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Today I am Interviewing Axel Ozzothy for knowing more about their fashion outfits, He really wears an awesome LKWD outfit in Avakin life. 

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Ron: What challenges do you face to being a fashion model in Avakin life?

Axel: Actually, there are not so many challenges, which happens a lot and the harassment of people think we have secrets or even take advantage to try to take advantage of goodwill.

Ron: What you recommend others for getting a Fashion badge?

Axel: My recommendation and always pay attention to the clothes and facial details of the competitors who are in the top 10 and always have an avatar different from the one you use for everyday life.

Ron: What the most stressful thing you see in Avakin fashion?

Axel: What I find most interesting is the shape idealized for the clothes or models the depth and quality that makes the avatar fit well with that costume or dress

Ron: What inspired you more about fashion?
Axel: A single inspiration about fashion is, no matter what you mean about fashion, but what you do with what can meet the expectations for fashion itself, whatever you do well

Ron: If you're an LKWD, what changes you want to make in Avakin outfits?

Axel: Being from the LKWD team I would dare in less monochromatic colors and also looked for other sources and inspirations, new ideas so that there would be no repetition model nodes.

Ron: Who is the closest to you in your family?
Axel: In the family, I've always been very talkative, I talk to everyone not only with family but also with friends. But there really are those people we cling to a lot more and this person without a doubt and my sister Nicole Ozzothy.

Ron: What you do for fun in Avakin life?

Axel: What I like to do the most inside Avakin are parties, family reunions, and friends, I love decorating, I'm usually always decorating always editing, to call friends and have fun.

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Axel Ozzothy Avakin Ikon suit Outfits || Avakin Poses 

Tuscan Suit Ikon

Ikon Brio Suit

Ikon Burning Suit

Ikon Volt Suit

Album Ik Suit

Ikon Rave Suit
Ikon Signer Suit

Ikon Serpentine Suit

Ikon Academic Ensemble

Tuscan Suit Ikon

Spectacular Ikon Suit

Ikon Festivity Set

Ikon Maze

Ikon Added Suit

Ikon Tranquility Suit

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