Why you not get AdSense Approval ?

Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side. Today I'll instruct you some tips and tricks which help me for approving my AdSense account even I already have one account before but I cancelled it and created a new one Gmail account.

 I just transfer my website to my new Gmail account along with change the setting to my Domain and use a new Gmail for my domain and after that, my Adsense approved within 3 Days after following all the tips mentioned down. 

These are the frequent mistake that I saw that many folks do, they already create AdSense account before starting off any Blog or website, after that, they have forgotten about it and try to create new Adsense. Actually, you need to open the AdSense account after following these 12 Instant Adsense Approval tips only. 

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For those who already have AdSense, but they to try to open new one account.

   1) If you previously have another AdSense account. If you have any AdSense for any website then you can connect it with your new website too with that same AdSense account but it must be following all the conditions.

       2) The publisher must not permit to create multiple AdSense with the same Payee name. In Addition, we provide some tips which helpful two make more AdSense.

      3) Use different methods of paying or use someone of apprenticeship or family member's bank account for connected with AdSense account.               
        4) Must use of profile picture in your email accounts and try to not create the same information in your new Gmail address.  

        5) Try to use a phone number that isn't under your possession.
        6) Make sure you're 18 or above for approval, Age can be changed from anywhere, but hope Adsense not asking any of your Identification while paying you in your connected account.

 Top 12 tips for Instant Adsense Approval 

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope this information helps you in applying for the Google AdSense account. 

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