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Today I am Interviewing "Ahvero Studio", Ahvero provides the best services for fashion illustration and design. Stick to it to know more about Ahvero by reading her interview.

Ahvero Create Digital Art and classical art, Veronika Akhmatova is the founder of Ahvero fashion Illustrations. She is an expert in designing, her designs are for cloth branding, marketing press, and social media advertising. As a creative innovative director like her Ahvero got lots of fashion designing projects all over the world. Their dealers are satisfied or you can say impressed by seeing her designs. They're looking for Business dealers who trade with them for the development of both businesses with some mutual understanding.

Veronika is good at making Illustrator designs and she's good in fashion as well that's how she knows very well what design looks more interesting and what's more in trend. 

Fashion Illustrator making different sketches for fashion designers so they got an idea of what sort of design they need to make. The illustration is just like an inspiration of some stories like Cinderella or tinker bell (Fairy tells) or any others. 

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All the designs are created by Veronika with a graphics tablet (Wacom) in photoshop application or with an iPad procreate app. If anyone interested in buying her designs for using in the cups, wall arts, begs, t-shirt, phone case or many more. So, contact her for the Business proposals.  

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RB: What quality do you like most about yourself and why?

Ahvero: I'm a determined person and this quality helped me so much to grow in my work

RB: What is the biggest challenge for young people today?

Ahvero: The biggest challenge for young people is being able to stand out with an original idea that can excite people

RB: Do you consider yourself to be a giver or a taker? Why?

Ahvero: I consider myself a giver because I share with my followers my idea of fashion designing

RB: When you started making designs? why!
Ahvero: I started to draw my fashion illustrations since I was young because I love fashion and art. Was always in my mind many ideas about style and beauty

RB: Tell something about yourself and your profession?

Ahvero: I'm Veronika and I am a fashion illustrator. My work consists in to bring life the ideas of my partners

RB: Have you completed any Designer course?

Ahvero: I obtained a Diploma at the School of Art and then a Master's Degree with a specialization in Design at the University of Television, Business, and Design

RB: Who admired you the most about fashion designers?

Ahvero: I admire Givenchy, Chanel, Alberta Ferretti, and Valentino. I also love Armani and Burberry

RB: What's the most memorable job you've done?
Ahvero: I created a series of illustrations for publication of Vogue Magazine

RB: What's your biggest dream to become?

Ahvero: My dream is to create and produce my collection. And I am preparing it, soon will be :) 

RB: Can you tell us some of your biggest achievements in modeling?

Ahvero: There aren't particular things, but I suggest to find your style and continue the practice to improve your skill

RB: What software do you use for design?

Ahvero: For draw my illustrations I use Photoshop with a laptop and Procreate with iPad pro

RB: Since when you started designing? Was it your hobby? What can you recommend for enthusiastic younger ones, who wanna be a great designer like you?
Ahvero: I started to draw fashion illustrations during school. It was my pleasure. In the beginning, it was only a passion, but after I realized that could be my work and I practice a lot, searching and finding my personal drawing style and I improved more and more my drawing technique. I can suggest to people who want to start a career in design/fashion illustration, to improve their drawing technique and to find their drawing style. Success is with a unique style👌

Studio "Ahvero fashion Illustration studio Interview" 
Director: Veronika Akhmatova
Address: Nevsky Prospekt, 113/4 Saint Petersburg, Russian Fed. 

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