Brittney Leigh Interview || USA Model

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I am Avakin Blogger (Ronnie), Today I'm sharing with you about "Brittney Leigh fashion Model", she is the sexiest model and Supermodel. As you can see her on the Picture. Brittney loves travelling to different places and love to go to the beach. 

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Ron: What things make you different from others?
Brittney: The ability to be me is what makes me different from others. I focus on being my best self and no one else can do that as well as I can🙂

Ron: What inspired you to be the sexiest supermodel?
Brittney: Being able to have fun and feel beautiful at the same time is what inspired me. I love being able to capture the moments of feeling glamorous! 

Ron: What changes do you see in the fashion industry as compared to the last decade?
Brittney: I see a big change in retail stores shutting down. Thousands of big-name retailers have shut down due to lack of business. More people are shopping online now versus in-store. 

Ron: Which fashion event did you attend recently?
Brittney: I have not been to any fashion events recently. My work schedule keeps me pretty busy. 

Ron: What's the one thing that makes you scare in the fashion industry?
Brittney: My fear in the fashion industry is the world of fast fashion ruining what many fashion designers have done to make fashion what it is today.

Ron: Since when you started fashion? Was it your hobby?
Brittney: I’ve been into fashion my whole life but I decided to attend college for fashion in 2015 and recently graduated with my bachelor's in fashion merchandising and management. 

Ron: What can you recommend for enthusiastic younger ones, who want to be a fashion model like you?
Brittney: My advice would be to stay true to your self, your style, and your vision and not try to be like someone else. 

Ron: What's your biggest dream?
Brittney: My biggest dream is for my clothing store “PoshTosh”  that I am currently working on to become a global success! 

She keen to taking selfies and she looks sexy in every pic. She's from Tennessee (USA)

Ron: What's the most memorable experience that you have?
Brittney: My most memorable experience is being able to travel all over the country and actually see how people dress in different states. 

Ron: Please tell me something about yourself and about your profession?
Brittney: I am the owner of the PoshTosh online retail store. I strive to make people feel confident comfy and sexy in their clothes. Posh Tosh will be open later this year! You can also find me on Instagram @_brittney_leigh

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