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I am Avakin Blogger and today I am sharing with your story about Dehradun couple Mohit Pant and Jiya Chhetri, both are really like love birds. 

Mohit Pant and Jiya Chhetri are Dehradun couples, Mohit is always ready for helping others. He was in scout and guide during schooling and after passing out from school he joined NCC when he pressuring for graduation. He's sporty, good in sports along with studies. 
Jiya looks pretty and good talker, she really loves dogs. She's in NCC too. Mohit treating her like princes and for Jiya he's the prince. ❤👑
Both having the same dreams to become an Army officer, they both are in NCC.

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So, let's started to know more from Mohit...

Mohit please tell something about you and your Companion?
We both love each other and give respect to each other. Both of us love to travel and also we both are foodies. We always respect each other's feelings. We are everything for each other.

RB: How old your Relationship? 
Mohit: It's Two years, three months and nine days old but trust me I don't know how time flys whenever Jiya with me.

RB: Which day do you like the most on Valentine's week?          
Mohit: Hug day because on that day we get the relief of every pain and just want to be like this always on each other's arms.

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RB: How you looking to spend your Day on this Valentine?
Mohit: Wanna do something for our future. As we want to spend our whole life together so we want to do something for that.

RB: How was your last valentine Day?
Mohit: Last valentine's day was great because I am preparing for her birthday too which is just the next day of valentine, on 15th Feb. On that night we cut the cake together at 12'o' clock. That moment is really so precious for me. 

RB: Can you please share us your Love story, how your love story begins!
Mohit: We meet in RDC (republic day camp) practice in NCC firstly we are like competitors but after some time we started talking and knowing each other and our friendship begins. After 2 camps when we are in Rani Bagh, Haldwani we have gone for a trip to Nainital and when we both are walking on sides of the Taal there is Fogg everywhere so I decided to propose her so I proposed her by going on my knees. We're in relation since 1st November 2017.  

After that our love life begins and after 2 months we both have to go on our camp she was going to Srinagar Garhwal for the youth foundation camp and I have to go for the RDC 26th Jan parade 2018. That time was the toughest one for us because our relationship was newly started and we both are far from each other, but the time was passed we finally we meet each other after the camps and our days really going so good by celebrating all festival together. 

We'll surely marry in next some couples of the year. As I am 22 for now so we'll marry after achieving our goal in life to become an Army officer. In the end, I just wanna say that I really love you Jiya. 

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