Dehradun Love Story || Aarti and Rahul

Valentines Love Story ||Dehradun Couples:

Arti  and Rahul are Dehradun Couples, both are really nice in talking with others and Respective one. Both of them my (RB) good friends too. Both are shy guys and Arti quite talkative one along with Rahul not talk more. They have been in the Relationship for 3 years. 

So, let's talk to Arti for knowing more about her Love Story.

RB: How old your Relationship and How was your year Last Valentine week?
Since 06 October 2016 

Last year valentine is not that much good because of his army training. He's busy on those days during training there was lots of pressure so I supported him and waiting was the only option that Single call on Sunday's made my day...

RB: Which day you like the most in Valentine's week?    
I like Chocolate day the most because he loves to eat chocolate when we were in college, we celebrate valentine's week by wishing each other and eating chocolate lots. Those college days are the best days of my life but still, the best is yet to come.      

RB: How you looking to celebrate this Valentine week?
Valentine's week is near and again he's not here. But when he's on leave we will celebrate every festival/occasion together and in the best way as we can.

RB: Can you please share us your Love story, how your love story begins!
Well, this is a long story we are good friends back then there was good bonding between us then we became best friends.

During the 12th class, we were more than friends sharing every little thing with each other helping with homework, assignments, etc. Then we start feeling for each other then one day after 12th class he proposed to me on the terrace that he loves me and wants to marry me and I said yes. 

Being with him was the different feeling I can't even express in my little words. Then college started he was pursuing and I was pursuing BBA many times we bunk college to explore places, we have many lovable memories. We enjoyed a lot those days together after that when he starts preparing for the army this needs to sacrifice lots of things which distracts him like social media and management of time. Just because of his concentration I uninstalled my account from Whatsapp, Facebook.. and Instagram. He stays focused on his dream because of doing all these sacrifices and full concentration on studies he fully confident about his studies.

We talked limitedly at that time, we rarely meeting each other whenever he gets time as compare to earlier dates.

And this sacrifice gives positive results to us he got selected for the army on 15 August it was the best day for him and for me also. After that, he went for training.  After that, he's the busiest person in the world he changed a lot through training. I waited for him always I missed him a lot sometimes I cry but nothing I could do. His behavior was worst sometimes but still, I can't stop loving him after 9 months he passed out (pop passing out parade). His changing behavior hurts a lot. After training, he changed in his behave but hope we'll be married one day.

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