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About Khushboo: 
I am Khushboo Chauniyal, I work as a celebrity judge in all the fashion events. After getting the main title of winner  Miss Indian icon 2018 (TV reality show) I started my career as a professional model. 

Before that, I was struggling since childhood. (participated in many shows) when I was in 11th class I participated in a beauty pageant and got the subtitle but I was not satisfied with that. Because I thought that I am perfect for the main title too then my mum told me that you are not perfect for that right now. 

Just having a piece of knowledge about fashion is not enough to survive in this industry you have to be an all-rounder to understand this industry then I always think to be that I am today and completed my graduation and post-graduation from graphic era University.

 After that, I got selected for the TV reality show Indian icon 2018. I was the only girl who got selected from the Uttarakhand all the judges (including Ranvijay Singha (MTV ) are impressed by my performance and answers. And I was the winner of the show "Miss Indian icon 2018".

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RB: How can you describe fashion for you?
Fashion, to me, is a way of introducing yourself without having to say a is how I give my self-confidence because I always feel better when I look my best and feel best.

RB: What're your biggest achievements?
I was the winner of Miss Indian icon 2018 (TV reality show) that's the biggest achievement for me because that day my parents were very happy. And the reason behind their happiness was me.

RB: Are you satisfied whatever you achieve at this age?
Yes, I am satisfied with my achievements because judging the shows as a celebrity judge with all the celebs like Rohit Khandelwal ( Chaudhary( MTV fame), Mia Lakra(MTV fame), Meera Rautela, Arushi Handa( MTV fame ) Sahiba Kaur (MTV fame ), Eliza Sehgal (MTV fame), Ranvijay Singha (MTV fame ) sitting with them as a celebrity judge is the very proud moment for me.

RB: Do you like to give credit to someone who inspired you to allot to reach this position?
I want to give all the credit to my mom because without her I am nothing. All the things I have achieved just because of her guidance and support. I think parents support is very important to achieve anything.

RB: Tell us any fun facts while attending any event?
When I met Akshay Kumar for the first time. I was surprised like anything. I behaved like a kid in front of everyone. After the event, I realise like oh what I did that was very funny.

RB: What fashion style admired you the most?
There is nothing like my Favourite because I love changes. I love new trends, new fashion, if there is nothing new to wear. I'll make something new to wear with whatever I have. Because I have a creative mind.

RB: Do you like to recommend something which helps others to choose fashion modelling as a career?        
Modelling as a career has become a much-vaunted choice now with thousands of aspirants chasing the dream of becoming the next model. Those days are over when you could depend on your luck to get spotted, the chances of that happening are one-in-a-million now. To become a model, it takes discipline, effort, and perseverance. You need to plan, prepare, and follow a strategy to stand out and get noticed.

RB: Do you find more scope in the Fashion industry after completion of Masters in MSc?
After completing masters in now I am mature and I think I am able to understand all the things about this industry now. It's not only about the scope of the fashion industry. If you are well educated you can found more scope in every field of your interest.

Khushboo: I am really so patinate about fashion when I reached to the eleventh standard, I choose science stream but I always found to be a model by my mom guided me in my path to reach that I am today.

 My mom told me to complete schooling and get some good level of education than do fashion modelling. When I completed my higher secondary education then I pressured for BSC and after that, I completed my MSC from Graphic era University, Dehradun. 

After that I got selected for the TV reality show Indian icon 2018, all the judges were impressed by my seeing my performance and answers including Ranvijay Singha (MTV ) and I was the winner of the Miss Indian icon (reality show). Now I work as a celebrity judge and a professional fashion model.

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