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Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Today I am sharing with you "How to create a link in SEOhow link wheel helping you to increase site traffic Link wheel in SEO.
Link Wheel 
Are you ever wondering what is the easiest to get any website traffic and how can we improve our website search engine ranking (SERP) at the same time of it? Yes, of course, maybe you already know that it’s not that much simple, in fact, it’s pretty much difficult, especially if you are in a competitive market but there is something which makes it a little easier for it in order to get more exposure to your website. It is calling a link wheel creation.

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So today on this topic, we’re told why link wheel is in use? Well, it’s a link building technique which uses for making the website more efficient It’s a kind of link building strategy. You can build any link by yourself and not hire some else to do it.

Why we use Link Building?        
 By using link building you don’t have to waste your lots of time for emailing different people or for being active on social media just by building a few links.
 It’s free of cost – It is free to build a link wheel, you don’t need to pay any cash for building links that you create.
✅ It’s safe – It’s petty much good strategy as compared to other SEO strategies like link exchange or paid links, you would not get any penalized by providing the search engine by using it.
✅ It is fast – Like a low competition keyword, it is quite fine to rank it more easily in the top 10 ranks on google and in the Bing within just under 2-3 weeks.
 It is efficient – By using of linking pattern, the power of each and every link is just doubled if not triple, by giving of different content along with different links are on it both party gains by using it.
 It helps in improving your overall SEO (search engine optimization).
 You can get direct traffic by the building of links you can create and also, by using these links, your website will rank higher in the search engine, which provides you with targeted organic traffic.

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Network 2.0 Link Wheel:
By using search engine optimization (SEO) method, the web 2.0 link wheel is first thing you have to know to learn if you’re trying to rank the website and probably the last thing you have to ever learn – because it’s so efficient, it’ll be the only SEO tactic you will ever apply.

So, let go a little deeper for details. If you have to know by having some good knowledge of SEO, you can understand it better how important Backlinks are off for any online business website. You only can make good website ranks on Google search results if you have some high-quality Backlinks are for it and it can positively influence others to your website it increases your website performance by it. 

Aside from it, there are several other factors are available which help how well your website can rank in search results. However, we are not going to discuss all of them in this article.

This website optimization work actually works outside of your website is called as off-site/off-page SEO. In this case of link building are made Instantly, all the links are made in a manner that brings traffic to your websites. Therefore, you may consider this type of link-building as for off-site/off-page SEO techniques.

Why link-wheel techniques are used for and how it differs from another type of link building strategies?
Link Wheel Tutorial –By Creating of multiple (10 or more) new blogs or some micro-sites on a particular niche topic and linking them together in a circular pattern it's called a link wheel.  The easiest form of link-wheel is on typically link one way from your Site A to Site B to Site C to Site D to E to Site A.  

All these sites are of different URLs which contains an article that makes a link back to your website.  You can create many blog articles as you want and you can create a link wheel like that to your website for bringing more traffic. You must have to write about 300 to 500 words in each article and one link is of link-wheel are connected to your targeted business website and individual link to your any-other micro-site or blog. 

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Why this technique is highly effective?
The link wheel technique is effective just because of the fact that these blogs or some micro-sites created are on high PR websites such as,, and These are of some well-establish website which supports the ranking situation of PR6, PR7, and PR8. This attribute brings great value to your blog sites.
By making Interlinks the new blog sites with another website, we build the value of our all links. Here we’re not employing any kind of reciprocal links. Meaning to say we are not connecting site A to B and B back to A. We are actually employing one-way links from one blog site to another so this value of link juice isn’t diminished and passes to all over the sites.

When we try to create a network of micro-sites or blogs each of such sites must have 550 words, all the article is written on some niche topic and the content are of carrying links to the main targeted website. By doing these practices we trying to create a scenario where we targeted on our main website by creating the main-links on any particular topic.

Do-follow websites in the link-wheel
The list is of some Do-follow websites, you can choose these websites for creating of link-wheel and giving the main link to the website, make sure you don’t give a link from all article otherwise google crawler founds you and can block your page by doing these practices.

 These are the most 20 sites for creating of link wheel:  

    Things to be Remember while creating Backlink:
    While creating of links without knowing its ranking will affect your websites too, your site runs on the risk of being suspended or deleted by the moderators. Each page of the link wheel must have unique content otherwise you’re at risk of duplicate content issues.

    Link wheels are a white hat or black hat SEO?
    Most website owners are looking to promote their services or products through an online platform they have this question is running in their minds. First of all, you need to understand that the chances of your website getting seriously harmed through offsite SEO practices are very minimal. A properly content is that which is written as per the high quality of content, totally on the bases of linking patterns, & high-quality of tier 2 links which will stand the test of time.
    Moderation is the key to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique by applying this technique your website can rank in the top of the search engine. If you just creating some link wheels for your website, your website will definitely look a little suspicious and you probably not want this happen to your website. So, in order of making your website work more naturally, you need to get links from some multiple resources. If you wanted to become more successful in building of high quality of links for your website, you need to keep your website up-to-date on all new SEO techniques. There are some various changes that help you by constantly introducing some new updates.

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