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Avakin Blogger this side. Today I am Interviewing Avakin Chaotic family which is created by Raine. I am sharing with you how to join the Avakin Chaotic family and some other things related to this family by taking their Interview. 

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So, lets' begin this Interview taken by Avakin Blogger - RB

RB: So, please share with us when you created this Avakin life family?
CF: Our family is 2 years old, it was founded on April 1st, 2018 by @raine.avk

RB: Nice, how many people in your Avakin family and How's your life going in the Avakin?
CF: We currently have 22 official members and 3 trial members. We run trials so we know who all we are having to enter our family and to make sure there is no drama or trouble.

RB: What you fellows do for fun?
CF: Our family is very social, we do photoshoots and mainly just chill and talk. It's fun being around each other.

RB: Rules for Connecting with your Avakin family?
CF: Rules for participating in our group are:
•No hurting/Bullying other Avakins (meaning outsiders) or family members
•No drama
•No arguing
•No sexual Harassment
•No dating family members
•You cannot join another family's
•You are expected to add the family logo to your name
•Do not add new members without consulting with Raine and the rest of the family.
The age is to join us 13 and up.

RB: Who's the most chatty member in your Family?
CF: I'd say our leader @raine.avk is she keeps everyone together. Always making sure everyone fits in.

RB: If you're LKWD what changes you executed in Avakin life?
CF: I would take away the banning system. It's unfair people spend money on the game just to get banned by the strict rules placed. I'd always lower the prices of the coins. They are ridiculously high.

RB: What changes do you see in Avakin life as compared to before?
CF: And the changes I've seen is the transformation of Avakin going kid-friendly. As well as removing the quiz game which is quite interesting and a good way of earning Avacoins... It's nice to see they added a new way to get coins although I wish they didn't reduce how many we got.

I really like there are lots of new Animation and new dances and some new attraction poses are really amazing which is newly launched in Avakin. LKWD team developing Avakin by adding up new things for developing Avakin and this development in games are amazing. 

Thanks for reaching to us, I hope you like it. If you interested in joining this family then Directly contact them. For more Avakin family check: Avakin 20 Family to Join 

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