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Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Today Interviewing Avakin Katie, She's an amazing illustrator designer in Avakin life. Her cosplay edits are cute. By reading her interview you will know more about Katie's fashion style and how she thinks about fashion. 

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RB: Which country would you say has your favorite fashion?
Katie: Japan of course!

RB: Where does your fashion inspiration come from the most?
Katie: Mainly everything fashion-wise comes from my own head :) but occasionally I do get inspiration from sources such as Pinterest.

RB: What inspired you to become a fashion guru?

Katie: Not sure I'd call myself a fashion guru quite yet but what inspired me to start drawing my own clothes was mainly just the fact that I like having the full image you see in my edits to be my own work (besides the Avakin base of course!) It just makes it all come together as one piece of art to me

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RB: If you could choose any genre of fashion from the past to make a comeback, what would it be and why?

Katie: Nothing. I like moving forward and seeing the new things that come our way!

RB: Mine would be the Front Row Oversized Sunglasses but what fashion accessory could you not live without and why?
Katie: I've been a little obsessed with the initial necklaces that came out months ago (the "K" one specifically for my name) so I guess I would have to say that ^^

RB: How had fashion impacted your life the most?

Katie: Since I am just starting to get more into fashion, I wouldn't say there has been much of an impact yet.

RB: How do you spread your personal trend while inspiring others?

Katie: Through my edits of course! I get quite a bit of a message from others saying I've been an inspiration to them. It just fills my heart with joy.

RB: What are the possibilities of adding custom jewelry?

Katie: If you're meaning ME adding custom jewelry. I already dabble in it off and on not really planning to do much more than what I already do though since jewelry never really is the main focus for my edits.

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RB: Can you add more trend-setting outfits from different decades of fashion?

Katie: Probably not. I don't really like putting a label on the fashion I draw. What I draw is just my way of wanting it to turn out. I don't really look towards decades or any certain styles I just do what I feel at that moment.

RB: What is the favorite part of your job?

Katie: The people they make everything worth it and push me to do great things. I couldn't ask for a better community to be included in it.

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RB: What challenges do you face being the fashion guru?
Katie: Drawing clothes... It's a hard and time-consuming dude! xD

RB: What outfits can we expect to see from your designs?

Katie: You can definitely expect more cutely styled things from me

RB: What does fashion mean to you?
Katie: It's just another way to express oneself everyone has their own style. don't be afraid to show it!

RB: Can you briefly describe how you do edits?

Katie: I just gather ideas then throw things together till it comes out as something I'm content with

RB: Which color should I use on my eyebrows if my hair is Pink?

Katie: I normally match my hair with my eyebrows. But hey, if you're feeling crazy throw in some crazy colors! I personally love the cotton candy look of making one eyebrow pink and the other blue with matching hair; go crazy! don't be afraid to experiment with looks! you could come out with something awesome looking.

RB: What is the most stressful part of editing?
Katie: Anything with a time limit.
I do collabs and such where I don't like making the person wait so it ends up putting a lot of stress on me to get things did quickly that and Collab’s, in general, are just nerve-racking since you never know if the other person will like how it turns out.

RB: Who’s your favorite editor?
Katie: Oh. that's a hard question! Everyone's so talented! But here lately I've been obsessed with @zodiacblac_ work.

RB: What is the biggest fashion dilemma you have faced in real life?

Katie: Money. Style ain't cheap y'all!

RB: Who is your favorite fashion designer?Katie: If you're talking about in real life, I don't have one. I can't really keep up with all of that in real life but if you mean editor wise: @miakeylasanders. she's mostly faces based on her edits. But what you see of her clothes are absolutely stunning as well.

RB: What fashion accessory do you wish to see in Avakin and why?
Katie: Piercings would be awesome! And I know it's highly requested so it wouldn't surprise me if they actually come out. Not only would earrings be nice, but I love the thought of nose rings, mouth rings, Avakin always wanted a nose ring in real but never got to it cause I wasn't sure it would suit me. so, it'd be cool to live out my nose ring fantasies through my Avakin.

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