Avakin life Death Family and coven Interview

Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side. Today I am Interviewing "The Death Family and coven in Avakin life" Avakin DF family. By reading this Interview you will know well about Avakin Death Family and how to join the Death family. 

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Ron: How old your family is?

The Death Family and Coven were founded by Ghostly Death, Jaded Death and Raining Death in February of 2017.

Ron: How many members in your family and How's you guys life going in the Avakin?

We are a 21+ family of Creative Adults.
We are doing wonderful. Throughout DF history we have made a habit of giving back to the community.  We have hosted community events in Avakin life and our family sponsors all the prizes.  We have found ways to give back and we enjoy doing so. 

We now have a magazine that we created, and also have contests that you can win Avakin prizes. As of Dec 13, 2019, we have kept our numbers as low as possible.  At 20 Members we love everyone as a real family. When you are invited to the DF you are loved by many!

Ron: What you guys do for fun?
For fun, my family and I love to dance, share music interests and meet new people. We love styling new outfits, creating edits, having contests for fun and giving away prizes.

Ron: Who's the most talkative member in your Family?

Our beautiful Baby Love ѱDF is our family historian and Storyteller hehe she does enjoy to talk.

Ron: If you're LKWD what changes you made in Avakin life?

If I was an LKWD...well the DF has 2 badged Social Moderator Members hand-picked by LKWD.  All LKWD work hard to improve our gaming experience and we as a family support our 2 members. I may not be happy with everything and every decision. I wish we could go back to old chat, but I can face facts. So no, I leave the LKWDing to the experts lol.

☠ 🕷Death Family and Coven Rules🕷 

☠ Must be 21 Year or older

☠ Must have Viber
☠ No double tags (Please refer to the rename rules page provided for more info. 
☠ No Drama
☠ No Bullying 
☠ No Modding 
☠ Be Respectful of other Family Members
☠ Inner Family Dating Requires Council Approval
☠ No Negative DF Discussions in Public
☠ No asking for or accepting money from other DF members 

Ron: What your DF(Death Family) Modeling Agency do?
The DF started Modeling for Purps photography. At the time Purp was a DF and so it was, in essence, a family business.  Once she left DF we stayed.  To the point, she closed with no reopening date. At that point, we had a decision to make!   

Take our whole family to another agency or do something for ourselves?  With the wheels turning and our experience Death family modeling was put to a family vote. Today we are over 2 months in working on our 8th edition. We are a bi-weekly magazine as we do not want to overwork anyone. We are like a real magazine. With youtube videos,  edit columns,  stories, games, ads, and more to come as we grow stronger!

Death Family first album Cover photo

Death Family Second album Cover photo

Death Family third album Cover photo
Death Family fourth album Cover photo

Death Family fifth album Cover photo

Death Family sixth album Cover photo: Read 6th Album
Death family Seventh Modeling Magazine 

Members of Death family

Cmami2ht DF

Ffexkitten DF

Reya Moon DF
Kai Dorian DF

Tabitha DF

Silverbella DF
Silverspirit DF

Dreamer DF

Kitty Dee DF

T-Rex DF

Raining Death DF

Murder DF

Wolfenstein DF

Ghostly Death DF


 Thanks for visiting here, If you like to join the Death family then check their Instagram and contact the leader after reading their rules to join them, which is mentioned above. If you know any family or have any family then comment down your Instagram username. I will try to reach you as soon as possible. 

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