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Today I am sharing with you about Victoria Kagalovska, she is professional in making illustrations and having good discrimination of dressing an amazing outfit along with she attends fashion week events too often.

Having an immeasurable owner like Victoria Kagalovska brand developing day by day. Stick to it for acknowledging more about her by reading this Interview. 

So let's begin her interview for knowing more about Victoria: 
My name is Victoria Kagalovska. I’m a fashion illustrator, artist, founder of own clothing brand, I’m Royal Talens Ambassador, and the blogger. I draw fashion illustrations, portraits, and prints for clothes. I work in different techniques: watercolors, markers, oil, digital. I also hold workshops, online lessons. I work as an artist at events. I’ve worked with various brands. Painted for Escada, Lamoda, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, Le Blank, Shakas Hawaii, Posh Bahamas, many more.

Victoria does giveaways too if anyone likes to join it then follow her on Instagram. 
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RB: When you started teaching fashion Illustration through the online platform and what challenges do you face for a startup?
Victoria: Two years ago, I worked in an art school and taught fashion illustration courses. Then was a break in teaching. And a year ago, we took the first online lessons with Onehobby School. We have a wonderful team and everything works very well. The biggest challenge was finding time for the shooting.

RB: How you describe fashion and how it changes your life?
Victoria: Fashion - for me it is primarily about beauty and style. Trending things are not always beautiful. Fashion is a reflection of an era, society, style of thinking. Recently, fashion is about health and ecology. Fashion is about influencing the masses.

Many say that they do not follow fashion. And without hesitation, they buy things that fashion designers have worked on or lead the way of life imposed by fashion. Fashion is our life. If we study fashion, we study society.

RB: Overall, how satisfied are you with your profession?
Victoria: I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. There is competition in every business. Often it is not correct. Recently, there are many who give dumping prices in fashion illustrations. It is sad. I don’t want this profession to become cheap. 
Speaking of me, I think I can do more. This year I want to change the approach and strategy in business.

RB: Apart from Illustration Design, what do you do in your spare time?
Victoria: It turns out interesting, but lately, I don’t have time to draw at all. I cut out the minutes to draw. I have my own brand; I draw prints for clothes and accessories. Work on the store and sales takes a huge part of my time. In addition, I take courses, conduct master classes, participate in various events.

I am a blogger and this part also takes a little time. In addition, I have a business that is not related to illustration. Speaking about very personal time, I have a family and we love to travel a lot together.

RB: How many fashion Album events have you attended? Which was your most favorite one?
Victoria: I often attend fashion events. Most of all I like to go to fashion weeks. I liked to draw at the opening of the Escada boutique.

RB: Who is the biggest influence on you in your life?
Victoria: I am a historian of education. I know a lot of biographies and follow famous people. I am inspired by the success of many people but cannot choose the one. The biggest influence for me is myself. If I want something, I’ll definitely do it

RB: How you developed your career?
Victoria: I try not to stand still and constantly develop myself. I attend various master classes, lectures; learning to draw better. I am also promoting my blog and store.

If you looking for checking Victoria Shop then check it on Instagram: Kagalovska_shop, her Ideas are really amazing, she uses Illustration on the flip cover, T-shirts, cards, many more.

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