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I am Avakin Blogger (RB), today I am Interviewing fashion Illustrator Designer Jenny. She's a Russian fashion Illustration Artist and she taught more than a thousand students by online private lessons.  

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My name is Jenny. I am a hardworking illustrator from the cute family of architects. I really love to work with people and make their dreams become visually possible. I am a fashion, beauty and event illustrator. I also create and illustrations for children`s books and architectural sketches.

RB: When you started teaching fashion Illustration through an online platform and what challenges do you face for startup?
 Jenny: I started to do online private lessons about two years ago, I had so many people who wanted to study. And one year ago I and my business partner started our online school and for this year more than 1000 students have already finished our courses successfully. To be honest, everything is perfect for now and we have lots of ideas and plans:)

RB: How you describe fashion and how it changes your life?
 Jenny: For me, fashion is a lifestyle. Because it’s everywhere. Fashion is a form of expression without the use of words. To me, it’s very personal. Fashion is about storytelling through clothing.

RB: Overall, how satisfied are you with your profession?
Jenny: I am very happy that I am a freelancer now and I can choose projects, clients, places where to work. It’s very comfortable for me. I just came back from holidays and this is the best thing when you are an illustrator freelancer, you are not attached to the office and can work from anywhere in the world

RB: Who is the biggest influencer for you in your life?
Jenny: My mom. All my life she showing me an example of how to work hard and love what you do.

RB: How you developed your career?
Jenny: One day my husband told me: “ You have to make a business Instagram profile and show your success not only to me but to the world”. It all started with that, all my development happened on Instagram 

RB: What role does the artist have during these days?
Jenny: The main role is to bring beauty to the world:)

RB: How do you explain fashion Illustration?
Jenny: For me, fashion illustration is an interpretation and impressions that the illustrator wants to express after watching a fashion show or after meeting a person or after seeing an image

RB: How does an Illustrator feel before a big illustration exhibition?
 Jenny: I have not had exhibitions yet, but I have plans for the near future

RB: How you get ideas what illustration to draw and what motivates you?
Jenny: People, fashion shows, nature, food... I feel that inspiration is everywhere!

RB: What qualities make you different from the rest of the artist?
 Jenny: My education, my experience, and passion for the profession

RB: Please share your biggest achievement?
Jenny: For now, my biggest achievement is my students. Every day I get messages from my students. they thank me for inspiring them to illustrate.  I give them confidence that they can do what they love and earn money

RB:  Since when you started designing? Was it your hobby? What can you recommend for enthusiastic younger ones, who want to be great designers like you?
 Jenny: I started to create illustrations from my childhood. It was like a hobby until I moved from Russia to the UK and I was faced with the question of what to do in a new country.  The main thing I want to share with the young illustrators is to work hard and do it with love:)

Illustrator Jenny artwork

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