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Avakin Blogger this side, today I am Interviewing Annie Sharma / Boss Girl Annie Interview. She's a Model, fitness freak, and really good in the figure.

My name is 
Annie Sharma. Originally from Uttar Pradesh but Lives in Mumbai. I started my career in modeling in August 2019 and in these 5 months I experienced many things from zero to this much love n support from my fans. I experienced a lot of bad things but this is my hard work and confidence only with which I believe myself in 2020 I will rock. So, always believe n trust yourself to be the one you want. I will always be like this. Stay here and love you all.

RB: How can you describe fashion for you?
Annie: Fashion is something in which I feel beautiful n comfortable with  lots of confidence

RB: What kind of Magazines do you read about fashion?
Annie: Truly say, I don't read magazines .. I always scroll on Instagram and inspire by some international models 

RB: What changes do you see in fashion trends as compared to the last decade?
Annie: Well, nowadays fashion comes in many ways as girls are more confident with their bodies n wear whatever they want. So, ya in comparison to last decade people take fashion as trend n do not hesitate to do a change 😎

RB: What makes fashion designer successful?
Annie: I think whatever fashion designer makes, it's definitely successful if it's worn by a confident model who can Show the style n beauty of dress through her expressions

RB: Who admired you the most?

Annie: Well truly say nobody admired me, it's just me who thought that I have all the qualities to be a successful model so I started without any thinking n support..and ya I like @josephineskriver for body positive.

RB: How you make yourselves fit and in perfect shape?

Annie: Nothing different, I just motivate myself every single day to achieve my goal, so I just follow my diet and workout.

RB: What's your biggest dream to become?

Annie: My biggest dream is to next biggest sensational boldest model of India.

RB: Which foundation do you use?

Annie: I use Mac and iconic London

RB: What's the biggest challenge you see to being a model?

Annie: The biggest challenge to being a bold model is to face the perverts everyday n still be confident n how you deal with them.

Thanks for reaching here, if you know well about Model Annie Sharma if you like to contact her then directly text her on Instagram. 

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