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Sveta Leyfman Fashion Artist || Illustration Designer
I was born in Ukraine, but I have been living in Israel for more than 20 years.  In the first profession, I am a pianist.  I draw from the age of two.  I worked as a graphic designer for many years, but 2 years ago I left my job and decided to follow my dream.  And I began to engage in fashion illustration. I work on my profile on Instagram, draw to order. I created a course of fashion illustration offline and I already have many students.  I am married to a stand-up comedian, and we are raising 3 sons.  I also have professions such as makeup artists, interior designers, and piano teachers.

Since I remember myself art and creation is an indiscernible part of my life; Drawing, playing the piano, graphic design and craft-work. My passion for beauty, design, and fashion drove me to link creation to my current brand. 

I'm excited to present to you my fashion illustrations; colorful, happy, stylish, meet with everyone's taste. I am a mother of 3 boys, the queen of the house and a commandment as well. I love nature, animals and believe in people's goodness. A day without drawing is for me a day without expressing my inner self, I wish you the best, With love, Sveta.

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Ron: What Inspired you to allot about fashion designing?

Sveta: Fashion is my passion, I inspired by many things - firstly, a huge variety of styles, eclecticism, secondly, interesting color combinations inspire me, thirdly, all kinds of ideas constantly come to my mind, even I dreamed of designer dresses.

Ron: What things do you use for making designs?
Sveta: Everything! Arts, nature, historical events, national costumes, styles of different decades.

Ron: What changes do you see in fashion trends as compared to the last decade?

Sveta: Fashion has become more democratic, eclectic, luxury things have become more affordable.  Ecology began to influence production - the rejection of fur and genuine leather, the concept of "fast fashion" appeared, trends began to change very quickly, people are more concerned about the environment and reasonable consumption.

Ron: What're the biggest challenges did you face while learning design art?

Sveta: Huge competition, but I like it just because I like the competition. It makes me feel to put my all efforts into making these illustrations.

Ron: What things admired you the most about fashion? 
Sveta: Most of all I admire how fashion can change, transform a person, give him confidence and even change his life. And also how fashion is infinitely diverse and how much humor is in it.

Ron: What is an artistic outlook on life?

Sveta: It seems to me that to see the beauty in everything, even in ugly and strange things you can see beauty.

Ron: What memorable responses have you had to your work?
Sveta: Oh, there are so many!  People write to me all the time.  One girl wrote to me that she abandoned the design, but I inspired her to return to the profession.  Another guy wrote that he waits every morning for a cup of coffee and my new illustration.  Many teenagers write to me that I inspire them, they write to me that they spend hours looking at my drawings and finding more and more new details in them.  Many people write that they want to be like me and that my work lifts their spirits and even helps with depression.  I really appreciate it and keep in touch with everyone

Ron: What’s your favorite artwork?

Sveta: The most valuable and difficult for me are portraits to order. They make people happy. Sometimes a portrait takes several hours, and sometimes several days

Ron: Do you sell your work online through your website or online market place? 
Sveta: I started to sell my artworks on Etsy. But it's new, I still working on this

Ron: How can you describe artists?

Sveta: Oh, this is a difficult question. All artists are different and I don’t think there is a general describing.  But each artist partially lives in his own world, which he created for himself.  From there he has inspiration, strength, motivation, and mood for drawing it

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