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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side.  Today I am Interviewing the “ Avakin life VIP  family Community Interview” By reading these things you have to know about the Avakin VIP Community family and how can you join the VIP  Avakin family. 

so, let's started some talk from their leader for knowing more about them,

RB. How old your family is?
👑VIP:👑Avakin VIP is a 4-year-old community. 

RB. How many members in your family and how is your life going in the Avakin? 
👑VIP:👑Members of the family had been going on and off during this 3rd season of VIP conglomerates, Numbers not close to 40 to 50s are coming in and out as long Mayor and Mayora are here VíP stands strong as we unite our members with family bonds like no other else. 

RB. What you guys do for fun? Who's the most talkative member of your family?
👑VIP:👑 For fun, we engage in mutual group chatting and in between peer pressuring with our age gaps and differences, we somehow cross little rough seas but the fun doesn't end rather comes to much more exciting and fulfilling as we act as parents, brothers, and sisters all together in off the game

RB. How's your Avakin life going? 
👑VIP:👑Personally, Avakin has been part of my Life not just virtually, taking care of the family has been worth it. It's more than a game as always, it has something to do with people who you want to be with and listened too early in the morning up until midnight. 

RB. What changes that you see in Avakin from the beginning? 
👑VIP:👑Graphically it's just getting smoother and more optimized even if you're using an entry-level smartphone. I guess it's safe to say that LKWD is doing its best foot forward in this game.

RB. If you're LKWD what changes do you want to make it in Avakin life? 
👑VIP:👑We wants to make the below-mentioned changes in Avakin life community:
1.HARASS BUTTON easy reporting. If this particular Avakin receives a lot of reports then it should take a warning then a permanent ban for better yet safe gaming experience for all. 
2.Room in total. Put more like 50avakins or an unlimited number of Avakin in social and private apartments. The more the better! 
3. Voice chat maybe. 
4. Online, AFK, Incognito mode or whatever I don't know why but put it.

We would love you to join us! 
Open for: 16 years old and above just message us at our page. 🥉🎖Hassle-free! 🥉🎖All are Welcomed!
🥉🎖No requirements! just you and your Avakin

RB. What challenges do you face to being a leader?
👑VIP:👑Being a leader always challenges us to be more patience in every way, Challenges make us do more than the extra miles thus making us more experienced in decision making and handling difficult people and their differences. Each has own point of view but the challenge is knowing it's final arrival to resolve the imminent conflict. Therefore challenges become the stronger version of who we are and how we do today.

How you guys looking to celebrate Christmas? 
👑VIP:👑We always celebrate timely not just Christmas but in every way possible, that's why we are always jolly all the way. We don't need holidays, for the fact the holidays needs us. VIP is always ready for the partying and raffles.

Me and my Wifey Ready for Decorating Apartment for the Christmas Celebrations 

Thanks for visiting here, if you like to join the VIP family then contact them. If you having any Avakin life family then comment down your family Insta name.  

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