Questions not to ask from Partner?

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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Today I'm going to sharing with you "Top 51 Questions not to ask about ex-partner" question that you don't need to ask about her ex-boyfriend.

It's okay to talk about Ex if your relationship is a little odd if you're talking about her ex, if you like to know her more in deep then it's fine to know about her past relationship. Probably you'll feel bad by hearing those things but try to make you love that much stronger that can handle everything. If your partner wants to forget everything about her past relationships and live a peaceful life with you. Try to give your partner freedom so they can share everything with you and don't hesitate by sharing anything happening in their life. Always make her feel that you're the only person with her who can solve anything on the things that make her feel bad. 

But only, you know that you're ready to come in a new relation, only you know that you're truly ready to be forgotten ex-partner and want to move on. Then the only thing to come into a new relationship but don't be hurrying in making any relationship. Always try to know about people first, just by spending time with someone can make you know them more.

So, let's begin questions which help you not for asking partners...

Q:1: Do you think she’s prettier than me?
Q:2: Is he hotter than I am?
Q:3: Do you still care about your ex?
Q:4: Do you think he makes you happier than I do?
Q:5: Did she likes to match her bra with panties?
Q:6: Do you like her dressing style more?
Q:7:  Do you like more him when he gifts you something?
Q:8: What did she usually eat in her breakfast?  
Q:9: Was she a beer drinker or a wine person?
Q:10: Maybe she was totally sober?

 Was she an extrovert or an introvert? Or an extroverted introvert?
Q:12: Did he love reading as you like?
Q:13: Did he smell her hair when he hugged her like he does with me?
Q:14: Did she runs her fingernails down his back upon request?
Q:15: Did he/ she text you late at night?
Q:16: Do we look at all alike?
Q:17. Did he more dashing than me?
Q:18. Was she better than I’m in bed?
Q:19. How often did you guys meeting each other?
Q:20. Do you think your ex loving you more than I do?

 When he said “I love you” to you first time?
Q:22. Where you like to travel with her?
Q:23. What was her favorite color?
Q:24. Did she tell you all of her secrets?
Q:25. How much of his past did he reveal to her?
Q:26: Did she likes everything about him?
Q:27: What were her pet peeves?
Q:28:  How annoyed you more?
Q:29: Did she surprises him consistently?
Q:30: Did things get boring now as before?

  Does she doubting on you that you’re flirting with her?
Q:32: Did you and your ex-partner laugh hard than us?
Q:33: What you and your ex-partner do more in video calls?

Do you having any couple of name with your ex?
Q:35: What makes you break up? You don’t think to live together forever?
Q:36: At what point did things go wrong?
Q:37: Did she falls out of love with him first?
Q:38: When he breaks your heart, what he did to make you happy again?
Q:39: Did he ever think about proposing to her?
Q:40: Did he imagine what married life would be like with?

 Would he have dated her at all if we’d met first?
Q:42: Did he introduce you to his all friends?
Q:43: Is she jealous to see you with other girls?
Q:44: Did she introduces you to their parents?
Q:45: Do your couples already plan about your honeymoon?
Q:46: Did you already plan for your future wedding?
Q:47: Did she has so many friends?
Q:48: She was a good dancer than I’m?
Q:49: What you guys did more together?
 Q:50: Does he check up on her on social ever?
Q:51: What you do when your ex-couple was sad? How can you make him happy?

 Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope these things will help you for not asking with your partners. Most of the questions are related to ex-partner is really not a good thing. 

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