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Today Avakin Blogger Interviewing Sanora Carey who has been playing Avakin Life and IMVU for a long time,  I take her Interview for her Interest by reading about Sanora Carey Interview you will know more about both of these Virtual Romantic Game. 

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RB: Which one game you like more from them and why?

Sanora: I now like IMVU more than Avakin... though I never thought that would be the case!

RB: What features Avakin needs to update in that game?
Sanora: Avakin is a beautiful, wonderful game. But they need to make it easier to earn Avacoins and their items need to cost way less. I am not opposed to buying Avacoins and have spent a good deal of money doing exactly that. But now that I play IMVU and see that a beautiful pair of wings can cost 600 credits.... same as an outfit... it makes Avakin seem kind of elitist and greedy.

RB: In Which game you spend your more time from them?
Sanora: Alone on my own, I spend more time on IMVU but only because I am a model and have to take pictures. Socially I spend about an equal amount of time on both. 

RB: Do you different BF in Both games?
Sanora: No. I have the same love in both the Avakin and IMVU world. He's marvelous and I adore him.

RB: What makes you play IMVU instead of Avakin?
Sanora: When Avakin started changing to be more kid-friendly rather than cater to the adults who actually pay to play, I got tired of spending my money to be filtered and monitored and restricted. 

The more strictly Avakin enforced restrictions on speech and dress, the more I delved into the world of IMVU where I can say what I want in exactly the way I wish to say it. Then I noticed that clothing, wings, accessories, etc. are cheaper than Avakin prices by a landslide. So, I started spending my hard-earned dollars on IMVU instead.

RB: Do you have any family in any of them?
Sanora: I have the same sister on Avakin and VU. I no longer have any other family unless you count my friends that I also see on both games. They are family and I love them all!

RB: How's your experience in Avakin life?

Sanora: I have a lot of memories there... both good and bad. 

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RB: Do you love to meet different people?

Sanora: Yes but I have to be careful about it.

RB: How you looking to celebrate Christmas?

Sanora: With family and friends both online and in Real-life. In Avakin, I'm decorating Apartment for the Christmas in my homes and wearing Christmas outfits with friends. On IMVU I'm doing lots of Christmas themed edits and photoshoots.

RB: Have you ever had any bad habits? What it's?

Sanora: I have a new rule where I am not adding or making any new friends under 20. Well... some exceptions if they're 19. So my bad habit lately is refusing new friendships with anyone underage.

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RB: Have you ever meet your game friend in real? Whom you eagerly wanna meet?

Sanora: I meet my Ava sister in Real-life. We hang out as often as life allows. I'd love to meet up with other friends as well! 

RB: Which one game is more romantic from them? Why?

Sanora: I don't know. I think the level of romance is determined by individual people. Both Avakin and IMVU have their charms in that regard.

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