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Today I am sharing with you about Mr. Bhavesh Negi, he's good in fashion and the famous New youth fashion model Judge herein India, Uttarakhand.

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Ron: Please tell something about you, what makes you feel like a model?

Bhavesh: My name is  Bhavesh Negi, I work as Celebrity Judge in all fashion event. I have completed my graduation from Graphic era deemed to be the university. I initially started my carrier as a model. As Celebrity Judge, Judged shows with a celebrity like Rohit Khandelwal (Mr world), Meera Rautela (Urvashi Rautela mom), Saiba Kaur (MTV fame), Rishab Sharma Dance+4 (star plus fame), Arushi Handa(MTV fame), Lalit Chaudhary(MTV love school WINNER) (MTV FAME), Aviral Gupta-MTV Love school fame, Priyank Sharma(Mtv, Bigboss fame), Priyam Srivastava(Voice Fame-StarPlus fame), Ranvijay(Mtv Fame) many other.

 As a celebrity Judge, Multiple Beauty Peagents likewise:
1-Mr, Miss, Mrs India Exotic World 2k19
2-Mr and Miss India Icon 2k19
3-Up Got Talent
4-Mr and Miss Uttrakhand
5-Mr and Miss North India 
6-Mr and Miss Dehradoon
7- Mr and Miss Kotdwar
8- Mr and Miss Delhi
9-Mr and Miss Fashion Icon
10- Superstar of Kanpur
11- Mr, Mrs and Miss Central Star of UP
12- Mr and Miss Kumaon Next top Model
13- Uttrakhand Talent Hunt
14- Mr, Miss and Mrs Inspiration 
15- Mr and Miss Up
Many more...

1- Mr, Miss and Miss India 🇮🇳 
2- Mr and Miss Uttrakhand 
3- Mr and Miss Delhi
4- Mr and Miss Dehradun 
5- Mr and Miss Kotdwar

Everything I am having what a model require :
1- My Personality
2- Confident level,
3- Height
4- My unique style 
5- Way of Representation 
6- Walk

Ron: What challenges do you face while starting modelling?

Bhavesh: I belong from middle-class family my dad is a farmer and my mother is homemaker for being middle class it is much difficult to start your carrier in this industry without knowing anything as well as not having a good background is much difficult.

 I struggled a lot in my initial days. I started my carrier from college days when I was in 3rd year I participated in Beauty pageants that were my first beauty pageants where I was not selected for top 15 finalists I beg to my Organizer and to my choreography please give me another chance but nobody gave me another chance.

I cry a lot
😢 my tear was unstoppable because I have done so much hard work for that event. Then from that day, I make my mind that I have to do well in this industry for survival. I usually use youtube to learn more about modelling. 

After that, I try in Mr and Miss Dehradun where I was top 5 finalists then after I try in Mr and Miss Uttarakhand there also I was top 5 finalists but unable to win the shows. After that, I try for Mr and Miss Kumaon where I won the title of “Mr Kumaon” Finally I achieve something for which I was greedy then after that, I have never turn back from that moment.  

Ron: How can you Describe fashion?

Bhavesh: Fashion to me, the purpose of fashion can be as simple as You need clothing to manoeuvre in the world. Forget fashion as a trend, think fashion and clothing as a necessity. You need a pair of pants, a shirt, shoes to go on that interview, to the grocery store, your cousin’s wedding. It’s how we present ourselves to live.”

Ron: What is your biggest achievement?

Bhavesh: My Biggest Achievements follows

1) "Received Uttarakhand Honouring Award as Young Talent Award"

2) "
Received an Award from Uttarakhand no 1 university Graphic Era Deemed to be University"

3) "
Received an Award from Poornima University (Jaipur, Rajasthan)"

4) "
Received an Award from Manipal University (Jaipur, Rajasthan)

5) "
Also Judge Corporate walk show in Uttarakhand no 1 University Graphic Era Deemed to be University "

6) “Getting my news on Bollywood Tadka Portal”

Most of the Event they both attend together, she's Khusboo Chauniyal

Ron: What fashion Magazine do you read the most?     
Bhavesh: Magazine which I usually read is Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle I love. If you love fashion and looking great, you’ll enjoy these magazines. There is a big focus on art, style fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway, so you can enjoy the magazines visually while you read it.

Ron: Do you think Bow Ties suite on boys more?

Bhavesh: Bow ties suits on boys more.
If you are going, in any event, wearing tuxedo then a bow tie is going to have you covered. You will look like a Gentleman. It’s always better to be slightly overdressed than too casual.

Ron: Where do you see yourself in next 5 year?

Bhavesh: I wanna see myself in Bollywood industry. I want people to get familiar with me in the next 5 year and they would know me by my photo or by my name😊...

Ron: What's the difference in giver and taker as per yours?

Bhavesh: Wanna start my answer to this question by the quote: “The takers may eat betters, but the givers sleep better”
Taker’s values: Wealth, power, pleasure, winning
Giver’s values: Helpfulness, Responsibility 

Ron: What's your biggest fear?

Bhavesh: My biggest fear is “To get old, and risk not being attractive🤪...

Ron: Do men with beards look more attractive?
Bhavesh: Bearded men are perceived as healthier, more attractive. Given by research women find men with heavy stubble as healthier.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you know well about Bhavesh Negi. Well, nothing is easy in life you must need to believe in yourself to reach your goal whatever you want to become. If you're fashion model or Event celebrity or Brand advisor then ping me on Instagram Avakin_bloggers. 

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