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Today I am Interviewing Fashion Illustration designer who's fashion Modeling winner too

Russian Fashion Designer "Anzhela Semashkevich" and Fashion Model. By profession, She's a fashion designer- constructor of clothes and she won fashion runways modeling too at Grodno University (Belarus, Russia)

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So, Let's begin her Interview by Avakin Blogger... 

RB: Please tell us about you and when you started making Illustration design?
I come from Belarus. I currently live and work as a fashion designer in Poland, in the city of Warsaw. 

Graduated from the Grodno State University named after Yankee Kupala, Department of Arts and Design. I also have a pedagogical and art education, a diploma of a make-up artist. I worked for six years at the Grodno College of Public Services. I worked “Modeling and decorating clothes”, “Fashionable Illustration design”, “Decorative cosmetics with makeup”

I developed my first designer collections of clothes that participated in fashion shows and became both finalists and winners of many fashion contests. At the moment I am developing collections of clothes and draw some fashionable sketches for the Fashionable Polish clothing brand.

RB: Guys, she really has lots of experience working with corporate and different designer along with she's fashion model too. So, I am sure she knows very well what design looks more impressive

RB: What software do you use for making Illustration and please share about any one of your Illustration designs?
 For digital painting, I use Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk SketchBook. vector drawing program in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

Each of the illustrations is of great importance to me. But the most memorable are those that are embodied in the material and collected in ready-made fashion collections. One of these projects is work on a collection of a series of fashionable sketches “Order of the Caryatids”, the basis of which is the placement on the product of embroidery dedicated to historical monuments of architecture.

RB: How can you describe fashion for yours?
This is an expression of my "I", the thing which makes me more comfortable to wear it, my interpretation of the surrounding reality.

RB: Please tell us about your Achievements in making fashion illustrations?
I won the fashion illustration contest to create a collection of clothes from the brand Olga Grinyuk. And also the creation of fashionable illustrations gave me the opportunity to collaborate with different countries and cities (Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, India, USA, and others)

RB: How today fashion is different as compared to the last decade?      
In the fashion theory, there are the concepts of fashion forecasting and fashion cycling, that is, the return of the same elements after a certain period of time. But fashion, which is why it is beautiful, always remains true to its "principle" of variability, and today it includes the "principle" of diffuseness and eclecticism.

RB: What admired you the most for making Different fashion illustrations?
When you draw, create an illustration, you are fully involved in this process, spend hours drawing the necessary elements and abstracting from the world around you. You are just in another dimension where there are no laws and prohibitions.

RB: What memorable response have you had to your work?
There are a lot of them. They write words of gratitude from different countries and admiration for my works; they ask various questions on creating a fashion illustration. Since I have an artistic pedagogical education, I try to help not only verbally but also structured to explain the process of creating illustrations. Very often they ask about the presence of my author's online course on creating fashionable illustrations. I do not exclude such a possibility, perhaps in the future, I will create it. 

RB: Excellent, you're really so passionate about your nice work. It really inspired me too for trying these designing work..(Haha) Hope I'll try it in future too. 

RB: Do you sell your work online too? How?
 I didn’t deal specifically with the sale of my sketches, but they often write to me on Instagram about collaboration and the development of various collections and the drawing of fashionable sketches. I am always glad to cooperate. 

RB: What things do you use for making Illustration?
My source of inspiration is all my surroundings and various information from different fields of activity. Also, I admire the culture, historical heritage of different nations

Anzhela Fashion Magazine

Some of Anzhela Fashion Illustration

Designer Flowery dress.
XA and XL A_saw suit of a super Business with set sleeves bow and peplum.

Beautiful Designer Grown

Makeup Illustration Design 

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