talking with me for a couple of days then I removed them from friendliest.
I meet my girl at Petkin park, I try to skip people usually but if they like to talk with me then I usually accept them. I meet her second time when she joined me at the club sundown, but I told her that I was 60 old guys butshe even likes to talk with me, IDK but other girls don’t usually talk with old guys. She’s married in Avakin life when I meet her, I don’t think any girl can reach my heart as she did.
We’re friendly talking for a week and then I started my double meaning talk with her, she was thinking I’m just making fun, but she doesn’t know that I was flirting with her at that time. When she told me that your wife does not know that you play this game and flirting with girls. Then I told her that I’m not that much old and I’m just 21 Young. I give her proof by telling her about my Instagram account.

Beginning of Love in Avakin

I don’t think before that by doing kissing and trolling with someone in the game when I meet her then she told me that it’s bad to do kisses or trolls with friends and some other things which catch my attention toward her. After that we meet regularly then it makes me turn towards her. Bypassing time with her more for a couple of days makes me more attracted to her but as she’s married already in the Avakin game so I was thinking it's better to be her bad friend only but she fine to be in a relationship then I am fine with it. It's a reality so challenging phase at that time for me just because I have some other badass girl.

Challenging her friends that she’s mine

I can’t forget that time when I start loving her more, but after fighting with his bestie makes me broke and I challenging that guy that if she can’t be my girl, I remove her from life whatever happens though. That guy is rude, I usually not feel bad whatever people count on me, but I can’t handle if someone abuses my family and he did that. I well know that it’s a really tough situation for a girl to choose one from bestie and from the person that she more into. Actually, this happened with me before too when I was in relation to a girl, bestie is a real stroller of love and it happened with me again. She told me that we need to stop everything whatever we did, I don’t say anything cause of hurting from inside but I said her to take care and best wishes. I unfriended her after that.

Company of Badass girls

I don’t think that I’ll choose this way to go to the dark side of life, but I did. I tried one of my friends and I make some badass girls as a friend but still not feeling happy from inside. I suddenly meet her sister at the swing parkin Avakin, her sister pretty and less talker but I don’t accept people usually. I accept her only just cause she’s broken just because the bestie that did fight with me, he unfriended her though. I thought to flirt with that girl cause she’s my girlfriend's sister in the game but by seeing that she broke then I make her sister.


I feel uncomfortable with people who less talk and I don’t like to start the talk usually, Sister  told me the next day that Nich ( GF) is not fine and crying so much that makes me talk with her again one last time, I really feel bad when someone crying but I don’t believe usually that anyone crying just cause of this game.

Meeting my Girl again

By meeting her again, I’m feeling happy to see her again but I don’t show people my happiness. We date again she ready to forget his ex-Husband of Avakin life. Nich is really crying like a baby, even she’s rude sometimes. Usually, people using her and her eyes are always closed to know about people how they’re but I don’t want to be pissed by telling her anything about anyone who’s precious for her.

Decided to be couples of Avakin life
We usually do fight always but we joined each other again and again, Avakin life really so good game which takes you out from the world.

Part - 2

Love begins when understandability between couples is always similar to each other or if anything not similar between each other and sometimes misunderstanding comes between each other but they if they can’t solve it then its time come to the end of the relationship. I don’t think any relationship in the world in which fight not to happen between the couple but if you can’t take you have solved it then it’s good to move on.  

Time going good with her
Day by day our love is Increasing and after connecting with her on Instagram then we started to do Video calls sometimes. I don’t know day by day by love Increasing for her and I started to like her in Real life too. We love to call in Night sometime but usually she usually quite and text to meh and I replied in Video. I thought that probably we’ll do marriage if everything goes good between us.

Choices to Choose
In every Relationship, something happens and girls are share feelings with others. I tried to prank with my Bae and she stuck in it. I am trying to talk by my noob account with her as in Avakin life. She doesn’t know anything about it and I’m talking about shit with her as a noob and abusing to myself (to my main account) but she doesn’t say much more and telling to my noob account that my Boy hasn’t done fun with me and I like with him only. We did fight after that next day and that fire between us makes us both unfriend each other’s, I don’t remember what joke we made later on Instagram that we reconnect each other again.

Knowing that she’s Married

Everything going good between us for some days, she told me that we can’t be a couple anymore. I can’t give you child in future, she’s my one of crazy babe ever I told her that I don’t Interest more to do Sex even we adopt kid even; no worries about it. But she’s really feeling so uncomfortable to tell me that I’m married, finally, she told me that and I am really broke for 2-3 days. I don’t want to end up everything so much easier like that. She told me; I love you but I’ll do divorce later but my crazy heart even ready for that. I think love makes my eyes Blind always, I was thinking if everything going good then I’ll surely do marriage with her.

Make her feel Bad

I love to make Jokes always, I told her one day that my mom can’t accept you if she knows that you’re married so make it a secret between us. I well know what others speak in Back to others but I am that kind of guy that loves my mom only, I don’t care what society speaks. My mom loves me so I well know she’ll accept my love too but everything needs time and I honesty and loyalty in my blood. I don’t fall in love easily but after falling in relation it difficult to forget someone.


Everything going good and she doesn’t tell me that she feels bad what I told her before “My momma will not accept you if she knows you married” I love to make pranks but she take it seriously but I don’t understand that it’s that much bad to hear it. I was busy for a couple of days at that time but she thought that Ron Ignoring her and not loving her. But, it’s not good that she was reacting like that. She’s my crazy one bae, lol. I don’t feel that much feel bad but still missing cause not know about that mystery.

It's a mystery for me too that why she breaks up with me at the end of our love story. I hope God bless her always and give his husband some knowledge of loving her more so she doesn't get crazy like she do with the cat (Secret). 

Our last picture when we meet together in Avakin life

Thanks for visiting here, I hope you like to know more what happens next. I surely make one more blog for sharing “How our real-life affects Avakin life.

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